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  1. Of course. I mean if you asked me when i was like 14 then i'd say no but i'm a 28 year old with two jobs and an expensive rent to pay...
  2. Baby - I Will Be There instead of FTBOMBH would have been nice imo Oops - Can't Make You Love Me would have been a smash Britney - LONELY AND CINDERELLA >>>> I Love Rock N Roll, INAGNYAW ITZ - I think the singles are perfect, Breathe On Me or The Hook Up would have been nice too Blackout - Every song is single material imo but my favs are Freakshow and Ooh Ooh Baby, OOB would have been perfect for radio Circus - Shattered Glass deserved to be a single, maybe with an extended remix FF - Justice for Inside Out Breanna Joanne - It Should Be Easy has single potential, specially back when it was released and after the success of Scream and Shout Glory - Love Me Down!
  3. omg i still own this dvd and i haven't thought about it for like 10+ years! it's a bad movie ngl, i used to love it when i was little because i ate up any teen 2000s film and it has some Britney references here and there.
  4. i believe her. if she acts a bit awkward is probably because she doesn't like being filmed and she's taking a break from the public eye so she might get nervous while speaking to a camera. it's a bit hard to understand because she's a superstar and has been filmed a million times but i can see it. and she's been under the cship for 12+ years. after all the years she had to be under the cship AND working at the same time, being stressed out, touring the world, not being able to spend all the time she wanted with her kids, maybe taking a break, being with Sam and just relaxing made her the happiest she's ever been in a long, long time. Plus, progress has been made in her case, she might feel like this is finally coming to an end some time soon. and the fact that jamie is not as involved in her life might make her happy too.
  5. id like to see how swifties would act if their fav didn’t release any music in 5+ years or if she stopped being ‘cool’. we stick with Britney through everything. we were there when she was on top of the world, we were there when she was being mocked and it was ‘uncool’ to be a Britney stan, we have been here for two decades straight and this is a crucial moment to show we’re going to support her no matter what. idk if we’re the most powerful but the most loyal for sure!
  6. not Billboard giving the Britney album the recognition it deserves 20 years later but better late than never!
  7. She looks and sounds amazing and i'm so glad she got the vaccine! Queen of setting a good example tbh, stay safe guys
  8. i love this kind of video with transitions and everything, it's an upgrade from the dancing / walking videos. she looks amazing but i hate the outfits ngl, they look tacky
  9. Britney and Christina. I've been waiting all my life tbh. They were the two biggest acts of the early 00s and the media kept comparing them, it would be a genius move to make a female empowerment anthem together
  10. i've been dying to comment that post on here, glad Exhale is back!!! she looks so young! she looks way better without make up, as always, and her body looks amazing as well!
  11. Inside Out (although i think her voice should be pitched down a little bit), Criminal, HIAM and HATLM.
  12. her body was fire but yeah, this is my second least fav era, and revisiting it knowing what we know now doesn't feel any better
  13. it’s all about the attitude, it can make a boring choreo look awesome and an amazing choreo look weak but who can blame her tbh, her life after 08 has been a living hell, no wonder she didn’t want to give her all.
  14. omggg im reading everything right now on my way home as always im so excited about the next megarate! an unreleased songs megarate would be fire just saying
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