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  1. U wanna hear something really maddening, I don’t know if it was a Verizon issue or an E! issue but when I’d be watching a show, right in the middle of someone speaking, it would suddenly go to commercials, air like 2-4 commercials, then go back to the show at an entirely different scene, drove me crazy esp. when watching new stuff.
  2. Them surprise dropping was a mistake, most non-famous people prolly didn’t know about it either, I wouldn’t of if it weren’t for coming on here. Which is a shame cuz this one really deserves the public recognition.
  3. I’ll give cnn credit for one thing, they’re giving more attention to Lou than the other docs have.
  4. Well if I had to guess, I’d say they actually cared about Britney and we all know that’s a big no no to Team CON, I mean if they went to the lengths they did to keep Fe away, they’ll do it to anybody.
  5. Wow, that topped the first one, it was so hard to listen to but I’m so happy that all the other rats were finally named!!
  6. U know for people who hate when people talk **** about Britney or mock her, u sure love doing it to others, ******* hypocrites!!!
  7. This seems like it’s gonna be jaw dropping and I wonder if this explains why we would see her security carrying what looks like camcorder bags??
  8. It be great but I don’t expect it, besides her case has already had such an impact. If she were to do anything at all tho, I can see her doing stuff privately instead of making a big spectacle.
  9. I find it bizarre that people find someone dancing in there house bizarre. Do you and your friend also think the countless randoms who do that **** on tiktok is also bizarre or is that reserved just for Britney??? I also find it bizarre that people expect her to be in full glam, costume and stage persona doing professional choreo in her ******* living room, let the girl just freestyle in whatever clothes and hair she feels comfortable, she’s not your *** **** Barbie doll!!!
  10. I can understand why she would be bothered by the docs, not a single one of us would like a bunch of strangers constantly putting our lowest points in life on display, now of course this is just me assuming but I would think that bothers her most. We know she supports this movement, she’s made that abundantly clear so perhaps she’d be more happy if the docs just focused on exposing this fraudulent con, which the Netflix one seems like it’s gonna do.
  11. Looks great and I like that this looks like it’s gonna focus more on the con and not her past or media treatment of her, FBS was a great appetizer but this looks like it’s gonna be the main course and of course it’s pro Britney, only idiots thought otherwise.
  12. I’m so over the pettiness and secrecy within this movement, it’s nothing but a sign of people getting a lil too big for their britches imo. How about instead of going crazy over a mysterious tweet, everyone just have a mind of their own and form an opinion after watching the doc or is it that too level-headed a concept for some people?!?!?
  13. There’s no way in hell this is Pro Team CON, a company would have to have a death wish to support team CON!! The fact there using that voicemail, has me feeling a little hopeful this won’t be just a bunch of fluff.
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