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  1. I am curious though why her team hasn’t sent any law suits towards him. They love doing that
  2. I’m sorry I’m only 7 minutes in and this girl Haylee is just making us look so stupid. I don’t even know her from the movement. How did he find these people? edit: now I’m 17 mins in Is Brian f blaming the fans for a fall out with Britney? I only feel that way because he says “last time I saw her was in Vegas and we caught up a little but nothing was ever as it was back in our hey day” I do think the shade the fans gave him over what he said was out of line but that’s the internet for you I suppose. 35 min in Does anyone know why the Britney gram girls didn’t want to be apart of this? I’ve always thought of anyone talking about the movement they always made the fans and movement seem sane. How odd! 42 min ok is this about Perez and his pitty party of about Britney? This documentary honestly is doing a bad job at interviewing these people.
  3. I don’t have any Instagram friends lol but I was mostly comparing pre 2019 Britney and post Britney 2019.
  4. I was just going through her Instagram and it’s so crazy! Her captions and posts were so fun and normal in comparison to what we are getting now. it was like a light switch following her dads post. I genuinely believe her team is trying to get the general public to think she’s not all there, trying to push that narrative through social media she needs this conservatorship and it makes me so sad that so many think Britney is the one posting this! If her team can make her look so happy, adventurous, fun, sane, and hard working pre 2019 why are they not doing that post 2019? I know it’s been talked about over and over but it’s just been making me so sad lately!
  5. I just cannot imagine with all the heat from the public that progress is nearly non existent with this whole conservativeship.
  6. For once Cassie did her right by actually making her look good! she looks stunning
  7. Ok I’m 7 pages in, why exactly can the original not be shared? OP said he didn’t even know it was edited so just share the real one you originally intended to share?
  8. Yeah word would have to reach Britney that it would even be an option for her. I’m sure Britney has no idea about it sadly
  9. Lmao when he shared that picture of her and the never released song I knew he was not legit. Maybe someone is actually talking to him pretending to be Britney but I honestly don’t care what he says or thinks. He’s delusional and hope he figures it out.
  10. Even they are sick of the team con narrative. I cannot wait to hear what they have to say after they turn 18.
  11. By the time this is all over Britney is going to be broke just like Judy Garland with zero remorse from every single human who worked her like a horse and then tossed her aside when they couldn’t make anything more. All while we watch and cannot stop it. sam is a pig and I don’t care how many people think he’s trying to help her. I bet you he got into with Jamie and as revenge went against him, then they made up and now he’s back to his same old ****. I’m so mad and feel so bad for Brit.
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