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  1. I’m sure she does. She’s not stupid and she talked a lot about that in interviews…It’s called moving on and not holding any resentments, in the end, unforgiveness and resentment only harms the person that doesn’t want to forgive.
  2. Maxi is problematic but I fully agree. I will wait until I hear Britney’s story from her own mouth.
  3. I think they go to school together so she shouldn’t be much older than him. She dresses likes she’s 21 though. It seems he’s repeating what he has seen his dad do…Hopefully it’s just a phase.
  4. The old man that would tweet about Britney for years and called her lamb, he seemed to be somewhat familiar with her.
  5. I won’t watch this until Britney herself says she’s okay with it. I doubt she is, she has been very outspoken about her hatred of these documentaries that speak on her behalf, even Sam spoke against this documentary. I will wait until Britney shared her own story.
  6. Here’s a tip in case someone needs it, you can access any paywall by pasting the url on this website: archive.today
  7. No, she wouldn’t. Otherwise she would have said it. Britney herself said in court and Instagram that she hates people benefiting off her trauma and speaking for her.
  8. I won’t watch the documentary, I will wait for whatever way Britney decides to tell her story (if she does).
  9. Britney herself said in court and publicly on Instagram how much she absolutely hates people talking on her behalf and how much she hated that documentary. She is a perfectly intelligent woman and she can choose how she wants people to support her. The fact is that she DOES NOT like documentaries that tell her story when she can’t even tell her own story. She likes the support from the public, not from vicious companies making money using her name. If Britney herself was not involved then it’s clearly not her telling her story.
  10. That girlfriend looks fully toxic, opportunist and just plain bad influence…I know he’s a kid, but I’m sure KFed offers zero guidance.
  11. I don’t think it’s dumb or shady for them to be mad. They got the movement moving on a bigger scale with the release of the paralegal voicemail. They have been on almost every protest and they have been to every court hearing. They have dedicated a lot of their time for this. I understand their frustration, especially considering Kyle is involved who has been dead quiet in support of Britney, hasn’t do crap other than lick Daddy Colon’s *** and even defended the Conservatorship when the voicemail was leaked by the Gram Girls.
  12. I remember this and everyone believed he was a liar…damn. also remember that one user that said the documentary was called sunflower Britney?
  13. She might be still under an NDA…And she’s not that powerful to go against an NDA. She’s always been very sweet and very appreciative of the experience so I don’t think she hasn’t said anything because she doesn’t care.
  14. He is a disgrace. Many women in the public eye has suffered depression, bullying, hate, death wishes, unraveling because this soulless waste of oxygen.
  15. No, please do not speak this into the universe.
  16. Do you not know the meaning of "for all we know"? He's not saying he has information, he's sharing his opinion.
  17. Rosengart (Britney’s lawyer) already said it was Britney’s decision to deactivate her Instagram account.
  18. Slumber Party is indeed a masterpiece that deserves so much more. Too bad Team Con killed the era after the whole Make Me video disaster.
  19. The only court documents we saw were the documents from the court denying their request to be present in the hearing…Or has something else come up?
  20. It's a fun bop The ***** line The british accent The drought we were in It's a ******* banger in the club
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