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X Factor judge Louis Walsh reflects on working with Britney: "they had to stop the show and take her out because she was on so much medication"


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Louis Walsh tells The Independent of his time working with Britney:

“I was sitting with Britney for two days and after every few auditions she would go...” He slumps over, neck flopping, in his chair.

“They would literally have to stop the show and take her out because she was on so much medication and other stuff. I felt sorry for her.

“Here she was, the biggest pop star on the planet, and she was just sitting there physically, but she wasn’t there mentally. She had a lot of problems.”

He also said:

“This is what happens. We can’t blame the music industry. They probably wanted to be famous and they get it all and then they are still not happy.

“It isn’t what they thought it was. I think there is an emptiness there with an awful lot of people. They get the trappings but it doesn’t make them happy.”





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3 hours ago, Britman512 said:

but I was made to feel crazy for this thread:surething_britney_eyeroll_rolling_eyes_um_okay:…I wasn’t wrong she was literally a slave

Yet she seemed livelier than ever in that episode in particular. In fact it's probably the best from all the auditions.

I'm not gonna justify the conservatorship, but maybe she DID need some sort of medication, not to keep her drugged, but for other issues. During this time was when she had that psoriasis on her feet. I don't know what kind of treatment that requires, but whatever they did it must've worked, because by 2013 it was gone.

When I read about medicating someone to force her into doing stuff, as you suggested on that thread, I imagine a zombie-like state, like how she looked and sounded like during FF, someone lacking any will to do anything on their own.

X Factor was all the opposite, in fact it was so opposed to the emotionless FFney that she couldn't even hide any of her feelings, thus all the funny faces she would do during auditions. 

It's funny as well that this guy was only there for two days but got the full scope of her situation, yet Billy B was there the entire thing, directly with her, and only realized things last year.

I read the full interview of this guy and the entire thing is all in this presumptuous tone about fame and celebrities and how he doesn't even like the smell of alcohol. He also goes on to say Britney was there just for the money, but not in the conservatorship forcing her kind of way, but as if she took the decision to be there just for the money, instead of seeking help. 

In summary, he isn't even blaming her team but the interview is more about how famous people get into the business without realizing what they're getting into, so basically blaming Britney for the situation she put herself into and using her as an example for his statement, so I wouldn't take his word as gospel.

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5 hours ago, nthenwkiss said:

This is so sad - it almost feels unreal. I fear a lot of the damage is / will be permanent.

A huge part of me hopes that when the conservatorship ends we’ll miraculously get primeney, but the more we learn and the more that gets uncovered I fear that the Britney I grew up adoring might not be there a anymore.

Its just been too much for too long, literally she’s been destroyed.

I mean it all makes sense now - the huge change… I wonder what they’re medicating her with.

It’s just all so sad - how did they take such an amazing human being and just destroyed it… and for what? money?

Britney Spears’ conservatorship is perhaps the saddest thing I’ve witnessed in my lifetime.

You really shouldn’t think so dire, that Britney isn’t completely dead, we had glimpses of her throughout this whole time. With the right people around her ESP.  her boys full time, a PROPER doctor to ween her off whatever meds she’s been on and if she does happen to need meds for an actual condition, put her on the CORRECT meds in the CORRECT doses and most importantly, regular therapy, someone she can vent and express herself to without fear of retribution, with all that, I do believe she’ll get herself back completely, won’t be over night tho, so patience is important.

I know it’s hard but u just to have hope and faith.


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Of course there was something wrong with Britney during the X Factor days, who wouldn’t notice? Sadly, it went unnoticed by the authorities. I can’t believe we live in a society where a woman is medicated by her own father and her team to get some ill-money. This is called human trafficking! Wake the **** America and help this woman! 

I wanna scream and shout #FreeBritney until I remain without lungs!


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