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  1. The fact that she got Taylor to move her album release date got me we all know how big Taylor’s ego is Adele and her power
  2. She should dye her hair this colour again because it was just flawless and fresh i mean we all love BlondeNey but changing it up a bit now and then wouldn’t hurt. BrunetteNey, RedNey, MermaidNey = Outta This World
  3. YES YES YES Imagine the faces of Jamie and Robin but I want Lou to be questioned too. She’ll be like, “Lord has written it to be this way. Coram deo”
  4. If she decided to release new music - it’s gonna be out of this world because it comes from her heart. She managed to release Glory under the cship. Now with the cship (soon to be) gone, couldn’t imagine how incredible it would be. and we know she has always loved making music and performing. it’s just that she couldn’t go her directions with team con, thus the scrapped MM, Perfume, Glory cover.
  5. Omg she’s so cute!! Bet she’ll be good friends with Hannah, Daisy, and London(?)
  6. So many people are getting fired bye bye Cassie & Crowdsurf, Jeff, entire security team, Colon! also, I’m wondering what’ll happen to Britney Brands, Britney Spears Fragrance etc?
  7. Lmao she looks depressed af. I LOVE it. ***** I hope you’ll have to work your *** off on your birthday, in JAIL
  8. She should definitely use Twitter more often. She is one of the most followed person there and her stans rule Twitter also, **** yes queen - Jamie out of your life looks ******* good on you and it shows. She’s literally glowing
  9. She looks so good, it’s surreal! I have a feeling that PrimeNey is making a comeback - and she’s here to stay for good we love you so ******* much, queen!
  10. Well they can shut up. She’ll return whenever she feels like it and that’s on, periodt also, if she ever decides to return - I hope she’ll just say “**** Vegas”. I’m booking stadiums
  11. Manifesting… Jamie Spears files for bankruptcy Britney Spears’ net worth splurges to $660 million
  12. This. She should honestly get someone that has zero connection with the old leeches. Get someone that knows how to care for Britney the person and popstar
  13. Awesome. now can we please have someone change her wiki’s page picture? I’m honestly sick of that picture
  14. Oh give it up Vivi. You should leave Jamie while you can because how the **** is he gon pay you now?
  15. I’ve been in office all day today but couldn’t do a single thing because I’ve been so focused on reading everything about Britney. I can’t believe this day would come this fast - only few months after her testimony and having Rosengart in the team. Its crazy. i love her to death and yea not a single artist can be this influential to me. Knowing that she can now do anything she wants and live her life made me teary. I’m so happy to see her fly again. she deserves this and more.
  16. I’ve been imagining seeing Jamie, Lou, Edan, Robin etc being es***ted into jail all day today. Its beautiful
  17. I love it when Rosengart responds to James’ filings. Drag that filthy old man, Rosengart!
  18. Oh yes, an alcoholic who filed for bankruptcy knows a hell lot about handling someone else’s life and assets
  19. It didn’t really explain anything new for us fans, but definitely brings the info to the gp. Controlling Britney Spears on the other hand, brought in Alex’s scalding tea, as well as Felicia and Tish’s heartbreaking stories
  20. this scene left me in tears. it was a good doc to educate the general public on what’s happening to her in depth. But overall, I prefer Controlling Britney Spears more tbh.
  21. I have always hated him. Apart from Larry the rat, this bald headed freak is literally in every photo of Britney looking like he wanted to shoot everyone around her. glad he’s exposed and dragged by everyone
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