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  1. Wasn't Penny the one who said it was best not to tell Britney the cship didn't prevent her from getting married? That by itself is shocking and shows she was not doing a proper job as a judge. She's probably scared that when Jamie is removed they will analyze everything and see all the wrongs that were done, either thanks to her incompetence or due to corruption.
  2. Also if there is no Declaration of Capacity shouldn't she be able to end the cship without evaluation and at request?
  3. I'm waiting for Britney to be free and position herself to make my mind about Juno.
  4. Wtf, she's supporting Britney and you're trying to find a way to complain about her? No-one is forcing you to like her music of even listen to it
  5. Is Simone Biles even close to the point of being put in a conservatorship? Being placed in a conservatorship would and should mean that person is not capable of doing something so demanding as going to the Olympics. The cship doesn't simply imply Britney has a mental illness, it implies that Britney has such a severe form of mental illness she can't make her own decisions. Meanwhile her conservator places her in clearly anxiety inducing situations? Make it make sense.
  6. Yall need to stop believing everything you read without a grain of salt.
  7. I bet Britney met these girls in some random club and said "do you guys wanna be part of my video?"
  8. She did that for 12 years though, always acting so proper in interviews and giving soccer mom vibes and brunch with girlfirends in her Instagram and where did it lead her? Maybe by being more messy it'll show the cship is not working.
  9. I remember in 2007 when Britney asked some papz if they were TMZ and they said no they were X17 and she said she didn't like TMZ, that X17 was fine. Does anypne have that video? I'm beginning to believe more and more that tmz has connections to Larry even back in the days. How they always defend him and go on this random crusades to defame her.
  10. Despite Sam Ighan being an incompetent scum and possibly corrupt, Jaime petition saying Sam and Jodi were the ones that admitted Britney to the mental facility doesn't make sense considering Sam actually petitioned the court on behalf of Britney saying she said she was placed on the facility on exaggerated grounds as punishment for not performing. Why would he do that if he was the one behind the stay in the facility? And why didn't Jamie say this before?
  11. Honestly, Jamie petition is a diversion tactic. Rosegard petition appoints an accountant unrelated to Jodi as conservator of the state so how is any of these allegations against Jodi even relevant to the case now?
  12. I find it odd that Jaime keeps mentioning that Britney was in debt when the cship began, she had a multi million dollar fortune, it's odd that her fortune would've ended especially considering her continous revenue. She used to shop at Target and eat in inexpensive places in 2007, it's not like she would take 40 people to party in France every other weekend. There is no way she would've lost her fortune unless it was stolen. I remember Britney said in her 2003 Diane Sawyer interview that she keeps her big sum with her uncle in Lousiana. Maybe the theft began there. Also, if Jaime is solely concerned about his daughter well-being why did he take a chunk from her music deals and tours?
  13. To think in 2019 when the free britney movement had already started they were asking to receive money they were not entitled to and Jaime agreed, goes to show..
  14. The thing is the whole "I'm catholic now" is very Britney like, goofy. Just watch some of her old documentaries or even Chaotic. Some people are not pleased she might not be this fierce performer / queen of the world woman all the time.
  15. She looks great in both videos. There is no doubt the cship updates and new lawyer gor hwr looking 10 years younger
  16. Shes actually seen with anipda leaving the Hawaii yoga studio. This is cool. She must enjoy having the freedom to buy stuff like this <3
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