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  1. Be prepared to face some British-bashing in the US for a few months-years then, as it happened to France when Chirac refuse to participate in the invasion of Iraq
  2. Hagas lo que hagas, lo importante es sentirse bien haha Qué tipo de tatuaje tienes?
  3. Sí Me encanta la mezcla entre la arquitectura marroquí y española, las pequeñitas calles que dan al palacio Alhambra y que incluyen unos zocos con olores de cuero, así como los precios bajos comparado con el norte de España en general. Fue también a las playas próximas a la ciudad Qué bonitas !
  4. criminal is one of her biggest hits in France IWG was a massive bop too but people forgot it quicker than criminal it aged like milk though, and is boring
  5. Bush is one of the $hittiest presidents of US' history. one of the most disappointed Britney moments ever was when she "supported" him for invading Irak. but I don't resent her at all, in that time, she said that she had 1-hour break per day, it's not like she knew what was going on, and just tried to bring a generic sweet answer to not seem polemical. but the US got themselves involved in Afghanistan's mess much before. in 1979, a putsch occurred in Afghanistan, communists took power (just like in other Central Asia countries). A civil war started, and USRR helped the communists. The US helped the rebels (the moudjahidines, including... the talibans) because for them, the most important thing to do was to get rid of communism. during those days, they supported people that were going to be international terrorists, including ben laden, which was trained by the CIA when the war stopped, the country was a huge mess, and small groups of all kind (by ethnicity, religion affiliation, terrorists, atheists etc.) fought with each other leading to another war to control the country the US started to get involved in it again in 2001 after 9/11. they wanted to control the region again after realizing the consequences of what they did. oh, and also, it'd profit the armature and military industries, don't be naive, the intervention which costed more than 2000 billion USD was motivated by three factors: 1. strategy (influence on the region) 2. security 3. economy (opium, drugs, industries) in 2011 Obama tried to collaborate with the UN and other countries, it didn't work I don't know how to resolve the situation. at this point, we're talking about a country that's been in war for more than 4 decades. trump is just an opportunist: his administration negociated with the talibans in 2018 because he didn't want to be involved in the Middle East anymore. trump's intern policy was a big pile of ****, but trump's extern policy was actually muuuuch better than Obama's. at this point, yeah, America is to blame for the situation. they heavily participated into bringing chaos to the country for several decades. USRR is to blame for too. and, of course, Afghan politicians are to blame for. do America have to step in once again? it probably wouldn't work. didn't work in Syria. didn't work in Libya. didn't work in Iran. didn't work in Cuba. it's not the 90s anymore, Kosovo, Bosnia, Koweit and Haiti were probably the only "successful" operations. now they don't know how to deal with the mess they participated in. I wouldn't know either tbh. for now, I think that Afghanistan is just diving into chaos more and more. until not anymore. most countries at some point in history reached that low point. let's just hope that it won't last long. 4 decades is insane. I'm just sad for people who will live into the talibans tyranny. the irony in their orthodoxy is that most of them are illiterate. trying to educate people without being able to read.
  6. don't you ever outrageous is one of my fav songs from her bring back urban middle-easternney
  7. lost it at 19 with a s3xfriend that turned out to me my gf for 1 month before breaking up k we went on a weekend in the mountain during summer, we're both super adventurous and love climbing so we just went the both of us. she was a virgin too (grew up in a veeeeery conservative family, so she wanted to wait for marriage, and so did I) we arrived at a lake and settled out for the night, because dat bish got us lost and we couldn't make it to the motel room we booked for the night (yeah we forgot about phones loosing their battery lmao, idk how we managed to get through it) we fooled around in the water (not s3xually, we just pushed each other into the water and tried to drown each other, so romantic ). we got wet. we changed our clothes. we waited in underwear. we sat on a rock. we were checking out each other like crazy lmao. one thing led to another and we had so I was expecting it to be romantic, 'cause yeah things were getting in that way except that no you want the details, here they are we ended up both with hickeys, some light bruises from biting, and I had some claw marks on my back plus we were sweaty and had some mud we didn't get caught, I mean, we met literally nobody through the entire day there's one extra detail about the ending that I won't share, it's a little bit too raunchy I expected my first time to be with a girlfriend that I loved on our honeymoon in a romantic settling then that date, I expected it to be romantic with my future big love but it turned out to be raunchy-aggressive with a friend of mine who became my s3xfriend (we were very attracted to each other), we tried to date, but our personalities didn't match for dating. did I love it? yeah. I'm wondering if I'll ever find someone as s3xually compatible as her. nonetheless, I'm still virgin with guys I definitely want to give it a try but with someone I know, be it a friend or a boyfriend, not some unknown guy
  8. Spanish is my third language and English my fourth el castellano es muy **** me encanta el acento que podemos encontrar en el sur de España, especialmente alrededor de Murcia o Granada. me gusta el estilo de los españoles, aunque no entiendo porque todos los chicos se afeitan las piernas voy a menudo en esta región, pero me encentaría ir a América Latina, hacer ecoturismo, caminatas y surf en Costa Rica, descubrir las montañas de Chile, la comida de Argentina, el urbanismo de Colombia, la arquitectura azteca de México (así como hacer unas fiestas en Punta Cana haha). hacer un road trip en AL es algo en mi lista de las cosas que quería hacer antes de morir
  9. where to start with well, a little introduction first: I'm bis3xual too, and I'm 20. to start with, you have some anxiety issues with yourself. you're too scared to come out, it's fine. I'm closeted too, and I'm 20. the reason why I'm closeted is only my family. I live in France and I'm half-Arab, and well, the most liberal Arabs are more homophobic than the most conservative French guy why are you still closeted? isn't the UK one of the most acceptant places in the world? well, after all, it all depends on your social environment. it's perfectly fine to be closeted. who cares if some people outside of your family think that you may be gay though? if your family asks, just say "no", and you've dated girls. and "I secretly like Britney" shows that you care wayyyyy too much about others opinions. look, I'm in a conservative environment and I have a conservative family. but for sure, idgaf about having some "feminine" tastes and all (I grew up with 4 sisters, one who's 18 and three who are 16). actually, the less you care about it, the most people won't care about it haha. they're kinda intrigued most of the time. I'd add that you live in the UK and not in Afghanistan. btw I've rarely seen anything more liberal than universities in the UK (visited some). so if you're 21 other peoples doubting something shouldn't be a problem. btw, something about your post is kinda weird to me: why are you still talking about HS at... 21? In France, ain't nobody is talking about it like 3 months after lol. and "popularity" isn't really a thing either over here, mainly because we don't have "school official X team" or big events etc. (even though France is high on most sports list, paradoxical isn't it?). so yeah you have some groups of different people but no group is "more popular" than the other. just curious about it! but yeah, we don't have any "HS identity" so we don't give a f anymore about it. and there's little to no homophobia in HS. being a virgin at 21 is fine. I had my first time at 19, so one year ago, with a girl that I liked (I appreciated the s3x, but wasn't in love with her... even though I tried). don't push yourself. wait and find the right person. about hitting at other guys: even though I'm closeted, I mess around with boys and girls. at parties I kiss boys and girls. if someone tells me "are you gay" I troll and leave ambiguous responses. no big deal. so my advice: - stop caring about people you don't know. they can't out you to your family unless they have pics of you kissing another dude. - HS is over, at 21 most people have forgotten about you except your friends, some don't know you anymore, so why caring about... your HS reputation? it's as ridiculous as saying "I was the smart guy in middle school, so I don't want to start a career in sports..." - try to be open about it to your closest friends, the ones you really trust. it'd help you a lot! if you really can't (which I can understand, when I traveled in the Arab world, I realized that in some environments it was simply impossible). in the UK you should be able to find some trustworthy friends that won't out you. - you're introvert, and it's fine. you prefer hanging out with a small group of persons. more than half of people are like you. - you want to date a guy. well, sorry, but you have to drop hints. if you ain't comfortable doing so, wait for any hint and drop some too. it depends on your personality though. people have blamed me for "messing around" with anyone, when it's just how I am lol (the more I flirt with you, the more I make jokes about you). if you're more calm, then try some questions "what do you think about my looks?" "what's your kind of partner" and see if they describe you. you can use apps too, there are some "discreet" guys over there. sorry for this long-*** post, but I know how difficult it can be to accept and explore your s3xuality, especially when closeted. I'd be nice if you give some extra information (in which kind of environment do you live? are you studying or working? etc.) because it's hard to give a proper answer without it! I'm "half-closeted", and I think that it's the best option: you're out to your close friends, and not to your family. if some people suspect something, I don't give a ****, they won't pay my bills lol one last thing: when I was dating my first gf and didn't feel any romantic connection with her, I thought that I was gay. but when we had s3x, I was like "yeah, I'm definitely bi". so go and check if you're really bi, straight, or actually gay (some take time to realize it, and it may be the case in your case). be more confident, and you'll be happier and less miserable!
  10. the specificity of Britney is her visuals mixed with catchy samples of her songs. the MV made toxic as much as the instrumental, if not more. some for BOMT and the schoolgirl outfit. that's why I've been disappointed in Britney's MVs since circus: most of them lack themed outfits. yeah, your dress is pretty, but come on, in TTWE you could've used some survivor outfit/militar ones; in criminal you could've used more creativity for dressing up as a criminal; in circus it was massively disappointing, like seriously, with such a theme, having such blank outfits? it was an opportunity to make a signature outfit just like toxic dress is to airline waitresses haha!
  11. do the thing


    I wouldn't pay for an onlyfans account, I mean there are billions of hours of free p°rn videos. let alone those accounts with guys just doing a handj°b, or girls just fingering themselves or posting ***** onyx hotel tour is hotter ****** idk how to feel about p°rn in general. I dislike it tbh. especially when it features "barely legal" **** or young people. or how some guys and women are treated. I'm meh about it. plus, most actors for sure don't know how to have s3x. wtf is this trend btw with gay p°rn lately trying to remake man-woman dynamics? a lot of them lack creativity for sure lesbian p°rn is pretty hot when it's two real lesbians. I get why they're the group that has the best s3x haha. and a great reminder: onlyfans is not "easy money". it's just like YouTube. a few ones can make a living with it, but the majority doesn't. and it's just for a few years. so think twice before opening an account, cause once it's on the internet... it can destroy your career plans.
  12. love her looks in that vid, she was just gorgeous hate the song though
  13. the album has an entire mood and vide that comes with it, and it fits sooo much nighttime. the production was amazing. she loved it so much that half of it was included in the circus tour and later in POM the visuals would've been jaw-dropping tbfh, a murderer in GM, BTI sass, ooh ooh baby as a magical Las Vegas assistant, toy soldier edit: btw it's the album that made me fall in love with her. I don't really enjoy pop music, but Britney is one of the very few pop artists I listen to (with aguilera, even though my fav songs from her aren't pop lol)
  14. I'll make you love it I like private show as a song, but she sang it horribly with her lower voice it would've been much better this song would definitely suit aguilera so well though
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