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  1. FINALLY he says something nice about her! Im glad that he spoke in defense for Britney. Prove he's clearly matured and moved on from the past.
  2. I hope it ends very soon cause she finally was able to speak the truth of whats been going down and honestly it saddens me that she said she cries everyday cause of this conservatorship. What monsters her dad and team are SMH
  3. I love this video! It was very cute and funny. I think it was a great opportunity to show her comedic skills and to let loose and have fun.
  4. Omg that girl looks just like her! And LOL please! Like JL has a butt like that
  5. Aww this is so beautiful! Its nice to see other fandoms unite in order to help Britney even if they dont like her.
  6. True, I think it would be cool if u can make remixed versions of her songs but with different genres. Like a rock version of BOMT or an r&b version of one of her ballads. I loved the 80s remix of Sometimes
  7. She has new music??? Wow I didnt even know she still had a career I thought she was a long lost one hit wonder..........
  8. Lol its cute but in kind of a trashy way. It works for that era I guess but its definitely not her best early 00s look
  9. Lol true. But then again my sis must be a secret fan cause how would she know about her videos if she "doesnt" follow her?
  10. I agree. My younger sis thinks that her dancing videos where she spins around are "crazy" and "unstable" I mean I get that Britney is not all there like she used to be but just cause she does a dance vid doesnt mean she's on the verge of a breakdown SMH
  11. One of the best tours! Its sad how overlooked it is but at least it was taped unlike the BOMT tour. Its also stupid that she chose 'The Beat Goes On' for the setlist yet didnt perform 'Cant Make You Love Me' or 'Where Are You Now' (can u imagine if she sang that high note live?) Those songs are SUPERIOR to that one
  12. Yes I do. I got it from the trauma I had from my ex who emotionally, physically and mentally abused me. He was living a double life of being my fiance and an extreme drug addict behind my back. When I broke up with him, he physically assaulted me to the point where I thought I was gonna die. And the sad thing is that he was my first love, fiance and experience. I was only 21 yet now 7 years later, it STILL plays in my head like it happened yesterday!
  13. Aw thats so sweet! I love that Paris said that. She always has the nicest things to say about her. Probably Britney's only true celeb friend
  14. Wow I didnt even know they released a new album but then again I dont really follow Maroon 5. Well I guess they had a nice run. Being around for almost 2 decades is impressive. Flopping is just inevitable to every singer/group, no one stays on top forever
  15. Interesting question and hmm let me see...... I have 2 dressers with 2 of the compartments full of shirts and the other 2 for dresses/skirts/pants/underwear. So maybe like 50+ plus.
  16. LOL really?? Another catsuit? Now im convinced she has a big a.s.s closet full of catsuits. I wouldnt be suprised if they were originally for POM. I will say though its one of the better looking quality ones that ive seen so far from her
  17. Honestly no, I dont think the new generation is listening to her. They know of her though. Like for example: my 16 and 15 yr old cousins know who she is and BOMT but they dont listen to her. And Idk if my sis counts on this since shes 22 but she even knows about Glory (her fave song was Slumber Party) I blame Britney's team, label and conservatorship cause they are ruining her legacy and making her a thing of a past instead of still being relevant. I still think she can make hits but its the people around her that dont seem to think so.
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