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  1. Me too which is a shame because I loved it…But I was confused for a second reading the title
  2. A Britney museum in LA aka money laundering business for her psychotic captors.
  3. I thought she said ‘the song is about to die’
  4. Wait!! WHAT?!?! Her videos were brought up in court by her father? HELL NO
  5. I refuse to continue figuring these posts out…One day she posts as if she were a wounded weak victim and then today she posts as if she were a badass unstoppable *****??? IMO this only fuels the conspiracy and it’s probably a strategy by Team Con to keep us second guessing. It’s like a toxic relationship, really.
  6. These fans indirectly give more grounds for her evil father to keep her in a conservatorship.
  7. No idea and I'm not even thinking about that at the moment, I just want her to be free...I don't even care that much if she performs again or not because her wellbeing and her happiness is more important than her doing "her job" to please me.
  8. Vaya, de cerebro lo que tienes son palomitas de maíz. Aplausos para ti que culpas a una victima por el abuso que recibe de alguien más. Bruto ignorante, si estás cansado entonces vete porque no hacen falta acá clones de James Spears.
  9. Sometimes I think this is why Britney is the way she is lately...Maybe deep down she knows she's never going to get out of this and mentally she goes back to a time where she felt happy and alive? Not sure if I'm making sense but this seems like a never ending nightmare. James Spears is a demon hiding in human flesh and the same goes for every single person involved in this.
  10. I'm sure the source of this very accurate news report is no other than Cassie, the biggest snake in this entire ordeal...She got hired to make Britney look crazy and she gladly accepted the offer.
  11. No...Either he or Sam posted a story of him being at her home. I just don't remember if it was Sam or Britney who was getting their hair done.
  12. Wasn't Billy pictured in her home in the past few months though? He was doing either Britney's or Sam's hair but I know there were pictures of him in her home. PS: Not trying to defend him or his "relationship" with Britney
  13. We know for a fact she has seen her children...I’m sure her kids would tell her, no? This whole situation is so bizarre
  14. ...Have you not seen the things “Britney” is posting?? It’s obviously not her. Why would her sons follow an imposter?
  15. I just cant wrap my head around this...Britney has always said she's not a victim, she doesn't like when people pity her, she doesn't like when people look at her as a weak fragile girl...And now "she's" saying she cried for two weeks? WTF? I just wanna know why is her mom not doing anything about this? Why won't Britney go live on Sam's or Lynne's or even Fe's instagram and say something???? At this point I might even contemplate the idea she's suffering from Stockholm Syndrome
  16. This is what I dont understand...Why doesn't anyone set the record straight and why can't she post a video on let's say, her mom's insta???
  17. Wow, this to me speaks volumes. I just unfollowed her as well. This feels like a nightmare that she's never going to get out of...
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