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  1. Wow , narcissistic much ? It's not about you Madison , it's about a woman who's actually being trapped and taken advantage of , while your parents are transferring money to your account her family actually takes it from her , it's exactly the opposite , damn she's so stupid and self centered....... People nowadays need a reality check and get their head out of their as$es asap
  2. Totally , especially they way it is nowadays , it's like a database for information about people and a way to grab money , instead of connecting people it actually divides them ...... I am posting often on sm, especially because I'm trying to get my art published and it's the only way to do it nowadays, but lately I felt like it's really bad for me and I'm on a detox .....
  3. I love it , Marina never disappointed me , I already know I'm gonna love the new album by the sound of it , I do wish however it would be a little slower and less stressful https://youtu.be/MykF2wXmsUY I am jamming to this version
  4. Don't be hard on yourself , I just said the picture looks edited , it's not your fault.....
  5. Oh I haven't seen the original ,it seems like they used a picture of them and altered it on Faceapp or something like that
  6. Take a closer look , the hair on the shirt is transparent , the hairline on her forehead looks really weird and her nose , eyes and teeth look different , this is clearly photoshopped , you can tell only by looking at the hair.....
  7. So what if she ****ed a lot of men !!!? Let's not pretend we are saints , people are such hypocrites , and who tf shames a woman for sleeping with a lot for men nowadays ?? It's 2021 nobody cares ...
  8. Ugh I wish I could speak french , it's such a beautiful language but really hard
  9. So she's dancing to "SOS" and someone in the comments said in french the lyrics mean I'm trapped or something like that , I wonder if she knows , she looks happy tho , maybe she heard the news about the new law that was passed ??
  10. I hope it will set his *** on fire and make him do something finally, otherwise we will make her know , because they're willing to do anything to keep milking her until her last breath , it's on us to help her , and those who fought until now have done great job , especially the people who made the documentary which really brought this issue to the public's eye .
  11. Honestly her music is as mediocre as mediocre gets , don't hate me for saying that, she might be a sweet woman and all that I just never ever liked a song of hers , so personally I don't know why she's so successful in the music industry , she's pretty tho .....
  12. Nope but Beyoncé is pretty close , she has the stage presence and amazing vocals , but still I wouldn't compare anyone to Michael Jackson . He was a pioneer , I can't say the same about Beyoncé ....
  13. What !? The album is great , are we even listening to the same album ?? Anyways sorry you didn't like it , I personally love it
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