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  1. i feel like britney must not like these docs bc she must hate not being able to decide what’s out, what’s not, and tell HER story (even tho i agree journalism is literally this, shedding light on an issue that needs to be more well known by the public) and sam just tried to support her but later felt like going against netflix and other networks may be dangerous for his career or something 🤷🏻‍♀️
  2. he’s shaming other ppl for making profit out of britney’s pain and there he is using britney’s pain to get attention
  3. what a queen love it when she talks about iconic moments in her life like it was nothing ive been obsessed with justney and vma 2001 my whole life and she’s like psss guess im sleeping bc my eyes were closed 💤
  4. yeah it was a mv with a whole crew, an stylist, hair and make up… it wasnt a good mv in my opinion but if u think it’s the same you’re being delusional sorry
  5. two decades have gone by and my love for her has only got bigger and bigger
  6. let's stop with the "the videos are completely normal what are you talking about" narrative because it's not helping anyone. you're delusional if you honestly think those videos are not kind of... strange. if u saw taylor swift or beyonce or katy perry doing it you'd think they're weird too. however, the fact that they're strange doesn't mean she's mental / crazy / deserves to be under the cship AT ALL. i don't know if they're made on purpose by her team who control her ig or if she has control over them and just likes to post them, i haven't made my mind around that debate just yet (and neither has this fanbase as a whole). but if she likes to post them i think she may be unaware of how bizzare they look and that makes her even more natural and wholesome. so summing up, i agree with you, the impact they have on the gp is bad, and bigger than some of us thought, but that doesn't mean she can't post them if she wants to.
  7. im in tears again. i love you britney and i love you guys, we got this
  8. im a tv journalist and a graphic designer, because in Spain if u only have one job you’re poor
  9. same! hope he shares what he watches with her, i'd DIE if i could do that
  10. they look like b00bs, but they’re not… they’re my knees! (from chaotic) i hold my own hand so you wont see a trace of my weakness (from the unreleased gem “weakness”)
  11. he’s team con, how is he going to redeem himself? sorry perez, i do believe in second chances but you’ve shown zero remorse.
  12. omg overprotected finally getting the recognition it deserves yay i'm surprised toxic wasn't number 1 tbh, but i liked the rank a lot. ps: critics HAVE to like how i roll don't they? and sorry i still don't understand the love for work *****, it's cringey
  13. awww thanks for sharing! i have a soft spot for eldery people on social media they're so cute
  14. it would make me sad if the vmas stopped airing, but the truth is it's getting more and more boring every year. the performances are just not it. the only performance i enjoyed this year was Lil Nas X's, and it wasn't even that great, but the rest were just plain boring. idk what's going on with today's pop girlies but they need to step up their game.
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