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Maxi, Sam Asghari's friend and "Slumber Party" music video make-up artist, appeared on a podcast today talking about the conservatorship / #FreeBritney

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    What confused me is why Maxi says all these things about Sam not getting along with Jamie but yet he's still with Britney? 

    Doesn't Jamie kick them out if they're a threat in any way shape or form? So for Maxi to say these things makes me question their relationship. This isn't the first time she's spoken up on Sam's behalf. So why is nothing happening to Sam? 

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    12 hours ago, Cinderella85 said:

    I thought about this too. There are contraceptives that you don´t need to take daily/before you have ***.Like an interjection you get for 3 months or a little rod which works for 3 years. You get it to interject into your arm and you don't get your monthly period anymore. When you don´t want/need it anymore or it needs to remote you get a little operation. Or you use a coil. You can´t remove it on your own too. The other question is, does a contraceptive works for Britney since they gave her medication?

    .... your period doesn’t stop on the pill or when you get an injection lol.  It just prevents / blocks conception. If you ‘re regular, you will have normal periods. Women with PCOS take the pill to have more regular periods. The IUD isn’t perfect tho... it can fall out. Anyways, she can easily be coerced in to anything. Her father is aggressive and I wouldn’t put it past him to convince her to tie her tubes

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    3 hours ago, The Greatest Show said:

    I know??  I literally wrote how they could easily control that.

    She wasnt in a Cship in 2002 so if its true then they CONVINCED her to have an abortion not Forced. If you mean 2012 those rumors were by fans.

    I mean due the conservatorship is not illegal, quite the contrary and people don't want to understand it.

    2 hours ago, Arckangel said:

    Britney Spears never confirmed to have had a termination. I remember reading a rumour regarding the time she was with Justin Timberlake,

    A source gave this information to the National Enquirer ...
    and to other people they gave 3 versions, I remember them perfectly.

    She got pregnant ...
    She got pregnant but didn't know whose father he was
    She became pregnant with a person from her town (a person who has never been identified and has never spoken in the press, which makes me think that this person did not exist).
    Then they said that her father and Larry convinced her for the benefit of her and her career.
    All these versions harmed Britney and benefited Justin (in fact I remember that they said that he was supporting her but they had not been dating again, this is a lie because then we saw them together in public).

    2 hours ago, Arckangel said:

    another rumour regarding the time she was w/ Jason Trawick

    I think this is Justin's story( because it was rumored that she got pregnant at the beginning of the year) , I mean I think there was an assault/abuse, not by Jason T. and the assault was very visible and  they knew that people were going to ask about this and gave this narrative.

    2 hours ago, Arckangel said:

    that fake "Britney" was supposedly on the phone w/ Jason Alexander (that fake "Britney" made all sorts of dubious/nonsensical claims). Britney then denied it all on Twitter by saying: “All you liars, y'all can kiss my lily white southern Louisiana ***!”

    They used Jason Alexander because they knew he was going to tell the press and then deny it and discredit it by Britney herself via Twitter and so the topic died and case closed.

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    13 hours ago, The Greatest Show said:

    easy. There is birth control that you only need to get put in once a year and she cant take out.

    She cant be forced to have an abortion.

    They can her to force to have an abortion. The same with operations or when she is in a coma that they stop the machines. They already forced her to take medication and treat her in a facility against her will.

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    17 hours ago, Steel Magnolia said:

    I believe Britney's captions are used at times.

    Probably just enough to assure her that she does indeed control the content.

    However, many of the videos seem as if they are intended to only be posted as still frames. I believe her Team edits the visuals in a way that change their overall tone.

    I agree with you. The sad part is that, at the end of the day, it is filtered and someone else makes the ultimate decision of what goes in there and what doesn't. Another aspect of her life in which things are only an illusion of realness and freedom. 

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    On 10/23/2020 at 11:00 AM, Bundy said:

    I didnt watch the whole thing yet, but till now i didnt see anything we havent assumed by now.

    He refused to talk about JL or Lou bc he said he doesnt know them and hed only talk about what he knows. He said Jamie is a pile of **** and he put Britney under a cship bc he feared hed lose the cash cow. He said Sam and Jamie dont get along and he has put Sam thru hell. That Britney is now fighting to change the cship, but not to end. He said shes like a person who was kidnapped for 12 years and was fed smt, so she might feel she needs it somehow. He said they always make her feel she needs it, but he thinks in the future after some changes, she will be free. He said its understandable bc she pretty much is isolated in her mansion all these years. He says shes pretty isolated and sees her kids when she can, but she wishes she could see them more. He said she doesnt have friends. That she records her things and sends to some people so they can post, but shes the one choosing now what she wants to be posted. She has a cellphone that she calls Sam. He insists she has interacted with fans using other accounts. She loves her fans. She'll put out new music in the future once Jamie is gone. He said she doesnt have any type of dementia. He said he had only spoke with Britney a couple of times and that her father wouldnt like him being her friend. He insists Britney have said Sam is the best bf she ever had and Sam pays for everything when they do something. 

    So basically This is SAM’s friend retelling What SAM has said but they have hardly met Britney themselves. I can see Britney having the Stockholm syndrome Because That is a natural, psychological consequense that occurs in cults, kidnapping and domestic violence where the victim is stuck in a traumatic situation for a longer period.

    The other things they say, people should not take like this is a primary source, Because it is not. Only Britney is. And only when She has been free and have had quite some Time to rehabilitate could even She be her own true voice. It is like a victim of domestic violence should not be expected to witness while still in a relationship with the abuser, living with the abuser and being within reach of them. It takes time even After it has ended to heal and get an independent mindset again.

    Besides, I still don’t believe Britney posts on her instagram. If She send the content to them they can blackmail her, ”send us a video where you Dance in your underwear and we help you see Sam or call your children”. 

    I also wonder How much Sam sees Britney if she is that isolated. Do they even get to be alone and have *** etc or can they just see eachother for supervised dates once a month? How well does Sam even know her then? It is not like She has been a free person who can be herself during their relationship. She can’t even break up if she is so isolated Because you don’t choose to breakup if the alternative is to be isolated Forever with a team of bullies.  

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