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Do you have a Britney song that you used to love but don't like anymore?

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3 hours ago, Tear the floor up up said:

Does anyone else find the beats for gimme more and slave could be a bit faster?

It’s something that’s progressively bothered me more over the years despite them being among my absolute favourites

Both tracks are more inclined to the R&B style, that's why their instrumentals are kinda slow. 

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My strategy to avoid starved stan syndrome is to focus on only one slice of her discography at a time. I’ll only listen to one album or one vibe at a time and then rotate every few weeks.     It’s good to have an array of carefully chosen playlists that don’t overlap too much. I also set hard boundaries to not over-listen to anything that I love. For example I can only listen to Gimme More once a month but it’s a treat everytime. 

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TTWE was a pleasure when it came out but nowadays I never listen to that, I even skip it on shuffle. The opposite with Toxic, for years it was just another Britney song, but recently I’ve been starting to put it on casually. I’ve always understood why it was and is such a classic pop diamond, naturally 

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A lot of sacrilege going on in this thread.

Britney's overrated is still lights years better than most artist's best.

I'm very cut and dry with what I like and what I don't.

I can usually tell right off the bat what I'm gonna love, same applies for people too.

The only song of Britney's I ever changed my opinion on was Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know. I was absolutely annoyed when it came out as a single and still think that Can't Make You Love Me or What U See (Is What U Get) should have been a single instead. However, after seeing her perform it on the Femme Fatale tour I grew a newfound appreciation for it.

There's also times where there are artist's I can't stand, but I like a lot of their music. I can separate the two.

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8 hours ago, JessicaS89 said:

Inside Out, I used to like that song now I just skip it. That song just bores me.

I have never understood why the fan base latched onto that song. I kinda blame Jordan for posting that thirst trap video of himself dancing to it, just to try to rally up support.

I have NEVER liked it, there is literally nothing special about it and it's dated AF now.

I was mad that Drop Dead (Beautiful) lost to Criminal, but thank God Inside Out didn't win either.

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12 hours ago, Turogue said:

Probably Sometimes. I was genuinely digging this song for a good while but now the song just makes me cringe Cringe Reaction GIF

I mean how could they write and approve these lyrics "sometimes I run, sometimes I hide,

sometimes I'm scared of you,

but all I really want is to hold you tight, treat you right...."

Seriously the lyrics either describe someone with severe mental damage or an abusive relationship.Confused Jimmy Fallon GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

😂😂. I think she’s supposed to run and hide and be scared of the commitment in the relationship :ponderney_britney_thinking_sunglasses_hmm_wondering_deciding_orange_blue:.

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On 5/6/2021 at 8:34 AM, Midnight said:

Has this ever happened to you? Where you love one of Britney's songs so much but then after a while just got tired of it.


I'll share mine, I used to love love love "Toxic" but one day I woke up and suddenly I just didn't feel it anymore, it was  really strange actually :billie_eilish_green_chuckle_cackle_lol_lmao_haha_hehe_laugh: I kept repeating the song over and over again but the magic was gone and since then I don't care for "Toxic" :britdrown_britney_tears_crying_drown_ink_black:


Okay share.




Definitely “Toxic”. I’m tired of it. Like, World, Britney has a lot of amazing songs and not because it won a Grammy is the best thing she did.

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The main feature of Britney's songs is that they are filled with her charisma and personality. If all these songs were performed by other singers, then there is a very high probability that I would not even remember them. And Britney doesn't have bad songs. Well, except for those where there is practically no voice of Britney, I think you understand me :wink_britney_everytime_white:

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Has to be Toxic and Work *****


BOMT is a classic though. 

At work, I have introduced a new routine of playing BOMT whilst mopping the kitchen. So now that's our mopping song. 

Every. Single. Night.

And the kids ( FOH staff who are 16-20 age range LOVES IT). But my Sous chef rolls her eyes ( she is in her 50s). 

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3 hours ago, NobodyKnowsPete said:

Definitely “Toxic”. I’m tired of it. Like, World, Britney has a lot of amazing songs and not because it won a Grammy is the best thing she did.

I don't like Toxic because it won a Grammy, though, what does that even mean? I like it because it's one of the catchiest songs ever. There's a reason why the general public has nothing to say against it, it's just unique. I see that it might not be everyone's favourite, but its uniqueness is undeniable. 

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5 hours ago, MortalMarshmallow said:

😂😂. I think she’s supposed to run and hide and be scared of the commitment in the relationship :ponderney_britney_thinking_sunglasses_hmm_wondering_deciding_orange_blue:.

"Sometimes I'm scared of you..." is pretty straightforward, it's about the love interest not just the commitment.

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