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  1. I don’t understand the hate behind Katy Perry. Is it genuine or is it just mean girls?
  2. She either had her period... or she had them just done about 2 weeks before that performance. If you notice all the performances around that time she did not do any fill out dance moves. No bend and snaps... practically no type of “exercise” that is part of the recovery. Also... your breasts tend to stay swollen for about a month or so before they hang normally after a breast implant. I’ve had a few girlfriends get them done and it looked just like that right after until they settle. I never wanted to believe she had any implants but now as a grown man, looking back without my naive conclusions, it is a very high possibility that she had them done and still has them now.
  3. It’s kind of how everyone in her personal life has actually been bought out to throw her under the bus. If it’s that easy for her fans to give her up... imagine those who work for her... or “supposedly” work for her
  4. I mean come on. Madonna has music that even 21 years later you’re praising about it. It’s always ahead of its time. The pattern with Madonna is that everyone hates her at first, gangs up on her for being too old, then years pass and all of a sudden she’s inspiring. The reason why Madonna is where she is now is because Madonna knows how advanced she is and only needs her own approval, keeping her still active in the this industry. This post is an example of this. I believe the same thing will happen to madame x. In time people will realize the prophetic abilities Madonna has. Even after 2020s Disco era. No one still brought it back like Madonna. I’ll bet $100 that Madame X album will catch on to most people in about 2 years. -Timeless I really can’t say that about 90% of the artist out there... my main example is Ariana grande. That is not timeless music, it has zero substance and once you mature as an adult will realize how much you didn’t want that.
  5. Wow people are so quick to throw each other under the bus without knowing anything. Speculation speculation speculation, condemnation and more condemnation. It be best if everyone looked at their own mistakes in life and better hope that none truly knows all your downfalls before it becomes a crime to make mistakes and be unforgiven. No one killed anyone here. There are far worse things in life than this pathetic drama. I hope everyone judges themselves with the same weight they judge others.
  6. Just the beginning of the downfall of society. Big tech take their DNA! They are begging for it please oh please
  7. Madonna the high priestesses of the Pop princesses. Maybe she’s Britney’s handler?!
  8. They all have handlers, I mean all vids of most celebs are shot by someone else... or an assistant or this and that person. I know we miss Britney but she’s just as controlled as all celebrities. Some celebs are more compliant than others. The sad fact is society needs to take celebrities less serious, stop following them so much and live life through the people who live around you not on your phone.
  9. Everyone will start getting them once their celebi-gods I mean idols I mean icons officially” get jabbed.
  10. That’s what you call someone who has run their course in corrupting others. She’s ready for the pit to swallow her whole.
  11. Scooter is a pe**. This guy looks like a legit handler. All these entertainers controlled by these men who look like they have some kind of weird obsession with their “clients”. Demi is just another tool to marketed suicidal/drug story in order to relate and make money off of most who haven’t found identity. I wish the music industry was fair and honest with who is being played most. Not some rehashed high school drama of who is more popular based on companies paying to advertise. In high school it’s the kids who brand and advertise (those who rep pop culture) and in real life it’s who does Pepsi (etc) want to promote this time?
  12. People claim how great of an actress Gaga is yet think they know her personally. Hilarious. She’s playing us all like a fiddle. I wouldn’t doubt Gaga’s a b***h. Damn what’s that song again?... government hookarh!
  13. You would think in a free country with so much access to social media that her kids would say something about these recent focus on Britney’s imprisonment. I don’t know, I have a feeling that this whole free Britney stint is just another way to promote her without any actual reason to. It’s like they’re just making more money off her name and she doesn’t even have to actually do anything.
  14. Please... he’s a bs-er. All the details he describe have a spiritual connotation to them. He’s satanic and is repetitive with his symbolism. There’s always a deeper meaning to art and anything anyone does. This is to leave people blinded to the truth of these handlers.
  15. This whole free britney marketing is just another way of selling britney. I have a feeling that the free britney movement, just like many movements in the world, is controlled by her controllers. She can care less about her freedom.
  16. Azalea Banks digs up cat and cooks it. Comparable...
  17. Madonna is a high priestess who declares when someone will be famous or if she will use their youthful souls for one more round.
  18. This, IMO, is lunacy. Really guys? My misunderstanding is if gender isn’t a problem for people then why should one get upset for gender “identity”. It’s more of a lack of identity. I can’t really say red is blue over and over again and expect red to be blue. There’s nothing wrong with people having their rights to do as they please. Same goes to those who are hetero and don’t live in the alphabetical identification group. If people truly want to unite they wouldn’t make more categories or sub categories. Stop pointing fingers and leave this guy alone. First the push for him to be gay, then he confronts it and now he’s a villain for not being gay. Like wow. Really... apparently we’re evolving as a race... 😂 hypo-critic
  19. Stop hating. If Lady Gaga was to do this then it would be ok. No ones ever happy with Britney only 5-10 years later. Like all her career everyone collectively bashes her then claim her when she’s a trend. Annoying. I personally love it and think it suits her.
  20. She wouldn’t look awkward most of the times if she darkened her eyebrows. Most of the time she looks like she doesn’t have them which is why most people think she looks weird.
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