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  1. Is Jamie the reason we never got Britney original talent ?
  2. Y'all forgot "Everyday" Talking about unreleased I love "Love 2 Love U", "Dangerous", "911"
  3. I can't find others videos ... but as @PokemonSpears said .. we have to wait & see
  4. A bit creepy to analyse her like that but that's the only thing we do since 2 years so ... First a word about Ellen, I heard some stories about her and she is really not the woman everyone think she is. To be brief, I think she is the oposite. Just look at her with Britney at the mall, it's obvious and you can see Britney fels it. OMG the 'beware' word on the table ! Again a thing I didn't notice Since she 'retire' everything is creepy around her I can't ... 2021 for God sake and it seems the same **** again and again ... Is there anyone close to her who help her to take back her life ??
  5. These days I wanted to listen to her REAL voice, obviously her debut at MMC is a must ! ENJOY again and again I live for this omg, her voice, her starpower, her beauty, everything !!! This one is so iconic too little bonus
  6. I hope NOT ! Not a Netflix doc if she is not involved a minimum ... It's too much audience to mess up with it
  7. I'M SO HAPPY FOR THIS !!!!! I hope this will benefit her if this go to the end of the process but this is GREAT news, not only her but all people in this creepy thing only here to steal money ...
  8. Another day, another dance Queen lip synch in french I'm waiting for you under Eiffel Tower and speak french all day long It's always cool to see her happy dancing but that's it, waiting for interview .... I wish she could speak, really, not a 2min solo insta random video, two and a half years and still counting (but I guess she doesn't want to) S.O.S ... the title speak for itself
  9. Supposedly a live performance ... but not really. I can't say that for Work ***** but the manipulation was so obvisous for Toxic !! Your attention please !!!! Britney is on a mission and has superpowers ! _________________________________________________________ Desappearing : https://youtu.be/uaa5x5UwF6Q?t=380 https://youtu.be/uaa5x5UwF6Q?t=438 _________________________________________________________ Removing her necklace without her hands : https://youtu.be/uaa5x5UwF6Q?t=329 https://youtu.be/uaa5x5UwF6Q?t=391 https://youtu.be/uaa5x5UwF6Q?t=418 _________________________________________________________ She is truly MAGICAL ! Anyway, Britney did a good performance and she looks hot ! Oh I almost forgot, thanks to her TEAM for these amazing 2 3 4 performances/cuts.
  10. That's the difference between a residency in one place and a tour. I have hope this will change her view about doing a show. I understand she can love Vegas bc it's a easier way of life but doing a tour is bringing her more passion from what I see. Ppl go to her show to see her and are more excited than in Sin City where it's just a show among many other
  11. If it's garbage for you at this point you should take a break or stan someone else
  12. What do we know about it ? A way to control her money ? To help her to have a stable life ? To not involve her in situation that can stress her in court ? Imo at this point this is ridiculous, she is under conservatoship since 2008, 10 f+++ing years ! It's for people who can't take care of themselves. She can't make key decisions, personal or financial, without the approval of her conservators: her father and a lawyer, Andrew M. Wallet. " While it is not possible to get an accurate sense of someone’s mental state from afar, Ms. Spears’s friends and former associates said in interviews that, for her, the conservatorship has become an accepted fact of life — not a cage but a protective bubble that allows her to worry about her true passions: music and her children. " " Ms. Spears’s status and progress are measured by a court investigator for her case, who is assigned to file reports on her progress once every other year." "Her father, 63, is responsible for her physical well-being — making sure she takes her medicine, for example — and manages her estate. He shares the financial oversight with Mr. Wallet, who specializes in conservatorships and probate law." " The rules for meeting Britney are tight. No selfies. No autographs. No invading her personal space. " “As long as she is bringing in so much money and as long as the lawyers and conservators are getting paid, there is little incentive to end it,” said Elaine Renoire, president of the National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse, an advocacy group. “Usually, the conservatorship just keeps going unless the conservatee makes a fuss or the family does.” for more : https://www.nytimes.com/2016/05/08/arts/music/is-britney-spears-ready-to-stand-on-her-own.html Britney is not like everyone else, there are so many things at stake. IA, ppl who complain are jealous bc they can't seen her live. From what I've seen in videos she is feeling it, she looks happy. If you're feeling it, she is feeling it too. Don't worry you're gonna have fun !
  13. Good job Brit ! She is feeling it and that's the more important thing for me. Audience with people who scream and sing songs with her is a part of it I think. Do your best every day and you will slay this tour
  14. It's the same kind of outfits, it's looks boring with times. I like the new red top, I'm blocked on her ***** bc of it and yes her hair ... she must leave them alone and do flawless hairflips
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