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  1. Wow, I think she is the first celebrity ever to be done THIS good !! I didn't realize it was a wax figure till I read the title.
  2. Oh I have so many memories ... I was a fan since day one. I used to play (secretly) with a doll and act like it was britney, and I would create scenarios where she finds love, and believe it or not, in my scenario Justin was her love. And I remember the shock I had when, sometime later, I saw her picture with him at the 2000 VMAs. And I was like " OMG my scenario came true, see ? I'm magic". I think she's my soulmate. God bless her.
  3. If something happens to her. Like ... Death. I would personally have a whole different view on humans and life in general. We all know the money her estate will generate. her popularity will become phenomenal, you know how we suddenly LOVE dead people. I'll be always grateful for Sam for being with her during this time.
  4. someone's trying to finish up the contract as soon as possible !! Lana Can you hear us ?? Can we have an upbeat for the summer ?
  5. That pause he makes when asked if she wants to be free speaks volumes, to me it gives him credibility. he could have "lied" as good as he did with the other questions (according to you guys) but he didn't. And it makes sense that she doesn't want to be free, she just wants her father to be OUT ! And I don't think he's lying about talking to her. Do you have an idea how going on international tv and lie about talking to a global superstar will hurt his personal and professional life if exposed?? Don't you think that he may fear being exposed by Britney herself, but risked everything and went for it anyway?
  6. I thought she had troubles coping with fame and the public eye, and that it was the reason why she quite LM. seeing her now gearing up for a solo career this soon is just ...... not right.
  7. Ugh that walk at the 1min mark !!!! Gives me Onyx Hotel vibes
  8. None for me. Always prefer the original. Edit : Remembered one !
  9. AND embarrassing for Britney too ! Imagine the GP looking for britney after the Documentary and finding THIS (2021) "You like to play with you dogs ... " and thinking it's actual lyrics !!!!!!!!!!!!! She doesn't deserve to be done THIS dirty.
  10. I hope it's not a shady way to get views on your channel. If it's the case, I would be very dissapointed in you as a person.
  11. I have a question guys, maybe it's a stupid one for some of you, but I need a clear answer. Why doesn't Britney adress the matter herself (Publicly) ? Afraid of her father ? Afraid her kids will be taken away (they're not babies anymore and that's a court decision) ? Why not instead of talking about ... The superbowl, talk about the documentary ? the whole world is speaking about it EXCEPT the subject of the matter ... WHY ??? Why do I feel that we're missing something ? I really need an answer, I'm not being shady or stupid. I have a feeling that my answer is hidden here : (the live intro to Work *****) « La vitesse de la lumière qui dévoile le son résonne à l’oreille. Où est-ce ? De qui devons-nous avoir peur ? Les désespérés divulguent leurs secrets. Les vertueux tirent leurs épées. Miroirs brisés reçus parmi les seigneurs. Il y a plus que ce que l'on voit, que ce qui est vu. Le miracle sanglant sera rétabli par l’aveugle. » Eng Version : "The speed of light, which reveals sound, resonates in one's ear. Where are we? Who must we be afraid of? The desperate ones unveil their secrets. The virtuous draw their swords. Shattered mirrors received among the lords. There's more than what we see, than what is seen. The bloody miracle will be restored by the blind."
  12. I don't see myself in her recent songs. She's getting too specific in her lyrics lately. A very important factor that makes people stan your music is when they see themselves in your lyrics, something that I personaly don't find anymore with her. Singing about her personal memories being a child with her sister and friends is something that doesn't touch me at all. Plus, always singing about America and american lifestyle ..... Non-american fans say Hello ! So now, singing about wearing a white dress ... I prefer wearing Blue Jeans ;)
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