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  1. Billie Eillish is actually talented , I'm sure she'll last long due to her talent and understanding of music, she's not even 20 and she writes her own songs , I'm not a stan and I didn't like every single song by her , but I like some of her songs I think she is interesting and her style (in it's base) is great, she just needs to do more regular instruments and less "cool sound effects" to appeal to more ears ...
  2. Look ,well done for performing in all these ****ty awards shows for me it is not what makes an artists good , it's the quality , just like I think selena gomez is another one of these girls who are extremely famous but their talent is very little in my opinion they wouldn't be half as famous if they weren't pretty , so we'll see if they stand the test of time like Sade , Whitney Houston , Michael Jackson and Madonna and all those people who actually possessed/posses a talent .....
  3. She's like the Heidi Montag of our time , she's pretty and she knows how to look pretty on camera but her talent Will not break boundaries , but I would love to see it if she proves me wrong , if she could write her songs for example like Billie Eillish then maybe ....
  4. Nothing special , nothing new , and an album based on a guy ??? Sorry that's really off putting ..... How awkward , but teenage girls probably love it I guess
  5. I guess because young people nowadays like this , and it's basically all they know..... I'm talking about kids from tiktok , they only know older music from tiktok that's what they have in their lives now ..... The standards nowadays are really low in compared to 20 years ago so no surprise if it sells well
  6. Where is the Problem , she's expressed her condolences to the victims so.... ?
  7. I partly agree with you , 2 first Paragraphs you're right , although Hamas is shooting thousands of missiles at them and they're killing israelis too , but it is unfortunately a war on Religion , like ever , palestinians want Palestine to be a Muslim state , that's why they're backed up by Iran and the other Islamic countries, and israelis want Israel as a jewish state , as a non Muslim and a non jew I just think it's ridiculous that people still fight on these things but bottom line is , Israel should return palestinians their houses that they stole and both should learn to live in peace , life is too short anyways
  8. That is bull**** , Israel is literally stealing land and stealing houses without any war , they just make up some "permission" from their corrupted courts and then they say our courts permitted us to take these houses and land , that is no war hunty , that is a crime at its finest , and Israel has been doing it for decades , again I'm not a fan of neither but that is just wrong and not just . If you go to a store tomorrow and steal their goods it is theft , just because you decide to call it "war" doesn't change that , and ignoring reality will only bring bigger Problems in the future , you can be sure of that .
  9. Not a fan of none of them , but what Israel does is wrong, stop stealing palestinians' houses already , c'mon ! You have enough territory palestinians barely have anything left I don't understand it ...... Mess
  10. She has a whole new career waiting for her in the films of Resident Evil and the conjuring , bye witch Hellen
  11. Who is she , she looks like some scary woman from a horror movie
  12. SHE IS HUMAN, Britney always told them that since day 1 and they never listened to her , just because she was young and successful and had so many fans people started hating her and calling her whatever will portray her as incapable , human beings make mistakes , she didn't kill anyone , yet some people treating her like she did .... She's not a criminal get her out of that conservatorship jail !
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