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  1. Oops! is the one I always get and go back to, even tho there are even months I don’t listen to that. Or at least weeks
  2. Rihanna (again) I think their voices could sound amazing together Bebe Rexha, they could have a hazy/dark song together with a dance quality to it
  3. TTWE was a pleasure when it came out but nowadays I never listen to that, I even skip it on shuffle. The opposite with Toxic, for years it was just another Britney song, but recently I’ve been starting to put it on casually. I’ve always understood why it was and is such a classic pop diamond, naturally
  4. Well. I really don’t want to say this because I don’t want by any means show my support to those people who seem to think Sam is a paid gay actor etc... BUT of course when they met each other, Sam was interested in Britney because she was Britney, and I think Britney noticed his good looks and these things drew them towards each other. This is just normal. STILL after all these years they are still together and seem to have fun together and care about each other. They have got to know each other better, pretty deep I would say, and their relationship seems to be full of joy and love.
  5. This is what I want to see and what Britney sure as hell wants to do: going out, dressing up like a regular person, enjoying the wedding with her boyfriend. Things we take for granted may be the highlights of her current life. And I don’t mean she has to be out there all the time looking slay as F (as she does in these pictures) but I want her to have the opportunity to do that. I’m sure they had a lot of fun ❤️
  6. Such a thorough work, amazing. It seems to me that 1) Lutfi told Lynne the information of planted drugs (if there even were any) to gain her trust 2) Behind Lynne’s back, she was actually drugging Britney to make her fall of the wagon 3) This was Kevin’s plan to get the kids away from her 4) Jamie seized the opportunity when Britney was losing it and that’s when she was put under CON The question remains, if Kevin and Jamie worked together or not. I believe maybe not, and Jamie’s intentions were OK to begin with, but then he realized how he could earn money and ”take care of her”
  7. Her voice sounds quite thin and over the top ”baby voiced” here, I don’t think she was in the best place here, meaning there was a rush and she had not been preparing etc. The final product is very good, with all the background vocals and effects that fit the vibe of the song perfectly.
  8. None of this makes any sense Why would they have pre-rec vocals if they are not going to use them? And why wouldn’t they use them, it would sound more real and even live (without those weird vocoder effects. Some of those lines sounded like teenage me playing with audio files on Audacity ) This is just a wild guess BUT could it be that her team wants her to believe she sings live/over pre-recorded vocals and that is what she hears in her in-ears when she’s performing (this and POM) but at the same time they play the old studio versions on top of all that/via speakers. But why? Confusion
  9. I just wanted to be clarified about this: Jamie Spears used to be the only conservator of Britney, both her estate and person. Are we really today in a situation where Jodi is the conservator of her as a person and Jamie holds equal shares of cons. her estate with Bessemer Trust? So he only has 1/4 of the ”power”? I wanted to start a topic to really discuss what that’s supposed to mean and what that really means as of now. Jamie has to discuss all money-related matters with Bessemer and can’t just randomly move money and financially support himself and other people? And since Jodi is the conservator of Britney the person, she is solely responsible for her well-being and how her rights, actions and life are? I’m just wondering whether the situation plays out as it should be, since it’s hard to see a difference when we only see Britney’s IG posts and hear tiny bits about her well-being only from other people like her bf Sam. I AM VERY HAPPY more and more power is being held away from Jamie, I just would like to know are these proportions correct and is a 75% win really something Britney sees in her everyday life. Hoping some more informed Exhalers would guide me
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