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  1. Cultural appropriation is one of the stupidest phenomena ever created by man .
  2. Exciting . And understandable; she dont wanna smoke on these cigarettes no more .
  3. Woke king . Next collection should be the same type of clothing, but the text should read 'Cultural Appropriation is Ignorant'. You're welcome .
  4. Who are you to speak about being pathetic? You're probably hallucinating as always, girl . Where am I wrong though? She is a friendly, motherly, loving person, sure, but she is not all that you guys make her out to be. Stop making her a goddess, she is human, with flaws, like the rest of humanity. It was not a quote, it was a reference. No decent person would throw a literal child under the bus, saying such a humiliating thing to the entire world, whether one is trained for media or not. It is integrated in the basics of being a decent human, to not reveal stuff like that. You dont need media training to be decent and respect your literal client's most "private privacy". Felicia was lacking situational awaraness, humility and her social brain cells were dysfunctioning. It was a power move, throwing out a story she thought funny, without thinking about how Britney would feel/look. Without the emotional relationship she undoubtedly had with Britney, she would have been fired for sure for that. Btw it is not blame it is an example of how she is not the saint yall bow to. If Sam told people the exact same thing about Britney, tomorrow, fans would trash him endlessly and you know it . Girl... if we all say silly stuff and you think i should grow the f up, hence thinking i am saying silly stuff, you forgive me by your own logic. So no need to get all that heated with this comment of yours. You have already forgiven me for my silliness. Thanks doll . During BOMT era. I must have saved the video on a youtube playlist of mine, cuz i was shook by that statement, girl, i did not expect that. Should i look for it ? Disagree with this. Cuz to know what a conservatorship is all you need is Google and a few brain cells. So not a valid reason for washing blood off her hands. Does she think we still live in the early 90's or something? Can't fool me. And i knew what a conservatorship was the minute Britney was put in one. Cuz i know how to use search engines, can read, and comprehend. Well i live in Europe, and am nothing but a mere peasant. I am not connected to anything Britney related irl, and you Poké cant use that generalizing guilt logic. Using Felicia for that is like using anybody close to Britney and saying they have the same power as a nine year old fan boy in Nigeria. Which is so untrue .
  5. Honestly I don’t see how his comment equals him not being happy about the doc? That’s a bit far fetched I think .
  6. Yall put Felicia on a pedestal like she is some beloved grandma archetype/saviour. Remember she did not stand up for Britney when she needed it the most; for the past 10+ years. And she told press that Britney likes to bite the toenails off her mother, in like a 1998 interview or something. She is far from a saint. She is a (s)ain’t, so thinking of her as goodness itself is so delusional.
  7. Avril sold out a long time ago so who cares . Billie has taken her spot and now she is selling out too but she will be relevant for ten more years I think cuz Finneas is apparently the mastermind behind her stardom and sibling bonds are usually unbreakable.
  8. Who cares about her ego inducing demands? She has called her old "green"/"punkish" brand stupid and not really her true self , now that she has gone over to a "Holiday Barbie style" (her style transition screams Gaga 2.0). Calling the style stupid that made you hyper famous and made so many fans love you, relate to you and loyal to you, is insensitive af. Hence i dislike her persona .
  9. Love For Sale? And with the album cover or whatever it is 😂… Love For Sale…; why not just put it plainly; Prostitution. Excited to hear the new Prostitution album 💿 by a young lady and an old chap. Guys I couldn’t have made this up myself for them in my wildest dreams 😂.
  10. Best thing ever. He is perfect, has done nothing wrong, is unapologetic, pushes stuff and is highly creative . Only thing is I don’t appreciate the drug lyrics in CMBYN but I love the song anyway. He is the most interesting singer by far right now. Second place is The Weeknd but that is a whole other lane .
  11. S** and ***uality are in every modern day music video. Every Britney video. So quit with the discrimination and turn your head if you don’t like freedom of expression. Nobody expresses gay ***uality as much as Nas so he is doing something nobody else is doing and making it his brand. Hence it never gets old cuz nobody has done it as exquisite, multi-layered and “big budget” like him and the underlying message is honourable, needed and i love it 💗. Pure, unapologetic gay aesthetics .
  12. This girl is for real. She's speaking nothing but truth here, from start to finish. Honesty Queen .
  13. Doesn’t work for me at all. How long and thick is your thumb anyway ?
  14. How is she able to lift her finger like that and keep the rest down? It is impossible for me... Guess i am not meant to flaunt engagement/wedding rings like that.
  15. She got her hair did. Her nails did. And a ring. Things changed . Btw I am living for her sort of "Come On Over/Christina Aguilera homage hair" .
  16. So yall been confusing "Bad Apple" with "Apple Pie" . "Ropes" sounds freaky .
  17. I hope not. Not interested in scraps from that high pitched album. Give me Blackout scraps and i'll eat it for years ...
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