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Maxi, Sam Asghari's friend and "Slumber Party" music video make-up artist, appeared on a podcast today talking about the conservatorship / #FreeBritney

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1 hour ago, LLuvia said:

She has never legally been able to have physical custody of her children.She had visitors...

One thing is that they have reached a judicial agreement that I doubt very much or perhaps they say it at the press or public level it has also been said that their custody has been reduced to 30% ... but it is legally impossible for a person under a curatorship has physical custody of their children.

And tbh she seems to see the boys 10% of their time, If that. 

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1 hour ago, PZHSB said:

Regarding the pregnancy questions- Britney would have to come off some meds if she were to become or plan to become pregnant. If she’s on any bipolar meds she would have to come off them completely as they are harmful to the fetus. That’s how they’re controlling that. 

But people that are bipolar (If she even has that) can have children. Mariah has twins, I know a woman who is bipolar and decided to have a child and she took meds before. 

But I wouldnt doubt they use the meds to keep her from having more kids. Jamie doesnt even get along with her kids, so what if he doesnt want her having kids bc shed stop working and the kids would "cost" him even more? Jamie seems to think her money is his money and she lives with a pretty low allowance for what she earns. 

Nothing makes sense in this mess so I wouldnt be surprised if this is just one more thing that Jamie could get to his advantage.  

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1 hour ago, BlCoWa said:

His live left more questions than gave answers. I'm still don't get for sure where Sam stands and what's Jamie's attitude towards him

Oh thats for sure! He was more worried to bash Jamie and praise Sam. And I also got confused about Sams relation with Jamie tbh, not that I trust Maxi or Sam, but Jamie isnt her personal conservator anymore and he even complained she was getting "too much" freedom. 

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5 minutes ago, Bundy said:

But people that are bipolar (If she even has that) can have children. Mariah has twins, I know a woman who is bipolar and decided to have a child and she took meds before. 

Yes, they can, they are just some specific meds for bipolarity that cause fetus malformation. When a woman wants to get pregnant (if she has her civil rights guaranteed, of course), she can just ask the doctor to change the med


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1 hour ago, LLuvia said:

That it doesn't depend on Jamie Spears ... that it depends on conservatorship.
Britney cannot be intimate because she is under conservatorship.
Britney cannot marry because she is under conservatorship.
Britney cannot have children because she is under conservatorship.
This is legal because she is under conservatorship.

I know all that :umwtf_britney_wth_um_wow_eyes_big_okay:

I was just talking about Jamie spears ability to file a restraining order against Sam 

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2 minutes ago, Jordan Miller said:

"They have her convinced she needs the help," Maxi said.

Honestly, I can imagine this being real, she's been in it for SO long now, there's definitely the chance she thinks she needs help.

I think more than anything she just needs a life coach and an expert to deal with her finances, she doesn't need a conservatorship.

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Can someone tell her dad, that it is her decision to get kids or not? This is really sick, the Britney Fans are over it. Seems like they controlled everything, to the point that she was like a robot, i mean that explains the Femme Fatale interviews, looks like she was trolling the people to get out. 


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28 minutes ago, Britney-fan12332143 said:

i got sucpicious when she said that Britney  wants to stay in the C Ship. that does not add up

He said she wants changes, but shes not fighting to end now. She wants more freedom and Jamie out. 

He said they've been telling her all these years she needs that, so its like one part of her believes. He even defended her saying smt like "imagine if ure a prisoner living in a beautiful castle for 12 years, u would be afraid to get out and do smt", so I believe that. 

He even said he thinks they will have to change "conservatorships" until shes completely free, bc she never needed one. 

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