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  1. Incredibly happy for our girl. I want to see her beaming with joy all the time.... The future possibilities are endless. Massive thanks to the OG Free Britney fans who kept up the good fight when everyone remained skeptical. I really appreciate you all for getting Britney here. And yeah, that definitely includes Jordan.
  2. I pray to God that Jaime is removed. I wonder if the outcome is good, will she share something addressing it. I also wonder if she would make an appearance in court this time. I just hope everything goes well and all of this is over by her birthday, I of course will be working during so I will be frantically refreshing my phone.
  3. I am beyond moved by everything that has happened to get to this point. I miss her terribly. Piece by piece she is coming back to life, and soon the person we all love will be happy again. #FreeBritney
  4. He is part of the problem and why she got placed in the conservatorship in the first place. He benefits from it just as much as everyone else involved does. No way in hell he can provide for all his kids without Britney. I wish I could hire a lawyer myself and get her the hell away from these awful people. I'm enraged. The host on the right nails it right on the head, they were all complicit. 1:25
  5. Her attitude and what seem to be, annoyance with #FreeBritney is frustrating, rude, & off-putting. The fans have done more for her own sister. She is only trying to save her job. I'm disgusted.
  6. In my perfect world I'd like for her to be free on July 14th, her and Sam run away to an island, all the while she sues EVERYONE. She and Sam have two girls , she drops a album out of nowhere but doesn’t tour till her release of another album 5 years from now... She'll have new management and a record label who actually makes some damn good merch okay, she wins some Grammys and I want that infamous book! Oooh! and a book tour 🙌🏼💛
  7. Oh i definitely agree and didn't meant that she owed us anything - honestly didn't realize that posted I was starting to write stuff out but had to go lol-- i was more just curious if she would thank the fans for standing up for her when no one- cannot believe her own mother apparently - did nothing this whole time. It's very sad that it was her fans- people who don't know her in real life- who really helped her even get to this point. Fans respected, loved, & fought for her when her own family used her.
  8. Praying for the best, hoping she is finally heard, and her wishes granted. I am honestly wondering if she will say something to us fans, especially because the Free Britney movement paved way for all this progress. I know she will be given her freedom eventually -sooner rather than later-it's absolutely shameful that her spirit has been diminished ... I only hope she wants to come back to music full-heartedly because she is really special. I'm devastated that she missed out on a life she wanted and I am sad that we missed out on her true self. It's heartbreaking all around, I only hope for the light at the end of the tunnel. Our girl has always been a fighter, It's nice to know that she was had there all along.
  9. Having seen Nicole perform live and met her I. for one will definitely pay to see that.... I do however request a Nicole - Only Segment in the show Nicole deserves more commercial success, it's frustrating.
  10. I've never understood the love for Mariah. I don't care how special your voice is, entitled, rude, and childish attitude isn't cute. I don't like her and cannot even attempt to listen to her full catalog.... Her whole personality is a massive turnoff. I prefer my superstars to be kind and gracious
  11. I just came to say that I love her and LLC was the first song I gravitated towards when it first came out. Timeless. I just love her flows. She makes everything better.
  12. For me the part of Justin goes to his character, since HE was the one who wanted the break in the first place then HE should have been the one to insist going back in the studio with the group as he promised. HE should have had their back, treated them with some damn respect but instead he was looking out for himself only. The super bowl and Britney situations reinforced that. He's a ****. JC was ruined and frankly all of them were, who knows what their careers could have been. It's really sad. I wouldn't be surprised if they intentionally avoid him and just play nice for the public. I personally would be resentful. And now I'll be jamming to this : I hate the rap but 🤷🏻‍♀️
  13. some of ya'll didn’t watch the documentary and it shows... He Was SABOTAGED! Justin had a hand in it because, of course he did. He just needs to get back in shape and color his hair, he'd be good to go. If you got good music, people will care less about your look or if you can still dance like 20 years ago. I wished he did try again because wow, he really has a beautiful voice. It's a gift he shouldn’t waste.
  14. Britney is still the best person I know. She's simply the best.
  15. I cannot believe she actually said "The customer is always right" As a server for years, I seriously hate that ****. These kind of customers are the most ridiculous and rude AF. I'm so put off. I caught her Live and she definitely didn’t apologize. She actually had the audacity to say, she wasn’t trying to attack a business ----UM You tagged them!!! Repeatedly !! PLUS when they defended themselves she clapped back and said they were rude too.....but now you were just having a bad day???!!! Which is it!???? Unfortunately, It's not just wealthy famous people that behave this entitled, is regular jerks too.
  16. I'm tight with money but I was thinking of buying her album to support her BUT now??? omg Like literally WTF
  17. If it were actually unfair then the Grammys would have made a rule. IF she is nominated, that's great! she does have new songs on it AND it would just be as if she released a alternate version (ex Dua's Remix Album) or when Gaga released an alternate to Joanna single, Taylor's Lover Wedding version. I don't remember the name of the album or by whom but an album that consists of only covers did win album of the year once. The uproar here is only because people automatically assume she will win. We don't know that, we don't know what music will be released during this eligibility year and if she is nominated or does win than she is just that damn good 😌 Had JoJo been nominated for her rerecorded albums after what she went through with her label I know we would be happy for her. If she gets nominated again I think it's okay.
  18. I hated this poor excuse for a "remix" to begin with, but the video??? I literally despise music videos that cut the music for unnecessary dialogue right in the middle of it... Like it's a MUSIC VIDEO play the ******* music!!! Why is that so hard??? On top of that the acting was laughable just no damn use for it -JUST like that part in her "documentary" on Netflix about her dogs eating dog ****. Maybe I haven’t seen enough of her but from what I have so far, following her from Sweetner and Thank You Next eras, I don't find Ariana all that interesting personality wise. I find her quite dull and no depth. Positions was a huge miss for me overall.
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