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  1. That line didnt age well. Never blame the girl when you know your man is a *******, she may not even know about you I've seen a case where the wife murdered her husband's lover. After the guy confessed he never told the young woman he was dating about his marriege, women inside the prison killed the wife for killing an innocent woman when she should've killed the cheating husband instead. The girl was finishing college, the family told she was a good person, hard worker, very smart and a loving daughter. Tragic story
  2. Its not *me* babe, the whole post was made about what people on Twitter is talking about or is afraid of. I only brought the discussion to the forum so we could deliver our take on the matter
  3. That would require a choreographer, which means James would have to spend money to have someone he cant control inside Britney's inner circle. Two things he would never allow to happen as long as he is the one controling her company and her money
  4. Britney has contracts to fullfil with RCA. Glory was re-released in 2020 for a reason, there was a rumor they asked her to record a Christimas album and she refused. If Britney doesnt go the studio this year they will for sure find another way to release music without her like a B In The Mix Vol. 3 or some EPs with rejected songs.
  5. As it says in the title, its a RUMOR. So take this information as you intend. Disclaimer: this thread has the purpose to generate discussion about what is happening on Twitter. These claims here presented come from external sources from another site. Everything discussed by the Exhale community in this post falls on Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, generaly known for 1 of its 6 freedoms: the "Freedom of Speech and Expression". Did you hear that ***? Great! For the past few days some Britney fans on Twitter are talking about the people behind @lawyersforbritney being invited to participate in the Netflix documentary about Britney's life and conservatorship battle. As fans say, they already signed a contract with the company and director Erin Lee Carr for what it seems to be a chance to do what they do best: defend "Kingham's" image as Britney's court apointed lawyer. What concerns people on Twitter is the fact that Kristen and Malena not only have defended Ingham and Jodi like their own children, but have expressed pro-conservatorship thoughts on their account as people are skeptical about them being on TeamCON or Ingham 's payroll, which they claim is a false statement as seen here: Regarding the documentary being pro-conservatorship, the rumors started right after Lou Taylor posted a personal photo with one of her remaining clients which happens to be the Global Marketing Director for Netflix. Add to that, due to a defamation lawsuit filed from one of the attourneys cited in Dirty Money's episode "Guardians, Inc.", Netflix removed said episode about conservatorship abuse. That of course shattered fans expectations on having Lou Taylor or even Jamie Spears names brought into the documentary. Since its announcement and the involvement of Erin in its direction, #FreeBritney suporters never stoped tagging her in comments sharing information, claiming for jusitce against conservatorship abuse and to portray Britney in the best light possible. Erin has a reputation of being a very serious director, but people believe she could not be the one pulling the strings in this specific case. Also, fans have suggest several times for her to include TheSurpriseWitness and Lisa MacCarley in this body of work. Personally, I dont know what to expect from Netflix. And since The New York Times is working on a "Framing Britney Spears Part II" I kinda lost interest on what Erin can do. She has to either top Framing or go home. Otherwise is going to be just lika that australian documentary that had Billy B as credible source What yall think about that? Are you a lawyersforbritney fan? Do you think Erin is seeking different points of views to produce smth imparcial? Do you want Lisa and Surprise Witness to be a part of the documentary? Do you think Erin and Netflix can produce a solid material without mentioning James and Lou?
  6. At this point, it should be the best thing to do. That or deactivate for a while, specially if she ever plans to comeback to music cause her insta only damages her image.
  7. That bio hasnt changed since last year. Plus, even if they re-open the store would become a mandatory spot for #FreeBritney protesters to scream their longs out. ****ty *** The Zone is done for good
  8. T.I verse never fails to get me sick. Its a complete mysoginistic mess and I was surprised it ended up in a Britney song. Right after this he was acused of some things and made some disgusting statements about Iggy, women in general and even his daughter Sometimes I even forget this track was a thing. Brave New Girl and Dear Dairy slaps D i c k D i c k Boom My sister is into nightcore though, I dont like it
  9. Legally this letter means nothing. Its a threat letter. The letter Lisa said about the "100 lawyers" is the one we should anticipate if it actually is in the works. Those 100 cali lawyers should be the ones who could take Britney's case to federal levels. At least it put pressure on Ingham, if the group responsible for the letter indeed has people capable of doing something he's kinda screwd. The timing is also good, he screwd up with the Bessemer filling so it works as a "we see you *****" for to not screw things again.
  10. I cant at you editing the clips according to the lyrics I died at "Jumped over drama and I landed on my feet"
  11. Lou knows basically everyone in the business. Honestly I wouldnt look to much into it since this attorney that passed wasnt linked to Britney's conservatorship directely. And judging from Prince's post he seemed like someone nice and the little I know about Prince is that he and Paris avoid Hollywood vultures like a plague. RIP Mr. Sir
  12. I wonder if all of this can turn into an article of some kind. Its sure an interesting story: "Lou Taylor, head of Tri-Star Entertainment and former Business Manager for the Britney Spears brand, threatens Exhale/BreathHeavy (a fan forum) amid her connections to $600 million dollars that are *allegedly* missing from Spears account." This is not a threat by any means but... Would you like to see that happen Lou-Lou? You're throwing more gasoline to the fire without ever proving your innocence so it seems like it This story is going to blow up eventually, either you like it or not. Its funny you keep threatening fans when theres an audience coming that will discuss you using BRITNEY'S MONEY to pay for your lawyers on a personal hunt against a few of her fans. Let that sink in Have a great day bestie *allegedly*
  13. Simple. Lou is running hence she is selling the hell ou of her things. She'll go for "Im retiring" and next thing we know she'll post a pic in Panamá enjoying those $600 million from the SJB Trust
  14. Oh babe this is very real. All #FreeBritney surpotive accounts on Twitter and Instagram are heavily talking about this and people in the comments are going nuts. If it was an April fools joke it would be debunked in a minute. Ingham indeed made some mistakes like asking Bessemer to be sole conservator of her estate first (or didnt specified I guess), and then when Jamie declared he would agree to work with Bessemer as co-conservator, Ingham wrote in the next document "co-conservator". That alone was a huge mistake. Now look what happened.
  15. Ingham Ingham Will we be forced to see Jamie take the W due to your lack of competence? Why did you asked help for Loeb & Loeb in the first place then you ****er?!
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