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  1. Haha, I can see why it may sound fake! But I've also seen some stories of people who legitimately did meet her back in Kentwood or while she was studying and performing in NYC. None of these people claim to have serious dirt or to have been BFFL with her, so it seems like a dumb thing to lie about. The other poster just told me that this person said they talked to Britney briefly at an arcade one time. Everyone in Kentwood knew she was on the MMC - they even had established a formal Britney Spears Day back then - so it's not implausible that this individual ran into her once, knew who she was, and remembered it forever. I can see it happening! I'd be less inclined to believe them if they claimed to have been secret BFFL.
  2. Ugh, X17. This is exactly what they did to Britney from 2004 - around 2009. It's WRONG.
  3. I approve! I wish my childhood self from the late 90s and early 00s could have seen people from all genres respecting Britney. It felt like she was a running punchline back then and it was so freaking stupid how disrespected she was. Nowadays even Suge Knight defends B (note that it was just a K-Fed look alike here, haha).
  4. She’s a sweet, genuine, beautiful, and talented woman. I know she’s discussed - many times - idolizing Britney since childhood. I’m glad her dream to collaborate came true. Of all the artists B has collaborated with, I think she deserves it the most.
  5. Edgewater for me! Previously Lakeview East. My mother’s family, however, goes back to Beverly. So they’re White Sox fans, of course. Love Hyde Park - people wonder why I travel down to U of C for doctors when Northwestern is closer. Because not only are they the best, but I can WFH and hit up the Oriental Institute of U of C after! Also, Britney definitely used to cite Chicago as her favorite city in the late 90s/very early 00s.
  6. The issue I have is that plenty of non-famous people have pulled stunts far worse than Amanda - yes, even the attempted fire - and not ended up under conservatorships. People whose families failed to get conservatorships over relatives with serious disorders such as schizophrenia, even after they wouldn’t take their meds and put themselves and others in serious danger. Amanda voiced some very serious concerns regarding being forced to go out-of-network for psych care, spending $60,000 at a time. There’s something wrong here. I live in the city of Chicago (the actual city, not the suburbs) where I see people on a daily basis do worse in public. Given my city’s reputation for craziness, I don’t think I need to elaborate further, ha. Just like jail didn’t help my alcoholic uncle (who almost had a class X felony after so many DUIs) turn his life around the way a rehab center did, I don’t think these types of powerful conservatorships that totally “unperson” individuals are helping people like Amanda. It seems like they infantalize people and make them worse and more dependent - the same way mulitple stints in jail made my uncle worse until he worked with people who took him out of the negative environment and knew how to help him actually change. I want to hear about other options like supported decision making.
  7. If you don’t already follow her, her account shows up as totally gone. No preview. Nothing. https://www.instagram.com/britneyspears/
  8. I understand that we want more to be done - and I know this is comment is coming from a sincere place. But we have to remember that neither Miley nor any other third party can control the conservatorship. Even speaking out like this is a huge deal. It’s a win! We just need Rosengart, the judicial system, Britney’s circle, etc. to keep playing on our side. And Rosengart has made it clear that he ain’t missing around!
  9. So? I have bought myself two pieces of jewelry from Cartier after a promotion and after a life event. It doesn’t mean it’s an engagement!
  10. Girl almost always had either a whale tale showing (remember that trend back in the early 2000s?) or no underwear at all. Nothing new!
  11. I don't think it's an excuse - I do think that style of singing is very damaging. That said, I 100000% agree with you that it is frustrating as all hell! One other thing: I noticed years ago in a few Insta videos that Britney has a bit of a smoker's laugh and voice. Actually, her June 23rd testimony totally sounds like a smoker's voice, especially when compared to her old speaking voice. And we've all seen pictures of her with cigarettes at the studio. I can't imagine her vocal chords are in fantastic shape. I sang karaoke for less than a half hour this past weekend and my vocal chords were in PAIN! I can't imagine singing via an unhealthy technique and in an unnatural pitch, smoking cigarettes, and dancing. No way. https://www.idolator.com/7533856/britney-spears-studio-new-music-cigarettes-marlboros-photo?safari=1
  12. People are really going to act like this album has no beautiful or ******* fire songs? We must not be listening to the same thing.
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