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  1. For me, the moment with the photos of the "paparazzi" from Hawaii is still not clear. When it is obvious that Britney behaves absolutely at ease and does not know that she is being photographed. But Sam is posing for the"paparazzi". This is very funny. He is so Narcissistic.
  2. At this rate, Casey will soon post a photo of a dead raccoon. Each time, photos and videos are getting more and more unpleasant. Creepy acceleration with dancing, creepy filters, strange signatures, now this ...
  3. All this is reminiscent of the situation with the family of Michael Jackson. But at least his family really worked and performed on stage, and Britney just has a family of leeches.
  4. Our support and help is important for Britney. Only we are ordinary people, and the giants in the world of public opinion are certainly able to attract more attention to the problem of Britney and even change something for the better. Therefore, it would really be great if Britney enlisted the support and help of the most influential people.
  5. I am sure that there is not a single person here, but a whole team
  6. Now the main thing is to free Britney and save her from all the greedy people. I don't understand at all why we should sing the praises of some man we don't know. Britney's freedom is the most important thing!
  7. He has a tweet where he proudly announces whose son he is. In general, he was not hiding from anyone.
  8. The public needs to do something, otherwise this nonsense with the courts will never end. Give Britney her life and her freedom, no to slavery!
  9. She points to the peak of her fame: a couple of magazines and a mug. Haha.
  10. Britney should become a free person and choose her own loved one and friends.
  11. It is obvious that he is on the team of those who benefit from Britney's eternal slavery. Perhaps.
  12. Just look at her profile on Instagram. She either sits in the homes of her beloved younger daughter and son, or enjoys the company of her friends. Her whole life is filled with happiness and fun. Pay attention to the cap
  13. Their whole family resembles a fairy tale about Cinderella. Britney works for them as a slave, and they completely dispose of her life and money. In Cinderella, only Cinderella herself was pitied, and her evil sisters should get what they deserved. I believe that fairy tales always end with a happy ending.
  14. It seems to me that when Britney was chased by hundreds of paparazzi 24 hours a day, it was also specially planned to drive Britney crazy and start this whole production with the deprivation of all her rights
  15. Duck killer and cat killer. This couple clearly will not starve to death when they are deprived of Britney's money.
  16. Now the main thing for Britney is to get out of her trap and never fall into it again. Maybe it's even better to become a lesbian and live happily with the woman you love, have children and enjoy life.
  17. Look at how she grabbed Britney's hand, as if she handcuffed her hand to herself. https://images.app.goo.gl/drQH82YsjzxW6dQ8A
  18. Is it really safe for her child? How good is she as a mother? How good is she as a sister?
  19. He's obsessed with Britney, it's a mental illness, he's like a maniac.
  20. Britney performed well, given the circumstances of life in slavery. I once appeared in court and was in such a terrible state that I burst into tears, I was shaking all over from stress and resentment. But Britney was able to tell everything she wanted, she coped and was not afraid. That's why Britney was on top!
  21. The situation with Britney shows how hypocritical and ruthless show business is. They all pray for money and spit on the real problems of people.
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