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  1. I think most fail to grasp that the use of the word “assistant” goes in a very loose way here. She will actually need someone (therapist, life coach or whatever) to help her transition back to fully living her life and making her decisions, instead of just following orders. Once freed, she’ll be a 40-year-old woman with two late teen sons, a career on hold for half a decade… It’s bound to be a little overwhelming at first, and she’ll need more than a friendly face to help her go back to it in a healthy way, without causing further stress, anxiety or panic
  2. it’s a great thing she’s got herself a decent lawyer to defend her interests in personal life, but I do wish she gets a great manager sooner rather than later. Honestly, a re-reissue of the same album (so close together) doesn’t feel much like a smart business decision. If she wants to make a collection of old songs she should just as well pinch in the ones from Original Doll and be done with it
  3. apart from being reminded who she is, this post goes to show what we suspected all along: her favorites own tracks are Boys/DLBTLK/Toxic/BoM/Slave
  4. TMZ spinning ****ty tabloid stories to try and take her down? What is it, 2007 all over again!?
  5. this is def 2001 cause the routine is the same she used for DWAD. Funny how she got her “live singing face” a couple of times… she might’ve been truly singing this time and her mic was full off… great performance btw
  6. Most important, I think she should ditch California altogether. She should def move to NYC or abroad and experience a couple of years of peace
  7. Britney said it first: WORK *****!!!! Lovin' every single update were getting today.
  8. you do realize she wasn’t performing in an award show nor in a concert for her usual audience, right? This was NFL playoff, so she kinda mixed things up a little to appease to the audience (mostly straight dudes); and I think she made it work overall
  9. wow… that’s something Brit can’t have her card to pay for Starbucks, but can foot the bill for 1M dollar condo for someone else. They really went in over their heads with this
  10. well, this isn’t unusual. She was a minor back then. Choosing a parent for such role is the most sensible. Now, when she +30 is totally something else
  11. what is this? 2007?!!? All that X17 was ever good was hounding up on her every time she went out for a bite. Are they trying to beat around the same bush? Hope the public doesn’t fall for it like the first time around
  12. "Britney Spears will get her revenge on Los Angeles". Now that’s ****ing music to my ears. As SHE SHOULD!!!
  13. she's back to eye-****ing the camera slowly going back to her old self. With a bonus: she's straight up shady this time around. I'd like to see anyone even dare make a shaving head joke (hi Katy!) now. She'd destroy 'em
  14. never in my wildest dreams would I’d imagine we would get Lonely live vocals WITH comments from the songstress herself. flood his comments asking for Rebellion or Mona Lisa next!!!! #joking (or am I!??!)
  15. it’s clear some of you just know the post-cship Britney: complicit, silenced and compromised. She can get down and dirty, if need be guys. Don’t forget she is the same girl who filmed “Chaotic”. I, for me, am living for it. The last thing missing is her going for a dark hair color. THEN we know she means business 😂
  16. why y’all tripping on like “this will be use against her in court!” ??? Are you forgetting that now she has a decent lawyer that will fight for her case? If it was still Ingham-whatever, they would drag her and he would allow it, but I have a feeling Rosengart will actually use it all to her advantage. Remember that one of her main complaints was that no one seemed to remember that she was the boss everyone worked for, and now she’s again making her case stating that her own team prevented her to work as she saw fit, whilst giving others free pass to perform her copyrighted music without her consent. There’s no case her oppressors can make in court to prevent her from getting her basic rights back. She knows it by now and is not backing down. Now, it she runs or not her own social media by now, it’s another topic. We only could be sure if she ever went live in instagram and said so. But if you can read the room properly, she just made it clear she’s not going to prove herself anymore. Go for it, Brit. Drag them for filth!!!
  17. Resolution and Justice are finally coming our girl's way! Damn, what a great day this has been. Jamie will be the very first to go down. Her family next. LMT has to be saved for last. The architect behind the whole ****show needs to have the greatest fall from grace of them all. I've been listening to both Rebellion and Mona Lisa all night long, and they hit completely different now. It's like she always knew what was coming. I'm just grateful she made through to see it ending.
  18. that’s 100% not her. Will you legit let them blindside you mere hours before the hearing and shift the attention from what should be the real focus? Not Britney. Not the actual problem right now
  19. I don't like how this is leaking beforehand... it'll give her oppositors time to formulate yet another (low) tactic to delay things and make it hard for her to recover her freedom. But anyway, he's the kinda person needed for this circus: someone who seems to dig the spotlight. He won't work under shadows and quietly... I feel all the dirty laundry will be blown up.
  20. he knows how to stay under the radar he got a taste of the backlash from his misogynistic comments in the podcast and apparently learned his lesson and disappeared from public eye.
  21. she’s effing hot 🥵, daaaaang hope this post had her consent
  22. He’s under total scrutiny in the moment. Of course he won’t be approving new charges from her state so carelessly
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