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  1. And thats exactly what I expect towards her instagram once she gets rid of those leeches in her life. Shut it down girl and then comes back a few months later with a bang cause its needed
  2. P!nk talking kindly about Britney isnt smth new. Since they all grew up she was one of the girls that changed the most and started to suport fellow female artists. She was never Xtina's level of rudeness but she used to hold some grudge on some of her peers and the industry itself for trying to portray her as Britney when she never asked for that in the first place. Same goes for Avril. Today is all peace and love.
  3. Since Britney is not working all its left its to dream. And if there something this fan base can do is being delusional. So here's a brand new delusion fo your entertainment So... for the longest time I have this idea in my brain about the possibility of Britney and RCA releasing a compiltation album of her anthems but remixed as 80s' Synthwave - once she comes back to music by her own will. Its a thing on the internet for a while now to put up remixes like these of very known singles from various artists from Adele to Michael, Gaga, Rihanna and specially Britney. But the problem is: nobody is "offciailly doing it". A collection of reimagined hit singles and fan favorite tracks would be such a rich material to have. Specially if it also comes on vinyl and cassete - which is a trend among pop fans and Britney is one the most successful vinyl sellers of this new wave. Here are some remixes for yall to see what Im talking about: And of course @remixedbynick material is also stellar and should grant him at least half a compilation album. Yall, this REALLY is a thing. They keep poping every month. A lot of "home producers" have been putting up remixes like these for at least 3 years now and just recently this idea is gaining traction. Also this And this one was uploaded last week. This producer goes hard on every remix its just... And lets not forget Britney covered Burning Up Take the dubstep out, increase the 80's cheese and you have a banger ready to be included in a Synthwave compilation. This is becoming the new "cool ****" and someone will eventually come up with an idea like that. Make a compilation album and have 2 brand new songs 80s inspired made by Max (since he is the one that really brought it with 1989 and After Hours, both albums heavily inspired by the 80's). One new song opening it, the other one closing it and in the middle we have a lot of juicy remixes to make people super moist while rocking out with their ****s out Britney would have a mini era to work with (2 singles) and it would be a delight
  4. She looks so fierce I cant even.... Funny that Britney seems to feel so comfy in her own skin and confident nowadays, the "Im a mom now" vibe came in 2013 and stayed there... as it should
  5. Cindy will have her own series?? Wuuuuut!? I missed that Exploring the spider-verse in all sorts of platforms, I love to see it And I would love Sony and Insomniac Games to produce a Spider-Gwen game after they did Miles. So the holy trinity would all have their respective games
  6. someone in Exhale with spidey-culture just like me? It cant be OMG we're must be twins for now on
  7. Spears-Asghari can make a powerful surname for their children tho, imagine "Smth Smth Spears-Asghari" that would be iconic
  8. La Britney Spider is gonna take Tom Holland's place, her comics will make Spider-Gwen tank and put Miles Moralles as a secondary character in the next Spider-Verse animation. Tobey Maguire could never! Omg I cant wait
  9. Well, for any average Joe/Karen, its just a hot model in a Steven Klein photoshoot. And Kevin didnt stayed this hot for too long tho, he's been... hmmm... peculiar for more than a decade so I bet a lot of people wouldnt have a clue its him I know she loves Britney and she might know who that is, but all in all its a gorgeous pic tho. Go ahead judge me, but Klein almost never fails to deliver with his works
  10. But isnt march/april when Jamie usually file the accounting from the year prior? Maybe its an automatic booking, and till then Jamie might not even in be in the picture anymore All we have to do is wait till June 23, this is energy consuming but dont give up guys or we came all this way for nothing
  11. Wait... Ingham cant comment on a pending case when Page Six asks for a word but he went to Chloe Melas to talk about Britney's June 23 appearence at some extent Chloe is pro-conservatorship and has always been on Team Con payroll to advertise whatever move they make as a CNN reporter. But when its another site that is critical about the situation he simply chickens out like...
  12. U sure you quoted the right comment babe? I want you to point me where I intentionally deduced Billy is insane Im worried about him being fooled to believe he talks to Britney and how would he react IF that was the case. That he could feel ashamed, used, scammed, cooned or whatever. And considering he is an LGBTQ+ person with traumas (cause we all have) and emotions, that he would hurt to an extent of needing emotional suport from his loving ones. And Im only saying this cause I would damm sure need the suport.
  13. Does anyone have some news on Billy B since Team CON's post on insta? Cause his account is private now. Since day one I've been saying he's been catfished and now Im kinda worried about him - if thats the case of course. Old gay man being played by some random and exposing himself to media outlets truly believing he was in talks to Britney... it can get ugly, it would mess with insecurities that can trigger some types of thoughts and emotions Edit: reading some posts here and Im gonna scream louder for the people in the back: Baby One More Time LLC = James Parnell Spears = Cassie Petrey/Crowd Surf = Britney's Social Media
  14. Not people in this forum pretty much agreeing that Britney doesnt have control over he insta (which legally she doesnt, and it has been proved) and that Team Con wrights her captions for Cassie to post it to dismiss most of what comes from the #FreeBritney movement, but when the post itself is used to drag someone (Billy B) we have our doubts then all of a sudden IT WAS "Britney" who post it
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