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  1. Lol no. Im just saying its been over 21 years since that meet and greet with Britney. Things can happen
  2. Lol he does. I wonder if he's still alive and if so, if he remembers meeting Britney
  3. LOL its funny how he mentions this when this is like a meme on the internet. However biologically, Sam would've been around 6 yrs old in 2000 since he is 27 now.
  4. What is with him and trying to be political? Its kind of a risky move for him to talk and promote anti-racism when there is literally a video on the internet where he is singing his old song, One Less Lonely Girl but instead of girl, he says the n word. I miss when he was normal and not trying to be politically correct
  5. Omg I totally forgot about the line! I remember being very excited when she announced it but kinda disappointed at the actual line. I felt like it was very bland and kinda boring. I also feel like they should've had a variety of different sizes like plus size. I think it would've been a bigger success if it did.
  6. Aww this is so sweet! It just shows how much she's missed out on their lives cause of the damn conservatorship. Its so sad yet nice how time goes by
  7. Idk they didnt live together, I thought they already did....... Anyways hopefully all goes well with them
  8. Idk about you but I was thought based on the title that u meant her album, Britney. lol my bad. Anyways congrats Britney! You deserve it! Here's to hoping for more streams and more success
  9. I sure hope so. The one thing she said that was insulting was that she cant sing well and when I asked her what song she likes of hers, she says she dont like ANY of her songs. So idk. I feel like my sis is bipolar sometimes especially when it comes to Britney lol
  10. I know im VERY late to this but: LOL really? THAT LITTLE VIEWS?? This shows how bad the VMAs and music in general has become. Its sad though cause the VMAs used to be a big exciting thing to look forward to and now it isnt. And maybe its a sign that im getting old but I BARELY know a few of the "stars" that went there.
  11. Only my mom and sis know about it. They probably still think of her as 2007 bald britney tbh. However when I told them about her testimony in court in June, they seemed to have more empathy for her. My sis even said "Yeah go free Britney!" I think she secretly likes her but doesnt want to admit it. My mom however always thought she was a h0e though and a bad role model
  12. Aw she looks so pretty! Im happy that she's happy and celebrating her engagement. Good for her! She deserves that.
  13. Lol I wish! But based on my overly religious family, she wouldnt have been allowed in
  14. Tbh Idk if she would've been famous with a different name. However her name just rolls off the tongue easily and 'Spears' has a certain ring to it that screams superstar
  15. cause this was when she was in her prime and looked perfect. Primeney was a GODDESS
  16. As much as I love Genie, its a good thing that Britney didnt record the song cause its more sxual and kinda went against the innocent schoolgirl "virgin" image she had in her debut. It would've contradict that.
  17. Well this shows im completely out of the loop. What did she say about Britney and Sam?
  18. Wow for once I actually agree on a list of Britney rankings And wow im impressed and happy that they added 'Born To Make You Happy' on the list. It IS one of her best songs! Also I wish Where Are You Now and Cinderella were on the list, those gems are so damn underrated
  19. Born To Make You Happy cause its such a good song! She also really was "born to make us happy"
  20. You're KIDDING ME, right?? Is this for real?! Are they SERIOUSLY REMAKING IT?! Dont get me wrong, I like Cardi but NO DONT FK WITH A CLASSIC!!! WTF IS WRONG WITH HOLLYWOOD?! HAVE THEY OFFICIALLY RAN OUT OF IDEAS!!
  21. OMG I hope it comes back! That would really be messed up if Team Con or her dad deleted it out of punishment for getting engaged. I hope thats not the case and its just a virus/bug
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