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  1. The last one is such a vibe. Given the oportunity I would so print it and frame on one of my walls. Its the 2000's feeling through and through, me likey
  2. Wait till yall see Rosengart's LA colleagues. Sharks everywhere, covering almost if not all the fields. Just to have an idea, Ronsegart was the lawyer that helped Madonna press charges against the Iraeli hacker who stole the demos from Rebel Heart and MDNA. Greenberg Traurig has 40 offices all around the world. The fact he suggested Rubin must mean the guy is a shark on his own.
  3. I still dont understand, for the life of me, the reason why people still buy those type of magazines But slay! Keep making headlines that expose the Spears mafia
  4. Lynne has always loved the attention though. Search for the video of when Britney went to give her a letter telling her to **** off, her face was very telling that she enjoyed the time with the paparazzi.
  5. It took Rosengart 2 weeks to make what Scam Ingham wasnt able nor willing to do in 13 years. The difference a real lawyer can make...
  6. Bonus: this argument alone is capable to nullify all the contracts signed post conservatorship by Jamie once she is freed without Britney having to pay contractual fines. Goodbye RCA!
  7. So Lynne finally truly compromised herself with her daughter's situation. After 13 years of silence and being just an interested party for parental clout, she came with a bomb. Was not expecting that
  8. Babe is not Crowdstar, its CrowdSurf In the fight over Britney's Instagram I stand by the side that everything is meticulous controled by Team CON. Even when the captions show a "revengeful" Britney and some fans strongly defend its is HER. She doesnt own the brand, therefore she doesnt own her socials and we just learned she doesnt own her image for the most part with all that Brandcasting ****. They said themselves in Ronan's article, there's a team that meet up every thursday to decide what to post and how to post. This team is hired by Jamie, not Britney. Besides, all posts made since she her testimony were old footage. Their agenda seems clear, they want Britney to look bad. Its a narrative Vivian brought in the last court hearing where it was reported she said Britney was unstable, lacked the ability to recollect and was hysterical. For a lawyer to choose that last word to use in court, means they have an agenda. Hysteria was once considered a medical disorder for women who passionately expressed feelings and desires that didnt corroborate with what men wanted from them. Being angry, ***ual, empowered, sad or too happy were some of the "symptoms" they used to lock women in mental facilities (where they would eventually die in there). Vivian knew exactly what she was doing when using that word, specially when they keep saying Britney is too mentally ill to the point she cant barely function. They THINK they are using Britney's Instagram to portray that. The best part in this is that its 2021, and society is way passed that. There's nothing wrong with Britney's pics or videos except for the bad filters and editing. And the topless photos are gorgeous and people really liked them, its her most liked posts and the top comments are all praising them. The only thing that worries me is if Britney sent them those pics or if they ran through her phone or her internet serves, stole them and posted without her consent.
  9. That was a SERVE! She gave face, she gave body, she gave soul, 2016ney gave us everything Britney and Glenn messing around with a camera was the gift we didnt know we need it at that time. And still there were some people in this forum feeling entitled to complain, demanding professional quality when they both were just having fun. Bunch of clowns they were
  10. The number of likes for someone with the amount of influence he thinks he has got me like Not gonna give that leech any views tho, Perez can choke
  11. Maybe Britney didnt want her friendship with Cade to end up like Gallery. Gallery said that because of what Britney asked him to do regarding the letter, he would be pushed out of her life and they wouldnt be able to see each other ever again. According to him, they talked through it and still decided to risk their friendship. Team CON not only took the original the letter from him but shoved a 10 years NDA on the guy. Maybe Britney and Cade didnt want something similar to happen to them. Its honestly such a ****ed up situation
  12. Britney's topless photos are beautiful, and theres nothing wrong with them. We see male celebritires posting pics in their undies and holding their packeges making **** boy faces, and there are also other women in the industry that have posted topless pics in their insta pages. The only thing that bothers me is the timing, and the uncertanty if she consented to have those pics posted *right now* or not. Those for sure arent recent, she could've have sent them to Team CON a long long time ago and they are now using them to try to make her look bad to the public. Which based on these 2 last pics, is not working btw. Its 2021 and it became Britney's most liked pic with lots of comments praising it. Insta wont suspend the account because theres no ***ual content in those photos. Its a woman loving her body and that is hella empowering. Wether or not she controls that page its something Ronsengart can solve in court.
  13. Because RCA is the worst label and their strategies are old. It saddens me when I see a hot new artist signed with them, its a recepie for disaster. Somehow they think that makes the album sell more in some regions, that and having Standard vs Deluxe versions. In todays age those ideas just doesnt work. When Britney is free, her contract with them might have to be nullifed cause Jamie signed it as her legal guardian. I so wish Columbia would pick her up. Miley changed to Columbia after her fans couldnt find Plastic Hearts anywhere in its release week because RCA printed a very limited number and it affected its debute a lot. I've seen some people with connections talking in other forums that some labels are already working to offer Britney a deal, hope its true.
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