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The New York Times: Britney has tried to end conservatorship for years & feels like she was forced into performing and into a mental facility against her own will

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25 minutes ago, DJBringItBack said:

No they just ignore it now completely as if nothing happened and don’t acknowledge it whatsoever 

They’re scared of no longer getting exclusives from Team CON. Somebody needs to let them know Britney’s career is effectively dead for as long as this conservatorship continues … cowards

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46 minutes ago, toy soldier. said:

What happened to muumuse and TJ? I used to listen to their podcast but stopped when they said freebritney was a conspiracy theory and started making fun of the supporters. Did they backtrack?

I'm sure they're too busy sucking Colon's crusty flaccid ****.

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2 hours ago, everybodygoesdown said:

I think it was safe to say that she did not feel comfortable with that and that it didn't happen on her terms, so she came off as standoffish or dissociated.

Yeah there’s been multiple occasions over the  last decade when fans were upset with her behavior. At the time, she may have come off as a brat, or like she was unwilling to do the bare minimum for her fans (I’ll admit I felt frustrated with her sometimes) but now that we have confirmation of the horrific situation she’s in, I feel nothing but empathy for her. It’s amazing that she was able to maintain her composure publicly through all this. I would have run off the stage at piece of me and started screaming for help. She has more mental fortitude than I ever will. 

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There have been millions of Hollywood stars who made a mistake, but no one got caught in a situation like Britney.

I know she had a rough time then and maybe made some mistakes, but we all have a right to make a mistake on our own, don't we? She doesn't deserve this.


I really want to know whose idea was to put her in conservatorship first. Person who thought of this is an evil genius and must burn in hell.

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2 minutes ago, rennen said:

TMZ have posted their first article of the day. 

No mention of the revelations from the NYT article, of course.

Ha! :oprah_well_there_you_have_it_proof_see_hand: if that doesn't prove their team con idk what does. That's the biggest leak ever and they don't use it for click bait? Yeah makes sense

You'll never see it my way because you're not me -Britney 

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So basically everyone’s in on it. Even the judge. I sure the judge has been getting her cut of the check. Don’t believe the systems on your side. This is a great example of corruption in the government. 
This is a wake up call to everyone who puts their faith and trust in a system full of criminals. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. 

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Praying for the best, hoping she is finally heard, and her wishes granted. I am honestly wondering if she will say something to us fans, especially because the Free Britney movement paved way for all this progress. I know she will be given her freedom eventually -sooner rather than later-it's absolutely shameful that her spirit has been diminished ... I only hope she wants to come back to music full-heartedly because she is really special. I'm devastated that she missed out on a life she wanted and I am sad that we missed out on her true self. 

It's heartbreaking all around, I only hope for the light at the end of the tunnel.

Our girl has always been a fighter, It's nice to know that she was had there all along.:imcute_britney_ftr_for_the_record_hat_paris_french_smile_grin_happy:

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What are uniquely poetic American tragedy that one of the greatest entertainers of the last 20 years who by every right should have hundreds of millions of dollars at her disposal can’t even pick the color of her kitchen ****ing cabinets

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10 hours ago, PokemonSpears said:

that's the key, that people in here now assume that she hates her work, or performing in general, when what she hates is her father having the control of her money and her life. She even went on to use all her accomplishments from these years to tell the judge she's fine, she's proud of it.

Maybe being onstage or at the studio was her only way to escape from the reality she was otherwise living with her father controlling her life. It was the only time for her to be around people that weren't handpicked by Jamie and just do her thing.

I don't doubt there were many nights that were tough for her, we have that on video. But there were many other times when she was really enjoying it, we have that on video too. Even the night she was forced to perform while having fever, she went and killed it, and she tried to make the best of it when she knew it was useless to keep complaining, even if she felt she was gonna faint.

That's what I was saying on another post, that all this time, despite everything she's always tried to see it the positive way, and that's to admire. Maybe it's a way to deny reality, like a mechanism to cope with it, but I think she genuinely has the ability to just see it and be like "hey, this is something I have to deal with and it sucks, but meanwhile I'll try to be happy with the other things I have and I'm able to do in life, even within all of the limitations they put"

Don't get me wrong, I was not assuming how she felt, I said "I would have felt this way" expressing the fact that when you undergo that level of abuse and trauma, anger and frustration - understandably so- take over you (any human, but I am not asserting Britney necessarily.) How she saw it or the experience she had is only for her to know, all we can say are assumptions. 

I agree with you, in spite of that which we can't know for sure, she dealt with it better than many would have. I mean, many people would have felt suicidal. Thanks for your input to my comment. 💜

In another regard, I feel terrible for her, but honestly I am not surprised. This exploitation transpired in everything, at least that is how I have felt for years. 

7 hours ago, everybodygoesdown said:

I think this is what happened with the meet and greets. She must have been frustrated at her team selling like 50 of these meet and greets every night where she had to pose and let people touch her, just for them to make even more cash. I think it was safe to say that she did not feel comfortable with that and that it didn't happen on her terms, so she came off as standoffish or dissociated.

I think so too. Fans had the right to be annoyed, of course, but the majority thought she was doing all these things willingly, when her discomfort and exasperation clearly showed it wasn't the case. 

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