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  1. Jamie Spears can have a history riddled with alcoholism; relapses; bankruptcy; driving drunk and DUIs; violent behavior leading to restraining orders from his grandchildren; abuse allegations from his wife, daughter, and grandchildren; allegations from a Daily Mailer reporter of Jamie Spears pulling a knife on him and essentially hold him hostage; etc. Yet nobody cares to put a broke man under a conservatorship. If Britney were neither rich nor a female, this wouldn't have happened to her. But the tides have turned because Jamie has made bank off Britney, including a cut of POM. Will he be conserved and taken advantage of for his money one day? I know someone whose grandfather suffered such a fate and countless stories are coming to light on similar experiences. I can't help but wonder if this thought has ever crossed Jamie's mind...
  2. I hope it's legitimate! I won't hold my breath, however, given that it's Twitter.
  3. I was 17 and a senior in high school. The OK! Magazine cover was leaked on Oh No They Didn’t and we had no idea if it was real or not. Paparazzi asked britney for a comment and even she didn’t know about it! As more quotes leaked from the article within a matters of hours, we began to realize it was legitimate. It was indeed a scandal. I don’t judge JL for getting pregnant young (not my MO to shame any woman for that), but I just felt shocked by Britney not being aware plus Lynne’s attempt at damage control.
  4. This is one of the instances where I feel like the conversation takes an unnecessary turn - JL's lip size means nothing to me. Her lips don't affect the type of person she is and I don't think it's fair to poke fun at this. I'd rather focus on her Instagram video where she addresses the movement or Britney saying her family stayed in the Destin, Florida condo while B was locked away against her will.
  5. It really is interesting! And it makes sense given that people have traveled between those regions for centuries. I know Lynne said she felt connected to her Maltese roots as well as her British mother. Once she's out of the conservatorship, I hope Britney can explore Malta (it sounds beautiful there) and spend more time in Britain in the future - and get out of the U.S. for a bit (or for good if she wants to do that)!
  6. Bullying JL isn’t okay. I will never message her account and write terrible things to her. I also don’t appreciate her and it doesn’t look like Britney does right now either. If Britney wants to sue her, I hope she does.
  7. I’m responding given that I did both 23andMe as well as AncestryDNA, and it was interesting learning more about ancestry within a family: Ancestral genetics are difficult to predict because we don't inherit 100% of our biological parents' genes. We inherit 50% of each parent's genes and the specific genes passed onto us are completely random. That's why one sibling can show as 3% Native American on a DNA test and another can show as 0% Native American. On average, we only share about 50% of our DNA with our full siblings. Shared DNA between half siblings is about 25% on average. Given that her ancestry appears to have lots of English, I'm willing to bet Britney would show as heavily Northwestern European, with a small amount of Southern European from her Maltese side. Maltese people often have smaller amounts of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and/or African DNA - 23andMe and AncestryDNA forums have shown this a lot! Apparently, many have websites have traced her genealogy. Of course, your paper trail / documented family tree can't gauge your actual genetics, but there's often decent alignment. I can't say whether Britney is truly 1/16 Maltese because I'm not sure how much of that DNA she or her mother actually inherited down the line (it could be more or it could be less), but that's what her paper trail would indicate. A quick Google search brought me to sites like this: https://ethnicelebs.com/britney-spears There’s also the reality of these tests not being perfect and country borders being irrelevant because they have shifted over time.
  8. JL is apparently married to a wealthy man. Even if JL has a job, Britney’s conservatorship is way more lucrative. Her minor role in a smaller Netflix show probably isn’t funding JL’s lifestyle that much. I doubt the salary is that significant. This is far from JL’s married family‘s only income. Her family can find other means of income. JL potentially using the conservatorship to her advantage financially (which Britney did indicate the entire family is) is not something we can control in any way. They could decide tomorrow they want a house two times more expensive and look into other means at any time. I don’t believe in bullying JL either. I don’t give a damn about Steel Magnolias and her being on the show. I’m not even signing the petition to get her off. At the same time, I also don’t agree with some of the points made in this thread, with all due respect. I won’t be participating in this, but I also won’t feel like I’m in any way responsible - ever - for users using Britney.
  9. Ugh, I hate being an emotional fan and rarely get this way, but thinking about the cute cats in sunglasses posts, goofy memes, hopeful captions, etc. all make me tear up. I have no idea how this woman keeps going. She’s so incredibly strong. She deserves her freedom.
  10. He loves to say his story has always been consistent, but your post perfectly illustrates why that isn't true.
  11. I remember watching this on Exhale 10 years ago. (My old posts from 2011 were deleted at my own request back in the day, sigh.) Some people said it was because she was “nearly 30” and an adult. At 21, I wasn’t anywhere near 30 but was offended - how could anyone think this was natural behavior? How could anyone think you suddenly lose your entire personality and look like you’re being held hostage because you’re in the third decade of your life? Jamie, Andrew Wallet, Reva, et all: We know what was up and we’ll never forget what you did to this poor woman.
  12. I’ll never forgive Diane Sawyer for making her feel bad about this. Honestly, as a woman, I feel empowered by Britney’s self-expression during this time: we should feel free to show, or NOT show if we don’t want to, our bodies. We should be able to make that decision and not be shamed over it, whether we choose to show skin or not.
  13. I just watched it again today! She looked so hot in the house scenes.
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