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Maxi, Sam Asghari's friend and "Slumber Party" music video make-up artist, appeared on a podcast today talking about the conservatorship / #FreeBritney

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7 minutes ago, Karmickiss said:

I personally still don't trust Maxi and think it's a controlled opposition situation we have here. A la Billy B. Even though they make opposing statements it's still kind of like giving fans an "insider source" on either end of the spectrum of thought or simply to fix Sam A's image without it coming directly from his mouth. He is an aspiring actor after all and he can't afford the that kind of bad publicity. :rihstare_rihanna_well_stare_staring_fingers_looking_around:

I always ask myself who is this insider making look good. Ok Maxi is making Sam A. Lynne, and Jamie Lynn look good. Got it.

Neither one of them is close to Britney herself and both have said questionable things, both have attacked fans with consistency. Maxi more aggressive than Billy. Billy more whiney style. That, to me, is not the attitude of someone who knows the truth. Sam obviously cosigns Maxi's statements because he's always thanking Maxi in IG stories. There have been other people who spoke out and I don't see them arguing back and forth over what's true and what's not calling people d***heads. Maxi's emphasis is always to make Sam A. look good. Also basically saying Sam is the reason Britney is fighting for her rights? Gurl..

Bottom line of my thoughts..

I just can't easily sweep under the rug the fact that this person's only connection to Britney is Sam A. and has said things like "the conservatorship will never go fully, move on".  What does that say about Maxi and her intentions. What she has said was basically no different than speculations fans have made over and over on message boards/social media. I just sense ulterior motives. 

and he doesn't want to talk about Lou M. Taylor.

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9 minutes ago, godneyjspears said:

Please enlighten me. What 100% factual information do you have that Sam is on the payroll and Jamie Spears "accomplice" :umsaywhat_adele_hmm_umm_thinking_confused_unsure:

When you don't see ur significant other for at least 2 weeks, or talk to them over the phone, you get a bit suspicious, no? And then you say it's an act of courage? Dude, seriously? Even if they did lie to him, eventually the truth came out. We all found out she was put there against her will. He couldn't make a public statement and say "damn I messed up, I didn't know"? 

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Do u guys remember when Juno Leno gave an interview some months ago and was asked who would have another kid first: her or Britney; and she answered right away itd be her? Then she said smt like "uh idk, maybe her, could be anyone hehe?" 

It seemed like the first answer she gave was the true like "me, of course, Britney cant/wont have more kids" but she probably realized right away that her answer could lead to more questions, so she tried to play dumb as if she really doesnt know what future holds for both of them but deep down she believes her sister will die under this cship.

A ******* snake. Yeah, I said it. 

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7 hours ago, Bundy said:

He did say many times that if it wasnt for the cship, Britney would be married and with a baby by now. Tbh I believe in that, but it doesnt mean that itd be with Sam, she probably wanted more kids when she was with Jason or Charlie. Even people magazine reported that Jason didnt want more kids and was happy with her kids and this was one of the reasons they broke up. But I take that with a grain of salt bc even If Jason wanted more kids, I bet Jamie wouldnt allow it anyway. 

I was thinking about the fact that Jodi is her personal conservator for a year now. I still believe Sam is shady but what if before Sam really didnt like Jamie and only heard what Jamie wanted bc he didnt have a "choice", but now that Jodi is her personal conservator and Jamie doesnt have so much control about her personal life anymore, he doesnt care about Jamie that much? Ii

Everything Maxi knows comes from Sam, so I suspect the guy is desperate for Britney to have his baby... It's his gold ticket for good.

I think Britney still has that dream of having a big family, husband, more kids, a life out of the spotlight... I always felt like she projects her family issues in this fairytale like delusion.

So yeah, I don't think It has to do with her current partner, she Just wants the family she never had. It is sad because If that's the case, she'll never be satisfied...

Oh, I don't think Sam ever liked him for real, but he knew the one who gave the rules was Jamie... 

I don't think Jodi changed anything to be honest. 

The family doesn't want to deal with Britney, the person. They need someone to stay there with her, keep her busy, a distraction and at same time someone loyal to keep her in line (the line they want lol)... If Asghari didn't do a good job, he'd be out by now.

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7 hours ago, Slayer said:

I truly believe Sam is a good guy and loves Britney and Britney loves him, I believe the haters will look like clowns when she's able to talk and just says good things about him.

Hopefully after this people can give him a break, they don't have to be keen on him or like him necessarily but just calm down with the obsessive constant hate. I'm totally fine with people hating him, but maybe just calm because there are so many worse people out there. Sam gets trashed more than Jamie and Lou :jl_jamie_lynn_awkward_cringe_eek: I see more aggression against him than I do for the real culprits.

Let's just see what happen.

I'm not trying to argue with anyone, so please do not respond with any negative responses, I just needed to let my thoughts out.

Are you Nina Dobrev?

I can't keep up with the profile changes:disbelief_britney_surprised_shocked_wow:

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If this were true, it's not that hard to either force contraceptive pills on her recommended "medications", take her to a IUD procedure, or even tell her it would be highly dangerous to have a baby with the medicines she most probably takes (which is not far fetched. Many psychiatric medicines have negative effects on the fetus. Now, the question is, does she really need all those drugs? ) 

We also have to understand this other factor:  you don't spend 12 years plus being a victim of abuse and exploitation without developing, at least, a bit of Stockholm's Syndrome or high gullibility. Under constant gaslighting, it's hard for the victim to tell lies from truth, enemies from friends. Abuse leaves a profound imprint in the victim's psyche and nervous system. We really don't even know how she is doing, what fears she has, what she believes and which kind of lies they have fed her. Ugh gross. 

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19 hours ago, Bundy said:

I have thought about Britney getting pregnant before. Since 2008 she has talked about having more kids, she would love to have a girl, so it was always clear to me that probably she couldnt get pregnant bc of the cship. I mean, she loves being a mom and barely sees the kids she already has and 12 years have passed and she never had another baby. 

My question is how they stop her from getting pregnant? I know its a sensitive subject but since Maxi already brought it up...

I mean, if she gets pregnant, can Britney be forced to get an abortion? Or maybe they tell her If she gets pregnant, she will have to get one, so this way she has to be careful? 

Jamie has legal power over her medical decisions.

Medical decisions include abortion.

So yes.

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17 hours ago, Bundy said:

I didnt watch the whole thing yet, but till now i didnt see anything we havent assumed by now.

He refused to talk about JL or Lou bc he said he doesnt know them and hed only talk about what he knows. He said Jamie is a pile of **** and he put Britney under a cship bc he feared hed lose the cash cow. He said Sam and Jamie dont get along and he has put Sam thru hell. That Britney is now fighting to change the cship, but not to end. He said shes like a person who was kidnapped for 12 years and was fed smt, so she might feel she needs it somehow. He said they always make her feel she needs it, but he thinks in the future after some changes, she will be free. He said its understandable bc she pretty much is isolated in her mansion all these years. He says shes pretty isolated and sees her kids when she can, but she wishes she could see them more. He said she doesnt have friends. That she records her things and sends to some people so they can post, but shes the one choosing now what she wants to be posted. She has a cellphone that she calls Sam. He insists she has interacted with fans using other accounts. She loves her fans. She'll put out new music in the future once Jamie is gone. He said she doesnt have any type of dementia. He said he had only spoke with Britney a couple of times and that her father wouldnt like him being her friend. He insists Britney have said Sam is the best bf she ever had and Sam pays for everything when they do something. 

These are all things that I already assumed to be true.

It all rings true to me.

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6 hours ago, LikeShatteredGlass said:

I didn't want to like Maxi because this felt like another Billy B situation but Maxi is legit confirming most of the things we suspected about why Britney isn't working, what her relationships are like, how her social media is handled, etc.

The social media thing is super interesting.

She provides the images, and they trim and edit them and write the captions to suit their liking?

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5 hours ago, nerdygeekgrl said:

When you don't see ur significant other for at least 2 weeks, or talk to them over the phone, you get a bit suspicious, no? And then you say it's an act of courage? Dude, seriously? Even if they did lie to him, eventually the truth came out. We all found out she was put there against her will. He couldn't make a public statement and say "damn I messed up, I didn't know"? 

Do you post every single activity you do or participate in on social media? If you do, then what a sad life :) 

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13 hours ago, PZHSB said:

Regarding the pregnancy questions- Britney would have to come off some meds if she were to become or plan to become pregnant. If she’s on any bipolar meds she would have to come off them completely as they are harmful to the fetus. That’s how they’re controlling that. 

My sister has bipolar, and she was still able to get pregnant and have kids. Doctors can work around that.

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I believe some of what he says. Most of it is stuff we basically already knew anyway. I do think the c-ship will end, but she just needs good people around her. She needs a life coach, a good therapist, etc. because of all the abuse and gaslighting she has dealt with for 12 years. All these people care about is making sure she has millions for themselves when she's gone one day. Well guess what? Britney's kids are taken care of and have a trust. So Britney can blow through all her money if she wants. It is NOT their money!

Like that woman on FOX said she should be able to spend her money as she wishes, she can't take it with her when she goes and we all deserve to spend our money how we wish.

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