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  1. Obviously I outgrew the abomination that is Marilyn Manson . However recently I started listening to old stuff I liked as a child/young teenager for whatever reason, likely some emotional/spiritual journey of healing by reflecting and reliving parts of a messed up past through music. So I listen to like twenty year old songs of Linkin Park, Rammstein and AFI currently. I’m old man...
  2. Next thing you know both girls partake together in a makeup transformation video on Gottmiks YT channel . At least by Halloween 🎃.
  3. They can not be compared creatively, musically, aesthetically because Katy’s videos are usually very thematic imo. But they are both it girls. But still it is like comparing Gaga to Madonna or Rihanna to Britney. And all they have in common is music and popularity .
  4. Petty complaints over a celebrity's miscalculations? Complaints which serve absolutely no purpose in regards to the horror we just observe from a safe distance . People are so "clever" and so self-absorbed in the truths of their own comments, but it does not matter what their philosophy is or how their sentences are structured. Cuz all people do is argue over stupid words instead of acting on eradicating these blood spilling atrocities . Nobody questions politicians, the political acts that are made and the political acts that are not made, when we have celebrities to bash .
  5. Can you please post recipes of your favorite homemade meals including a lot of dinner recipes? And please dont post recipes with ingredients that are not in the regular supermarkets, so i have a chance of making the meals .
  6. True. Just look at America. Correct me if you find me to be wrong but it is my perception/reflection that with all the drone bombs that United States drops in the Middle East where loads of civilians are killed instead of "targets" because of these bombs, these bombings by U.S. should actually be considered straight out terrorism. Because of the massacre of innocent people, masses. But because it is the west that bombs the east, the west wont call it terrorism. Cuz it is politically instructed and decided. Hence, i guess, that is the reason for this: There is no universal agreement on the legal definition of terrorism. Mind boggling. I would like to know if you agree or see it differently?
  7. Sweet words. The message behind these words could have come from any empathetic, media trained politician . Meanwhile children are bombed to death, parents are lost, blood is spilled. Civilians pay the price every day because of politics, power games and national borders. With their lives. For decades now. And all we do is arguing over/complaining about Palestine being referred to as neighbours by some celebrity living wealthy and healthy in America I bet. Sounds about right, right ?
  8. True. Britney rocked it better. Sorry forgot about the stereotypical scene kid style Avril did as well. Avril’s timeline of styles is like this; One of the (“skater”) boys - emo/goth wannabe - scene kid - nonexistent. That is what I remember 😅.
  9. How do you even dress up as Avril Lavigne? Does she have a trademark outfit? I suppose dressing up as Avril does not equal stereotypical mid 00's emo.
  10. Sorry but that is a deplorable gesture. And spare me with the social distance reason cuz the masses got together to pick up the flowers 💐 hence social distance was not maintained. She basically threw treats to dogs 🐕 . Or bread to ducks 🦆 . The thumbnail made me think that she threw flowers while standing on a balcony and the fans started beating 💥 each other up when trying to get a flower for themselves and that was why Gaga cried 🤪.
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