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  1. I’ll gotta admit that the City Girls are flip flopers. They just want clout and they lack talent, charisma and etc. They still ride the last breath of Act Up.
  2. I think Nicki’s the biggest inspiration for them ‘cause she’s had the biggest impact so of course you’re inspired by the most prominent. Aside from this, the Young Money crew really opened doors for a new generation of hip hopers and that’s pretty dope! I’m happy for Nicki ‘cause she’s talented and deserves this, but the industry paid dust to Lil Kim! They erased her and girl has an iconic catalog.
  3. Itty Bitty Piggy, Chiraq, Beam Me Up Scotty, Best I Ever Head, Still I Rise, Can Anybody Hear Me so faaaaaar. I’m so into this mixtape! I might consider changing my username to Beam You Up Style for slick biches that talk ****
  4. @Midnightluv, listen to Fractions and Seeing Green and Crocodile Teeth. You will love them!
  5. Yeah! It’s classic mixtape Nicki + three new songs. Fractions, Crocodile Teeth & Seeing Green. I love all three. What I love about Nicki is that she’s managing to sound fresh after all this years. Literally, she’s the best! 💕 ITTY BITTY PIGGY IS SO CLASSIC NICKI I CANNNNNNNNOT! Allegedly there’s a video in the works for it! CHIRAQ HITS HARD TOO! 🤍
  6. Nicki’s version of Jump Off is iconic and hood Nicki, but Lil Kim didn’t clear the masters and didn’t let Nicki use it. I’m 100% sure! But she’s just bitter ‘cause no new female rapper is asking her for a feature!
  7. Nicki dissed Megan’s whole brand on Seeing Green: “These *****es thirsty, I can see why they alcoholics” “She said she hot, I said, "Well, *****, come and convince me"
  8. It’s not about the race, it’s about the marathon. She’s already fading! Once payola is over she will go back stripping ‘cause sis has no legendary catalog.
  9. Jigga what? Jigga who? She SONNED the whole female rap and Fractions ****s on their best discography!
  10. Mine, too. The production is heavy and her flow man! The lyrics “they be facking for raps, that’s a disgrace”
  11. The production on these tracks is so gooooooooood. I’m impressed and her delivery and flow so fresh! 🤍 @CrazyButItFeelsAllright
  12. It’s always the haters that will say Nicki is flopping when she’s #1 and #2 on iTunes, top #9 on Apple and 1 milli TWEETS for #NickiDay. Fractions debut at #22 on Apple - biggest debut for a solo female rapper! All this and the world barely woke up! Aside of the numbers, ‘cause Nicki don’t have to prove it no more, she’s serving real bars and dissed the whole female rap with two lines: “It's corporate giants and machines that went against me“ “These *****es' time tick-tockin', better stick to dancin'” IT SUCKS TO BE YOU @Gayseus911WATCH THE QUEEN ALPHA-ING WITH A 12yo MIXTAPE! Y’ALL WANT HER SO BADLY GO FALL LIKE LIL KIM DID BUT SHE A MOGUL, SHE INVENTED A NEW STYLE!
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