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  1. La Britney Spider is gonna take Tom Holland's place, her comics will make Spider-Gwen tank and put Miles Moralles as a secondary character in the next Spider-Verse animation. Tobey Maguire could never! Omg I cant wait
  2. Well, for any average Joe/Karen, its just a hot model in a Steven Klein photoshoot. And Kevin didnt stayed this hot for too long tho, he's been... hmmm... peculiar for more than a decade so I bet a lot of people wouldnt have a clue its him I know she loves Britney and she might know who that is, but all in all its a gorgeous pic tho. Go ahead judge me, but Klein almost never fails to deliver with his works
  3. But isnt march/april when Jamie usually file the accounting from the year prior? Maybe its an automatic booking, and till then Jamie might not even in be in the picture anymore All we have to do is wait till June 23, this is energy consuming but dont give up guys or we came all this way for nothing
  4. Wait... Ingham cant comment on a pending case when Page Six asks for a word but he went to Chloe Melas to talk about Britney's June 23 appearence at some extent Chloe is pro-conservatorship and has always been on Team Con payroll to advertise whatever move they make as a CNN reporter. But when its another site that is critical about the situation he simply chickens out like...
  5. U sure you quoted the right comment babe? I want you to point me where I intentionally deduced Billy is insane Im worried about him being fooled to believe he talks to Britney and how would he react IF that was the case. That he could feel ashamed, used, scammed, cooned or whatever. And considering he is an LGBTQ+ person with traumas (cause we all have) and emotions, that he would hurt to an extent of needing emotional suport from his loving ones. And Im only saying this cause I would damm sure need the suport.
  6. Does anyone have some news on Billy B since Team CON's post on insta? Cause his account is private now. Since day one I've been saying he's been catfished and now Im kinda worried about him - if thats the case of course. Old gay man being played by some random and exposing himself to media outlets truly believing he was in talks to Britney... it can get ugly, it would mess with insecurities that can trigger some types of thoughts and emotions Edit: reading some posts here and Im gonna scream louder for the people in the back: Baby One More Time LLC = James Parnell Spears = Cassie Petrey/Crowd Surf = Britney's Social Media
  7. Not people in this forum pretty much agreeing that Britney doesnt have control over he insta (which legally she doesnt, and it has been proved) and that Team Con wrights her captions for Cassie to post it to dismiss most of what comes from the #FreeBritney movement, but when the post itself is used to drag someone (Billy B) we have our doubts then all of a sudden IT WAS "Britney" who post it
  8. Little Mix, Little Mix..... would yall ever stop being flawless? Damm gurls! I remember that when Britney was still active, I wanted her to choose Little Mix so bad as the opening act of an american tour leg. Just so the girls could have more exposure They signed with RCA UK, so the "Britney Spears x Little Mix" encounter could be possible if Britney ever comes back to music. I love them all so much
  9. Well, he lived those moments and worked with magazines that profited from her comeback as well. Chasing Britney through LA circa 2007/8 would demand at least knowing she likes Fanta, not Coke. So she would never stop at a drive thru that serves Pepsi products which rivals Coca-Cola. Information is his business But seriously, he must had receive some notice from the reporter for that "interview" and studied what he would say. Specially his "public figure = public domain" concept.
  10. That's what baffles me. These people have everything in their hands (docs, footage, interviews, articles etc) and the #FreeBritney movement would move mountains to help them with everything they need, and still they managed to not portray things that way it should. He went after Lisa and she had such a little screen time. Surprise Witness, someone that has all the legal juice and has basically built an encyclopedia of paperwork connecting everything and everyone but somehow is being left out of these documentaries like...
  11. I watched this morning. Mobeen could have made a better job here and there but overal the docu turned out worthy to watch. The part that he holds Lynne's book, saying he did read it, but not making a link to Lou and Jamie planning the conservatorship 6 weeks in advance doesnt make any sense. He then goes to talk that the movement thinks Lou is the mastermind - or at least someone that was actively there for its inception - and just leave as if its just a conspiracy theory... Mobeen, the words were there in that book. Lynne just painted the situation in different colors. And the fact that he had the court files with Jamie's declaration that Britney has dementia as the driving purporse of placing her in the conservatorship, but saying he wasnt able to track if the files were legit... All he needed was a credit card to pay for a copy of those papers or at least ask the #FreeBritney suporters he interviewed how to get them. After all, he is a BAFTA winning journalist. Billy and Brian surprised me. Mostly Billy. If he is fact in contact with Britney or not, that doesnt change the fact that what he said was touching. Its a narrative that we know - Britney says she is the happiest she has ever been whenever she gets the chance - and I do believe that in all these turmoil she found a place to heal. Otherwise she wouldnt be able to fight this battle as far as we know. But what the docu made clear, and I thank Mobeen for that, is to show how the system is flawd and open for exploitation. All in all, no documentary will be able to display everything that we know to the public. Its a lot. If the Netflix docu is a really a thing, I would like Erin Lee Carr to interview someone specialized in human trafficking cause after all, thats what Britney's conservatorship is. But Perez and the paparazzo part... disgusting.
  12. She came across as someone who still suffers that she couldnt do nothing to save her father. The way she talked is like she has been telling this story over and over in her head so she can find strength to continue to help the people who calls her all the time looking for some kind of suport.
  13. I dont expect nothing big from this. People on twitter are saying like Britney is gonna talk to the judge as if she was giving an interview to Oprah If she does speak her truth, and if that truth is at least an ounce of what we assume it is according with the information we have from the court documents, then I'll be happy about it. But till then is better to keep the expectations at low levels
  14. thanks for link babyyyyyyyy .... but gurl if that contains malware Im gonna hack you back in a heartbeat
  15. This! Call me crazy but it seems TikTok is ready to embark on their Britney Spears era. They made Gimme More go viral, Circus is having its moment and lets not forget Criminal and If You Seek Amy also went viral in the past and since then, those 2 tracks have been consistenly in her top10 on Spotify. Like or not, the platform dictates a lot of whats on the charts. Lizzo got popular because Truth Hurts went viral there first, and then she was able to rise using somewhat old music. Old Town Road also became a massive TikTok hit and then Lil Nas was able to take the charts by storm. If there's somehow an agenda in favor of Britney by tiktokers themselves (cause they are very organized) to make her music popular among the new generation, Im all in. Her songs are perfect for them: they are dancable and have iconic pick up lines.
  16. Yo Brian did good here and I just posted a coment on another thread talking **** about him And the lady is so lovely. I bet Britney herself would love to be interviewd by her
  17. I dont know about yall but I have zero interest in this documentary. Perez opinions on anything Britney Spears related shouldnt even be considered Then we have Billy B. I dont know what his deal is, he says some stuff that raise awereness about her situation? Yes. But the "I talk with Britney every single day" and failing to prove it despite trying hard to do so is what gets me thinking "is he really in it for Britney or the attention? Is it possible he's being catfished?" This man only worked for her for 2 years or less... And if Bryan doesnt talk about the issues during the Femme Fatale era, him trying to see Britney backstage during POM and Team Con stopping him to get near her... then what the hell he's gonna offer in this documentary? There was a time he said bitter things about Britney herself, like he was mad at her or smth. If thats not the case his involvement has a great potential to be "meh" Then we have Jordan, who spilled the tea very early on this matter, was threatened by Jamie, received cease and desist orders, has 154879652 lawsuits for being a bad *****, is hated by twitter stans and Lou Taylor but he doesnt even know if he'll have screen time. Like.... And so far they're all men. Where are the #FreeBritney queens? Will Lisa be there? Surprise Witness? That Jive Records lady that protected Britney at all a costs? I want INFORMATION and so far we have only people for clout
  18. Yas, lets start digging Lynne's book and interviews. There is so much juice to squeeze and serve it to the media I pray for the day that media start talking about Lou's involvement with the Spears family. How she did Jamie Lynn dirty when she was pregnant, how she planned Britney's conservatorship with Jamie 6 weeks in advance, how she became the self-proclaimed spokesperson for the family and the list goes on and on and on and on.... Everything is in Lynne's book but painted in different colors. All information this woman spilled on camera through interviews across the promo tour for this book is the cherry on top of this case
  19. Circus is in my Top3 Britney tracks. Its pop perfection from lyrics, to production, to Britney's delivery and so on. The music video was the best one from its era, and it still is the best circus themed music video overall. It became a signature hit and still comunicates to the audience it was meant to be, hence its organically hitting another generation of teens/youngsters. #CircusStreamingParty when?
  20. The account is adamnazarean on Twitter. He/she/they is a popular insider from ATRL. Remember when the e-mail about Ingham asking the conservatorship how much money there was cause Britney wanted to change the producers of whatever she was doing at the studio leaked? He talked about that a few days prior, saying she was "recording something". Most informations about Katy's Smile era were shared by him first hand as well. Its either for each one to believe it or not, specially cause this info is a common conception for anyone with brains.
  21. Weird posts started happening after 2019 when she said "**** it, Im not gonna work till this mess is resolved". Her instagram in 2015/16/17 was one of the best pages on the internet, very often there were articles telling locals to follow Britney cause it was a delight to see a global superstar so comfy and being normal. You dont have to be a genius to understand that right after she decided to challenge the conservatorship everything changed. They want to paint the narrative that she is mentally unstable to justify to the public that she needs a conservatorship. And Jamie already used this card according to court documents. I do believe she produces the content, yes. But before she had guidance, a team that was being paid to care for her socials. Now Jamie pays Cassie to do the bare mininum, they used to at least remove hate comments and now it seems they have pleasure to let the bots flood her comment section and just leave like at that. It helps the conservatorship. And yes, its is proven that she does not have control over her account. Her social media is a property of Baby One More Time LLC, a company Jamie stole from her and runs it ever since. Bryan said she has to send content for aproval and then the team will post it. That gives room for the team to use the most unflattering ones and at odd times too. Yall remember when right after the hearing that was sabotaged, Cassie made a post out of nowhere and completely out of context to the situation when Britney was suposed to be live at the hearing? Its was a clear attempt to make Britney look like she didnt care like "look people, she is happy and posting pics on insta, she doesnt care about the legal stuff everything is fine." Britney feeds the account (and we dont know if its voluntary or if they just get in to her iCloud and take it), she doesnt run it. Its a completely different thing
  22. Its time for this **** to be over. If there was never a medical report filed that proved she lacked the capacity to hire her own council, and all of her attempts to do it were hindered by Goetz, Jamie and Ingahm by ilegal means, therefore the conervatorship was completely unlawful. That being the case, the probate court has been complacent with the whole scheme since its inception. So either California's Chief Justice Tani Gorre should intervene in the process or, not only the conservatorship but the court itself, should be investigated in federal levels. Then Britney could not only sue the estate of California but she would receive a lot of cash by doing so. And even more money if its proven that Jamie has stolen her money using the conservatorship as a scape goat. Long story short, Britney's case will cause a lot of headache to the Chief of Justice Department if someone of higher power dont dissolve this mess
  23. Imagine Adam reclaiming his place as Britney's attourney and how tables would turn
  24. Circus is going the same way. Lots of TikTok videos by the day and streaming is increasing on Spotify as well Gimme More was getting some videos here and there until the most followed girl in the app invented a choreohrapgy for it and then it exploded. It took them quite a while but now Gen Z has taste
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