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  1. I see him trying a reality show of him and the boys. I mean what else could he do?
  2. Id like a rock or atleast rock-ish album. Something like wolf alice newest album. But ill take anything as long as it feels somewhat personal.
  3. This isn't britney lol its a member of a girl group that was opening up for destiny's child back in the day. Look up play- Cinderella, its from that video.
  4. If any of you seen the original dirty money episode that ELC directed on Netflix that got removed. Its so good at pointing out how horrible conservatorships can be. So I dont think it will be pro con. Nvm sorry I just looked it up and she didn't do that one. I could have swore she has already done a documentary about conservatorships before.
  5. The song was recorded in 2006. But wasn't released till 2008.
  6. Whats with the comments on the post? They seem like bots or something all saying the same mean comment.
  7. Did yall notice that the fan account said they were receiving 💀 threats July 1st. And said it again 6 days ago. I in all honesty think its jamie lynn behind that account.
  8. Yea I can tell the fans are going to never let it go. Even once britney is fully free they will still be like "britney doesn't cuss" "britney would never talk to fans like that" let that grown woman be pissed off. Also it doesn't benefit team con for her to be on Instagram calling out the conservatorship so I fully believe its her just venting. And she should be able to do that without fans hounding her post saying it's not her or she wouldn't talk like that. Its not crazy to be pissed her ESPECIALLY in her situation.
  9. I actually believe she has her Instagram back. This idea that britney isn't allowed to be mad or pissed off is crazy. Of course shes pissed. I've noticed alot of fans saying "britney wouldn't be rude or cuss" but in actuality she would, we clearly heard her cuss and be pissed in court and I think if fans keep flooding her comments saying its not her is gonna piss her off more.
  10. The day jamie posted her Instagram story i sent her a message saying "if you care for your sister then just file to terminate the conservatorship" thats all I said to her however I have been super vocal on the shaderoom/Hollywood unlocked/popcrave about Jamie Lou's and loucifers involvement cause the media is mostly ignoring it and focused on jamie, well today my Instagram got banned or blocked and I'm pretty sure its in the process of being deleted. Is this a regular thing that is happening to fans or am I tripping? My ig is now tylermclevain.
  11. Has anyone seen Netflix's dirty money? There was an episode on there basically about conservatorships the episode is called guardians,inc. Its basically is super in depth look at how corrupt conservatorships actually are. I honestly feel like britneys conservatorship should be completely terminated instead of just removing Jamie or things could get extremely worse. I hate how the media keeps pushing this narrative that "just jamie is the problem" its the entire conservatorship that is wrong altogether. As sad as it is this court battle could ultimately drain every bit of britneys money. This episode of dirty money tho despite not being about britney literally describes every bit of what she's going through and how corrupt it is with giving people medication that they don't need and isolating them from everyone. Netflix removed that one episode from the series for some reason but I found it on the firestick and its probably online somewhere.
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