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  1. Because it was a tiger, not a lion. And she was with Doc Antle from the Tiger King documentary in the cage lol My flop moment is not realizing that the iconic black lace dress was the same night as the 2001 VMAs.
  2. Framing Britney Spears was iconic, though. It very much broke open the floodgates for the Free Britney movement. Especially among Hollywood.
  3. I just became an uncle this year and I already know I would kill for that little potato if it asked me to. I can't even begin to imagine how much stronger the maternal bond can be.
  4. I can believe this. They may have gotten people from her life like Felicia to participate, but that it worlds apart from actually having BRITNEY HERSELF participate. She's always said she might write a book someday. I hope she does, so she can set the record straight. Far too many people are putting words in her mouth.
  5. Can you imagine if he ever actually did meet Britney back in the day, though? LMAO Imagine being 18 and meeting a 6 year old and having no idea that in 20 years, that'd be your husband.
  6. I'll Never Stop Loving You, Cinderella, Just Let Me Go, Till The World Ends, Strangest Love or Everyday. I can't choose.
  7. Oh thank God, it was her decision. I legit almost had a heart attack thinking something scary happened. Enjoy your engagement, baby girl. <3
  8. THAT PIC IS SO BADASS. I'm gonna announce my own engagement the same way TBH Also, congratulations to the queen and that **** piece of Persian meat. I can't wait to see them make beautiful, biracial babies.
  9. I love the idea of a Britney coloring book, I've been dying to buy some Crayola colored pencils and dive into adult coloring books recently. But I refuse to give Team Con anymore coins. Besides, they've probably chosen the absolute WORST pictures. Don't be shocked if this pic is in there, considering how much they love re-using it.
  10. Make my man **** this b***y so hard, it falls on the floor. And then he can **** it some more.
  11. What a tacky, tasteless response. We never forget our Middle Eastern brothers and sisters, we hear about them in the news every single day. And people are fighting for them AS WE SPEAK. Don't use their deaths and their tragedies to minimize the different struggles our community faces around the world.
  12. OMG this is amazing, wonderful news! Congratulations, @BUWYGF Also, you're high-key hot and should DM me some noodles.
  13. RIGHT?! I never knew there was an uncensored version and I want it.
  14. Whether you're at the courthouse, or at a #FreeBritney rally, or you're just at work waiting on news, I made a playlist for Britney fans to listen to so that we're giving our girl our full support in spirit: Every Day Lucky Overprotected What U See (Is What U Get) Just Let Me Go My Prerogative Let Me Be Don't Keep Me Waiting Cinderella I Wanna Go Rebellion (Snippet)* Showdown Anticipating Hold On Tight Brightest Morning Star Right Now (Taste The Victory) Brave New Girl I Feel So Free With You I Will Be There I'll Never Stop Loving You Stronger Since "Rebellion" has only ever leaked as a snippet, I didn't really feel like including it, but no other song would be more thematically appropriate than it. So if you have it, you can slide it in where I've placed it.
  15. Oh, her ability to make bops is unquestioned. I'm talking a bonafide mainstream hit. "Started" was probably the closest out of all her independent stuff, since she promoted it through Zach Campbell and Trixie Mattel.
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