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  1. Brazilian stans have been fed by insiders for years, there's no doubt about that. Sometimes they proved themselves right, sometimes they didnt. Plans of a new special edition for Glory's 5 years birthday are echoing on Twitter as more and more people that have connections are sliping their tongs about it. This time, another insider that made himself known among brazilian stans for calling out Mood Ring's official release is speaking up. To summarize the more recent claims, this insider says it was Britney's idea due to her love for the album but RCA was being cautious to not release the material if things about her conservatorship were not doing so great. Additionaly, the Director's Cut for the "Make Me" video made by David LaChapelle has indeed 18 minutes and Britney loved it, but RCA didnt like the idea and asked David to make a smaller version due to their belief that a video that long just wouldnt work in the streaming era. The label wants Britney to promote this new edition, but not details on how that would happen were revealed as of yet (maybe through social media?). I talked about this scoop in the coment below last week, but the information got to me in a different manner: that it was uncertain if Britney consented to that, that Jamie has zero involvement, that more photos from LaChappele would be revealed if they decided to move foward with this idea, and that there's also a rarities album in the making as a "gift" for the fans to be released when Britney concludes this chapter of her life. As usual, take it with a grain of salt. I can only speak for myself regarding the people I've talked with kowing they proved themselves a long time ago, but even then I have been cautious to not let myself be hyped for things that may or may not happen due to the circumstances. What do you guys think? I honestly dont feel its the right time for that, unless Britney and Ronsengart completely solve this situation by August 26 (Glory's release date).
  2. There's something important people are not talking about: Page 10 - Jamie and Vivian straight out putted the Court Investigator in the limelight as an alibi for their activities these past 13 years. Meaning that if they go down, this professional would go too. Maybe that's why the court investigation that should've pointed out the wrong doings in Britney's conservatorship resulted in nothing. Jamie is literally threatening the court house. It seems the attack on Lynne was not the primary goal of this petition
  3. Seeing the media across the world painting Britney right now as a free woman infuriates me. ITS NOT OVER UNTIL IS OVER! He may be giving up, but wanna do it in his own terms. His goal is clear: he will try do make a deal with Britney and Ronsegart to step aside but not be investigated or accused of the crimes he commited, and will probably ask for money too. Jamie and everyone in this conservatorship should be investigated and charged for the crimes they commited against Britney: human traficking; verbal, psycological and physical abuse; money laundering; extortion and everything in between. I wanna see Britney and Ronsengart make them pay, revenge in this case is a NECESSITY. As Britney said herself: the people that did this to her shouldnt be able to walk away so easily
  4. We dont, hence I created the last thread refering to those screenshots as "allegedly". I also dont believe its Wade, people are giving him a credit that I honestly expected they would give to Brian, cause he last worked with Britney in 2012 (X-Factor). He also went to Vegas but Team CON didnt let him even say hello to her, and he was in Mobeen's BBC documentary crying saying he missess her. After that he barely touched the subject again. Cade "says" the man has been with Britney for 25 years and was also silenced, which could mean its someone from her small inner circle that we dont know of or someone that at least was in the scene from time to time. After Jamie fired André, Wade started working for her during the promo performances for the album and right after that he vanished. But I remember people saying Wade wasnt allowed to see Britney as part of deal (at that time he was super blacklisted already, maybe he accepted that way cause he needed money). There are some old videos where Sohey is seen rehearsing Britney (André selected him to be her mirror dancer) and Wade is seen coordinating the others, lights and stuff all alone. Knowing Jamie, he would never allow them to be together again. Chances are they are completely strangers to each other, specially nowadays.
  5. I dont know what to say. Could it be that Elizabeth Arden's contract has a clause where they have to release a new perfume in a certain amount o time? Contracts for big brands, lines or intelectual properties usually work that way. Cause its impossible that EA doesnt understand its just not the right time, at least until Britney gets rid of Jamie. What photoshoot they'll use in the box though? The Femme Fatale one again? Edit: lol in the description it says "Sensual, sparkling and sparkling..." is this a troll post?
  6. I live for Short Hairney Specially this underated cut: She looked so fresh and alive like that, but then we never saw her rocking this exact haircut except for this pic
  7. "I'll be posting less" Next post is a pic of a random smoking in a very odd timing, just like every oportunistic post made since 2019. Seems like they are indeed runing out of content and someone wont be sending any more. Oh how I love a spilling tea party, if it keeps this way then we'll know its true
  8. Yeah you are failing to realise that you cannot talk about the movement as a whole. In the same vein that there's us, the fans, informed and ready to hold people accountable, there are also people that dont understand #FreeBritney nor have any clue on what to actually do to help the movement keep being taken seriously. A quick lurk on social media will show you the discrepancy between informed stans, casual fans and crazy people. It came to our knowledge, not a long time ago, that some crazy people were agressively going after Sean and Jayden in their socials. If they feel entitled to go after Britney's sons, who are minors and have their right for privacy, just imagine what they do with other people. My point was that to hold someone accountable there's gotta be a little piece of evidence, or at least a narrative than can be backed by articles, interviews, tweets etc. What do you think the result of those tweets raising a possible conflict of interest will be? Im sure some people already send messages to Brenda's son talking about it, or even accusing him of something no one is certain yet. If anything, TheSurpriseWtiness should've made her research first and then do a proper exposé, like countless of amazing threads she made in the past. The fact the conlict lies on Brenda's hands doesnt matter, the reputation of the movement would be even more at risk if people start targeting and accusing people out of thin air, specially people related to the judge. How about this: instead of focusing on the actual players lets believe some people on twitter that are saying now that Ronsengart's wife works in the conservatorship field besides there's no information about his personal life anywhere? We dont even know if or with whom he's married but lets accuse him of wanting to exploit Britney through this conservatorship like Sam Ingham did based on hearsay? Sure people didnt invent that, they look like fans are going at it so we gotta blindly trust them. Right?
  9. My mind is blown with the possibility of being Barry, I didnt think about him AT ALL. There are insiders (3 completely different people Ive talked with good tracking record) saying "someone" is locked and loaded to offer Britney a new record deal as soon as she gets rid of Jamie. Cause it makes sense, he still is her legal guardian and the one responsible to seek commercial endevours and sign contracts (RCA) on her behalf. Ronsengart already claimed in the last court files Jamie made deals without Britney's consent. What happens the minute Jamie is no longer her conservator? All the contracts will go under revision and possibly nullified under the idea that Britney was coerced to comply or wasnt even aware of them. If they had a good working relationship, Barry must be helping Britney with the primary goal to sign her. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck its him
  10. Well, sharing a pic with your date and call him a friend would be kinda awkward But slay if it was, he's a hot daddy
  11. Through screenshots shared by stan accounts where Cade allegedly replies to a fan, he says he was the one that helped Britney to get in touch with Ronsengart, her new laywer. But, he also claims there is another person helping her behind the scenes, in which he says its man that's with her for 25 years now. Some fans were led to speculate it could be either Larry Rudolph, or even Johnny Wright. But in reality there's no indication that neither would the case. Today, I remembered Britney once shared a photo at the beach with a man nobody new at the time who it was, calling him a friend: Since I dont recall this mystery being solved by the FBI agents of this fanbase, Im just curious. Does anybody have the slightest clue of who this guy is? What he does? Where he came from? Where he lives or anything of the sort? Could he be the one helping Britney?
  12. The funny thing about this thread is that if this was 2015 we would all be like "Yass! Queen Lyne is looking fresh, get it girl." How things changed. That should still be the case though, if it wasnt for what they ALL did to Britney No amount of parental clutch in the court room will make this fanbase look at Lynne the same way. I still remember when Britney posted photos of them all smiles doing brunch, she looked happy.
  13. Sometimes, the Britney Army needs to know when to stop. Going after Brenda's son will do no good whatsoever. He made himself known among the fanbase tooting his own horn telling everybody he was her son cause he wanted the attention, but as soon as his mother started showing signs of neutrality in the case (which is what judges should do till the very straw of factual proof) people started attacking him and he painted himself as the ultimate victim of the millenium. Imagine he going to his mom telling every bad little thing some crazy stans send him daily and tell me if that helps. Penny's decision today was sad, infuriating even, but expected. She already agreed to move to hearing from December to September. Wanna investigate the guy and see if there are connections with Lou, fine, do it. But dont incriminate the guy without having proof first or go to his socials to do the same dirty work Team CON has done to us through these almost 14 years. That makes stans look no better than Jamie himself. If anything, September 29 is not too far away and that will give Britney, Ronsengart, Jodi and even Lynne time to prepare in conjunction to destroy Jamie in court. After all they will all be there, in person. We, as a whole, should be focusing on that too.
  14. I love both, but I'll have to say Lucky. I cant take out of my head the memes with Perfume about peeing on your man to mark territory, Im sorry
  15. Jumba Lumba is innocent! Bear with me: "Hi my name Is Jumba. My father changed my sister's trust to benefit all of us and nominated me to be in charge of it, so Im gonna move her money to this very suspcious company that she has no idea of and call it day. No way people will notice the favor Im doing her, and if they do Im just gonna quit the deal and pretend nothing happened. They'll lock my sister in a mental home anyway, by then I can try again. I love Britney from the bottom of my broken pocket." Then proceeds to play Chilling With You and record stories for her instagram fake crying from the condo in Destin/Florida (which is not hers btw), saying she never lived under Britney's expense. But doing it quick though, so she wont miss daddy's berbecue with special guest of the night Mrs Poo Taylor
  16. Isnt there a possibility to sue the State of California? If Ronsegart proves the obvious, that its a case of human trafficking and Goetz, the LAPD and other players working for the state helped Jamie and Team CON, or benefited from this situation in one way or another, she might not be able to recover the years lost but could get some cash back. At the end of it all, the probate court allowed this to happen and still is complicit in the hands of Penny. No way a judge or the court investigators would look at those files and not see the crimes commited against Britney.
  17. "Sources tell TMZ...." "TMZ broke the story..." But then proceeds to just sum up what was said in the last court files. Ok then...
  18. Expected. He wont go down without a fight. A lot of other players depend on him staying in charge of the estate to avoid being investigated. And once he is out, cause he will, everyone will enter in panic mode. Including Bryan and Jamie Lynn. If what I heard is true, they are ****ed more even so than Lou.
  19. There was a thread on Twitter showing some evidences (?) Ronsengart's long time target is Lou, and that working with Britney is his path to get her. Idk where that thread is or even if other people have more arguments about it. But I know I saw it somewhere.
  20. Britney doesnt control.... you know what? Im not gonna say a god damm thing anymore since some people are being censored about this subject in this forum. Let them think they have cake but actually be fed upon the crumbs Team CON throw at them
  21. First thing Britney and Rosengart should do after Jamie is removed and Rubin is in charge of the estate investigations is to deal with Jodi. Its clear Britney wants her there right now so Jamie cannot come back as Conservator of Person (even though he stated he doesnt want to come back, but Jamie is a known liar). If Britney wants it, they can find excelent professionals to work with her towards the termination of this conservatorship to avoid a final evaluation. Get her the best of the bests, cause as the conservatee she has that autonomy and with Ronsegart by her side it would hella easier. Jodi may be a rat, and may have done things as a Care Manager (that position also implies she had a boss, Jamie). But right now she is very much needed to help on Jamie's removal. Let Jamie and Jodie eat each other alive in this mediatic circus they're doing, what matters right now is Penny moving the next hearing to this month.
  22. Of course. He is resisting because of the accountig books he possess, cause there lies the doom of Team CON as a whole. When Rubin and Ronsengart get their hands on those books... Gosh... Its gonna be beautiful to watch Put on your seatbelts people, cause a money loundry scheme will come to light and its gonna be a hell of a ride
  23. Uhh.. except people do? Water is used to hydrate the ones using drugs like ecstasy (otherwise it can compromise your kidney) and to help the body to expel alcohol before they live the club, specially when you're suposed to drive yourself/friends home and should not be drinking in the first place. Never doubt a stan's capacity to recognize people from Britney's inner circle. And dont act like Britney has never shared pics with him, cause she did and she has 30mi followers. Cade is also known in the LA scene cause he knows and works for many other celebrities, not just Britney. My point was that we can neither tell if what he or those screencaps say is true nor should we witch hunt him based on assumptions. Till whatever some stans think it incriminates and justify their hate for Cade is proven or Britney herself comes foward, we should respect him as her friend both online and irl.
  24. And you are right. If she clawed her way to Britney and asked for termination right away, Britney would face a lot of trouble cause it would give Jamie and Vivian the room to do their dirty work. She says she would do this and that, that she would fight for Britney and yada yada yada, but judging from what she says on her twitter, Vivian would eat her alive in 2 minutes. She "seems" to have good intentions, but shows no capacity to form a winning stategy.
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