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  1. No excuses for him. Saw the abuse, worked around the abusers, had all the resources and power to help his friend... Did nothing for more than a decade. Fear? Right lol. It's easy to say this now. It was his choice. His career was more important (even tho he already was powerful enough to fight Jamie).
  2. Every time someone try to say her team wouldn't ruin her image... They never cared in the first place.
  3. It doesn't matter who is writing or posting. This Instagram is a collection of lies and always has been like that. This account works 100% against Britney public image.
  4. I never liked the video. Britney looks dead and heavily edited there. she didn't want to do a **** video and the fact nobody respected her vision... It's like... They did the concepts for her own work without her?
  5. So... We can assume Britney never had actually "internet freedom" and she edits and sends her stuff for Cassie buddies... Because obviously she has control over her Instagram even tho she barely access whatever she wants. K...
  6. If this is her... Fine. If It's not, the boyfriend still feeds the lies like the "me time" days. We'll see I guess. Anyway, If It's Britney I wonder If she understands how bizarre her account is.
  7. Whatever... Not funny, not se-xy. Let's believe for one second that Britney is the one who posted, we always end up with the same questions: Why people around her (who should care) still supports this bizarre land? Cassie, Britney or Mephisto, the person behind this account... that looks really bad. Britney really doesn't care about her image that much?
  8. Wow I was thinking about him yesterday. He is so activist for many causes yet was weirdly quiet while everyone is speaking. Such a generic response, It seems Very "PR" wise. And we probably know why... I don't want he anywhere near B10, not only he is dated af but his connections with Lou are very real.
  9. True. If It's not Britney and the boyfriend still interacts there... Yikes. We know it's Britney videos and pictures, but at this point fans should understand why her Instagram is always talked about since 2019 and what that represents. If everything was ok, nobody would suspect that's not her... If there's especulation something not right. It's not only fans suspecting now, the GP too. And Maxi loooves the attention, she knows what the fanbase wants to read and hear.
  10. It seems there's many shady things going on there lately: the Britney gram tag, the posting on weekends all of sudden. Today was the first Sunday "she posted" since 2019 I think. But nobody really seems to care why her boyfriend still supports that account. One thing is someone there tag him, posts pictures of the couple, another way different is Sam himself commenting on that account, like the posts...
  11. That's THE question because: Why team c-ship (Cassie) posts stuff about the boyfriend... who is against c-ship (apparently) If he is showing Brit on his IG as a sign she doesn't control her Instagram, why he likes and comments on that account? And btw I wonder If we'll see papz pictures from the Beach day.
  12. Well... Britney said she lied with "I'm okay" videos, right? Fans lose too much time thinking If It's Britney or not, but at the of the day Cassie Petrey confirmed "Britney" has to send them the stuff, and Britney herself confirmed she lied through videos. That's enough to understand her social media is full of lies and manipulative tactics. I don't believe much will change until the c-ship ends. I mean, we had staged paparazzi pictures after the hearing even tho she explained how her team sends the papz where she goes. In my opinion she looks forced most of the time doing the videos, I don't know If she really is forced, but still... Bizarre. I'd say IG is work, but I don't know If she feels like It. They promote several brands and celebrities through her account = $$$.
  13. About the genes: look how insensitive Jamie, JL and Bryan talks... I don't think Britney acts like her family, thank God... But, yeah... Sometimes that vibe can come and go. Paris doesn't seems a bad person, but she forces a relationship that barely exists nowadays. It's great she is a supporter, but they are not besties or anything like that.
  14. True. Musically I have my issues with him, but he seems to really care about Britney as a person.
  15. He seems to really care about Britney. He talked bad things about her family and team way before FreeBritney becomes trendy. Shared the hashtag when people called a conspiracy theory.
  16. I see her point mentioning Paris story, but yeah... That's when the Spears genes jumped out lol. Paris said she understood why Britney said that. I highly doubt Paris would say anything negative about Britney for the press. She needs their "friendship".
  17. A saturday post, after even the most delusional fans realized "Brit" never post on weekends
  18. He actually liked this one and this And anotha he never really stopped.
  19. Yeah... The excuse is always the same "he can't do anything or team cship will remove him of her life", but really? After publicly say bad things about Jamie he still there. At this point he really can't sneak a real phone for Britney? Or talk with people who can help her case? I mean, she didn't even know she could ask to terminate the c-ship... He liked a bunch of stuff of The Surprise Witness and he didn't know that? It's hard to believe even when they are having s** the security will check every second... What a weird scenario. Btw after this livestream incident he was dragged for weeks on his Instagram, his friend Maxi tried to defend him unsuccessfully... Then Sam started to like Free Britney posts weekly, fans loved obviously, then the Jamie is a **** thing.
  20. Aside the terribly obvious editing skills of someone who posted this... I don't understand why Britney sister and boyfriend liked this post... JL even liked the one with Jamie Foxx promo Lol. Yeah, I need to know what exactly crowdsurf do... A company paid to press a button? I feel like fans waste too much time thinking If Britney wrote or not, If It's her or not on the pictures... But just a few make questions like: why even with a social media company behind (confirmed by queen Cassie herself) Britney Instagram still looks like a sloopy *** mess? Funnily enough, crowdsurf (and Cassie) tried for months to prove they are not working on that account anymore.
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