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  1. I honestly didn’t think of their age difference until now. To me they were almost the same age actually. Personally I’m just iffy about the guy due to Britney’s history with men in her life. KFed and Justin have traumatized the fan base, so any men she ends up with, regardless of age, some of the fans will be iffy about them.
  2. Jordan should open a new forum just for the Sam lovers in this forum. Sometimes I think some of you guys give him a pass just because he is really hot. If he was the basic looking guy like some of the people she has dated in the past, you guys wouldn’t be so nice to him.
  3. I get that but the way she handled, it came across like she was doing more for the attention than anything else.
  4. You’re right, straight artists use their ***uality a lot and I think it’s just as tacky. Even Britney making 90% of her songs about partying and hooking up got old pretty fast. That’s why I was excited for Britney Jean, and was hoping it would be her Ray of Light with more deep songs and something more personal but we all know how that turned out.
  5. Yeah I get that, but he is starting to look like a one trick pony. Constantly using your ***uality will get old fast. Look up George Michael and Elton John. It’s possible to be gay and successful without having to let the whole world know you’re gay in every music video.
  6. Yeah I can’t watch her the same way anymore. After the whole gender crisis she was going through and now her show about aliens, Demi has become like a South Park character.
  7. Stop inviting attention seeking ****** like Tik Tokers and influencers to award shows. Might solve half of the problem.
  8. Why not stick to making better music and stop playing business man and donating the money to an actual good cause?
  9. he did the song justice. I tried watching this show, but holy **** the over reaction from the crowd and the annoying judges. I can’t
  10. The awards lost its brilliance years ago. It’s not about music or the awards anymore. Now it’s just 3 hours of people desperately looking for attention and trying to get their “iconic” moment. It’s not an awards show anymore, it’s a circus.
  11. What, discrimination inside the gay community? We demand respect, tolerance and equality from the straights, but somehow we still manage to treat each other like ****. You’re either not gay enough, not skinny enough, not toned enough, or hot enough. The hypocrisy in the community is baffling.
  12. D Lister? Just a meme? She is an incredible actress and an Oscar winner. Aren’t you the same one who called Dionne Warwick an old ***? Like damn, we all love Britney but you disrespect some legends when they say something that isn’t even offensive towards Britney. No one will take your threads serious hon. You are giving BTS and Beyoncé crazy fans a run for their money and making Britney fans look bad.
  13. If it wasn't for Britney's greedy family and leaches working for her, she should be at Madonna's level and above Beyonce and Lady Gaga when it comes to net worth. Britney ******* Spears in worth $60 mil and then you got attention seeking Tik Tokers and Youtubers who are worth just as much or more. Yeah, nothing adds up.
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