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  1. I bet it’s such a relief she doesn’t have to pretend to care about Britney anymore. Dumb b
  2. How many times does he have to apologize for being a pos before people believe he isn’t? Are you on his payroll or something?
  3. They will all get their day in court and I can’t wait for her to her justice!
  4. I know some of us are worried about him pulling everyone out but I bet Britney cannot wait to start this next chapter. Hire a solid accountant, assistant, a manager, and keep her current lawyer. Britney will prevail! I am curious, is Britney still contractually obligated to make music with rca? Everyone jumped ship so I’m curious and excited to see where she goes without the restrictions. I do hope she keeps therapy going but also being given ways to deal with the trauma she has faced these last 20 years in the business.
  5. She really thinks she’s a somebody doesn’t she. Hun no one can say your name without writing or saying “Britney Spears sister” next to it.
  6. I’m turning 36 this November! Y’all it’s so weird because it doesn’t feel like time has flown by but it has!
  7. I don’t know a lot about marylin but I do know a lot about Judy and there are SO many similarities it’s scary. Hollywood is just a cycle of creepy gross men who prey on young women. Pimp them out until they can’t anymore and toss them to the side like trash when they are done. Poor Judy went through that with MGM and her own team just like Britney is now.
  8. Ok AND? You want a medal? Haven’t you received more money “saving” Britney in the last 13 years then you ever earned prior to it? Just leave already.
  9. I have used them a few times and honestly now I feel bad about it. I also say let’s retire them. We stand for Britney! Not for Britney in sadness/pain.
  10. I honestly don’t know how Britney remained to be so optimistic and loving after everything she’s gone through. I would be so jaded and bitter. She’s a wonderful human being
  11. I always loved this song and video. I thought they were better than any song on Britney Jean. Aside from Wb I never have listened to that album more than twice?
  12. Ok how is this even possible? They literally covered all their bases. They were not asking to have him removed without some more qualified. They had actual professionals recommend it! I am truly shocked by the outcome.
  13. I’ve been here! I mostly read now because everyone already says what I would say so I’m just liking people’s comments
  14. Can someone share the link to these? I wanna read them or have someone give us all the details we should know!
  15. Maybe not but at the minimum she can make Jamie so poor he’ll have to work fast food to pay any of his bills. That to me seems like justice. Has to live the rest of his **** life broke.
  16. I’m so confused by this one because it doesn’t sound like shade to me. Are they on ok terms now? Or is she saying like these glasses (shade) is a whole “mood” I’m getting too old to get the lingo of these hip young kids now A days
  17. I don’t think she needs to even consider retirement. Does she? Bless her heart she hasn’t worked a day outside of zoey 101
  18. Or even ever. It’s so amazing to see that for her. Someone actually on her side. She has got to feel so powerful and so in control again.
  19. That’s the frustrating part to me! Is this is my mindset 100% like it took HOURS TO PUT HER IN ONE. Now we have to wait 5 months until we can even hear both parties again? It just blows my mind, Britney has expressed over and over her father is abusive, isn’t there a “rush order/hearing” available?
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