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  1. Khia always kills me! I wish more people gave her music a chance, bytch has some bops. Plus no one does a diss track like her lol
  2. You can really tell who the young ones are in this thread by who they bring up. As far as the fandom goes, I'd say Britney has a lot of legitimate ride or dies, versus many celebs who just have bandwagon fans.
  3. I really feel like it's her personality, she had the diva personality during her first album. Despite years of PR to hide it in the public's eye, I bet things are way different behind closed doors.
  4. Just goes to show that cheating truly has nothing to do with looks.
  5. Hunny you don't need to be single to know that you're gay... Also one does not need to be in a relationship period. With all the stigmas associated with being gay, and him even being raised to hate that, I really don't get how you'd even have the gall to say it's opportunistic...
  6. She appeals to basic white women and white gays, all because she plays up this victim mentality. Nothing is ever her fault, there's someone to blame for everything, and again zero accountability. It's fine to make all these songs about trashing the guys she's been with, and even re-recording them. But God forbid anyone says one little thing about her. It's always been so funny to me that she's revered as a great songwriter, when all of her lyrics sound like a 12 year old girl... I'll forever hate Kanye West for getting on the stage and catapulting her fame. She's always been trash.
  7. She's better than Dababy Why do people go after the female rappers instead of calling out the far more mediocre/bad male ones? But honestly todays rap is a joke anyway. There's so many with recording contracts that have a horrendous flow. It's a genre that really needs a reset...
  8. I don't know why she bothered to record a duet with Xtina if they weren't going to give us a proper video. It's like how we were robbed of a Britney & Rihanna video...
  9. He and Bruno Mars both wish they had an ounce of that level of talent and stardom.
  10. If it's anything like that trash album, Liberation, she can keep it. I literally forgot about it's existence until I looked up when her last album was...
  11. It's a shame this era wasn't bigger, Venus Donatella Artpop Mary Jane Holland ...all deserved to be singles with videos.
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