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  1. No excuses for him. Saw the abuse, worked around the abusers, had all the resources and power to help his friend... Did nothing for more than a decade. Fear? Right lol. It's easy to say this now. It was his choice. His career was more important (even tho he already was powerful enough to fight Jamie).
  2. Every time someone try to say her team wouldn't ruin her image... They never cared in the first place.
  3. Britney confirmed she lied through videos like: When some of us said her body language was off and she looked forced and not genuine, some people from the fanbase tried to drag us... Well It was the truth afterall. What I mean: we shouldn't trust the Instagram even If Britney herself proves she writes ALL the ****. For some reason she lies on social media and I won't believe any word until the end of c-ship (or conversation with the judge). Sorry not sorry.
  4. Wait... Why Gianettos (her hairstylist/Lou minion) posted as this is her current hair. The picture looks like from 2020. Hum.
  5. I don't know who this is, but that's a good point. Low key should be Britney priority right now. Her image can be manipulated easily by the ones in charge, and she seems to know that. A good lawyer would tell her how things are. A legal battle is intense and Britney a superstar famous all over the world. And more... Some fans are already spreading things they don't know. We have proof Matthew hired new bodyguards? We know for sure his first thing as her lawyer was to give back her access to Instagram? This really gives me flashbacks... When Britney went with Lynne for the hearing and when Ingham mentioned Bessemer. Fans said the same "now Britney is in control, she is totally posting". It's always the same.
  6. So now we have to share different opinions only on specific threads? That's very modern, fair... And fun lol
  7. It doesn't matter who is writing or posting. This Instagram is a collection of lies and always has been like that. This account works 100% against Britney public image.
  8. I never liked the video. Britney looks dead and heavily edited there. she didn't want to do a **** video and the fact nobody respected her vision... It's like... They did the concepts for her own work without her?
  9. So... We can assume Britney never had actually "internet freedom" and she edits and sends her stuff for Cassie buddies... Because obviously she has control over her Instagram even tho she barely access whatever she wants. K...
  10. If this is her... Fine. If It's not, the boyfriend still feeds the lies like the "me time" days. We'll see I guess. Anyway, If It's Britney I wonder If she understands how bizarre her account is.
  11. Whatever... Not funny, not se-xy. Let's believe for one second that Britney is the one who posted, we always end up with the same questions: Why people around her (who should care) still supports this bizarre land? Cassie, Britney or Mephisto, the person behind this account... that looks really bad. Britney really doesn't care about her image that much?
  12. Wow I was thinking about him yesterday. He is so activist for many causes yet was weirdly quiet while everyone is speaking. Such a generic response, It seems Very "PR" wise. And we probably know why... I don't want he anywhere near B10, not only he is dated af but his connections with Lou are very real.
  13. True. If It's not Britney and the boyfriend still interacts there... Yikes. We know it's Britney videos and pictures, but at this point fans should understand why her Instagram is always talked about since 2019 and what that represents. If everything was ok, nobody would suspect that's not her... If there's especulation something not right. It's not only fans suspecting now, the GP too. And Maxi loooves the attention, she knows what the fanbase wants to read and hear.
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