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  1. Circus is an overall good album, but it's kind of a filler album. She did it because she had to. It was more about the business, healing the Britney brand in the public eye, than the actual artistry. So yes, it's a bit more generic than most of her work up to that date. She had so much going on around her, how could she possibly focus in singing? She'd probably just go into the recording booth and vocalize whatever was asked of her and be done with it. And we can't even be mad at her for that. Had they given her a couple more months to pull herself together properly, I'm sure she would've performed much better in her 6th album
  2. My guess? Purely for visuals... She was trying (since the Onyx Hotel, when her stamina was already declining) to transition from teen performer to adult performer. Those old numbers where she used cheerleading outfits and sneakers were to be put behind... she had to aim the more mature image, with tighter outfits, and dance numbers that were supposed to be ****, not explosive as in her early days. The heels complemented this image.
  3. hard to tell... Mannequin routine didn’t fit the whole “Circus” vibe the tour had. It’s a lot of connected steps that she would have to do quickly, and the routines for the tour were mostly “spaced out” so that she could move between the three stages so that everyone could see a bit of the numbers... and the fact that she mostly performed in heels in this era didn’t help. If she kept Andre and Wade along the era, it would probably be a lot more like DWAD than what we ended up having.
  4. not going into the merit of “paying taxes” itself, but why move to the other side of the Atlantic to be hiding money from authorities? She’s rich, but still a foreigner there... doesn’t she have a decent legal team to advise her against doing it!??!
  5. The way I see it, it was probably like: - she was already planning a new album during the Onyx Hotel Tour (which kind of fits the story she told in that radio interview). The label of course gave her a preliminar "green light"... she's so willingly recording new material would be great. - she started experimenting with new sounds. Testing the water. I think that probably the only songs we can definetely pin point to this timeframe are Monalisa, Someday and And Then We Kiss. - she had the knee episode and everything was on hold. When she came back, she probably had already a few demos under her sleeve. She presented them and the label didn't approve. - she probably was discouraged from the decision, and already wanting to take a big break (marrying and having children) went along with it. They decided to release a Greatest Hits album instead (considering she wouldn't go back so soon into recording a full album), then a Remix album and also had that little EP from Chaotic. The more fitting (aka more Britney's fanbase friendly) songs each went to either of these albums... - when she went back to record Blackout, the concept was a completely different album from the one she planned a couple years before during the OHT. Pretty much "scrapped". So that's my take. Original Doll was more the concept she intented for a 5th album, rather than an actuall body of work.
  6. I find it so cringy whenever a post revolves a social media post they did, a live they did, some picture they posted... They're children. They shouldn't be watched as superstars, nor regarded as one. Nor should adults be preying on their social medias expecting to see something nor contacting them in any way. Creepy, creepy, creepy.
  7. I think there's some misconceptions about her vocals everywhere. She can def pull off singing pretty much every song of her first 3 albums (and most of the In the Zone) without problem. It wasn't unaturally pitched. She and her label made the choice of singing in a higher register. And that's ok. What I don't think she CAN do is perform them live (as people expect her perfomances to go) while heavy dancing, doing backhandsprings & splits and all... No one can... Her biggest mistake is lipsyncing to her studio recordings (sometimes OLD recordings). If she choose to go the way that Pink, Beyonce, Gaga go (redoing them with a live backtrack, so to be more believable)... she wouldn't get that much flack. Of course smoking for almost 20 years has taken a toll on her stamina and the ability with swiftless going from note to note with ease; she also hasn't been a careful vocalist (her vocal exercises are probably limited to the few months every other year when she's recording new material)... so it would demand her dedication to go back into being fit to sing a whole concert live. Not impossible, but hard work would need to be involved. Just listen to her studio recording from "Break the Ice", "Monalisa", "Toxic", "When I Found You"... they're all pretty high, but she pulled them off with grace. She's vocally gifted for sure. Just became a "lazy" vocalist
  8. Finally someone hired a good lawyer in this s**tshow. Lynne finally taking a stand is long overdue, but much appreciated all the same! Come on, put them on blast and bring those coins back to Britney!!!!
  9. then instead of controversy, there would be trauma. For a life time. For way too many people. But perhaps it would have buried his career at the start and saved us years from having to witness his whiny *** playing ever the victim.
  10. but that’s the thing isn’t it? She can’t actually retire whilst that decision remains in somebody’s else hands now, can she? The court handled the power of settling deals on her behalf to her father&management and if she opposes to fulfill them, guess what happens? Her state is the one to loose money in lawsuits for breach of contract. In summary, she’s the one who gets worked off and ****ed up in the end just the same. I’m sorry, but I disagree with you. She has every reason to be pissed. I’m sure she’s happy with the support she’s been given. Doesn’t mean she owes us her life from now on because of it. If is to be this way, let her stay where and how she is now then
  11. kinda passive-agressive. Home girl must be pissed behind the scenes. Actually loving it... feels like her 04-06 persona. Sarcastic, witty and short-tempered Come thru MONA LISA! It's been a long time
  12. I knew that at some point Britney's name was gonna be dragged into this mess. can you imagine the flack she would've gotten if she was still with Timberlake when this happened? I can imagine the headlines, everyone expecting her to take a stand and then crucify her for whatever opinion she had (either pro JT or pro Janet). They were both dumb thinking this would play out any way other than purely trash and disastrous. Justin made his solo career been the cheated ex-boyfriend of the world's biggest popstar back then. And in his pettiness, he somehow convinced her biggest idol and inspiration to play controversial with him (I have no doubt he planned it doing all this with Janet just to get back at Britney somehow). When it completely backfired, he hauled *** to save himself and let Janet to burn. I still can't understand how she agreed to such a shameful thing, being an old business fox... She should've know better. As far as I'm concerned, JT should be left forgotten in musical history, which is all he deserves
  13. This’ll be a fun night in the Carter’s house with the tension of being name dropped hahahahaha. This group should name a couple of singers that do it constantly, just for fun...
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