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  1. Britney at the beginning of their relationship was still hurt, at the beginning of their relationship she was destroyed, he was her escape
  2. In her team, they know that Britney fans have Justin idealized, that they really support and like the relationship, when in reality Justin emotionally abused her but they do not care.
  3. This is no reason to criticize them. They can follow whoever they want, and they follow many people who have been in Britney's life. Wade Robson, in this case, has a lot to say, in fact in 2009 he was the first person to say that her father was not a qualified person to manage her empire and that it was very difficult to work with his people... Wade has always treated Britney well and has never talked about her, when he would have every right to talk about her.((Wade was a fundamental part of Britney's career and yes Wade has been one of the few people who really loved Britney) and please separates the cases. I tell you this in a good way.
  4. It was obvious that it was going to happen ... Meaner has been working with them and BG have been keeping quiet all this time.
  5. 2021 and still without giving a name and giving accredited Kevin T. Wade hired Kevin to be the assistant director and then for the Grammys he hired Brian who then hired him to be the assistant choreographer ... when Wade left in 2002 it was Kevin who became the choreographer and director and Brian was still the choreography assistant.
  6. That guy is Wade ... 100% without a doubt.Wade does have a dimple on his chin ... he shaved his goatee for the video.
  7. But what are they doing uploading an old video when Sam says he has Covid?They never stop surprising me ...
  8. @Bundy Wade in Slave's video : https://ibb.co/f8kD4rK Justin in Cry Me a River: https://ibb.co/MRvWSyc It a well-thought-out and well-calculated music video...and real history has nothing to do with the official history.
  9. See if people are manipulative, that Justin started talking about her and her ***uality, but she couldn't talk about him... those cynical people. Wade not only choreographed and made the concept of Slave's video, but it also's that he's in the video... https://ibb.co/hgZQr2c Sound familiar? this guy is Wade and Justin is dressed like him in "Cry Me a River", in fact, they make a similar video shot( that's why it was all super planned)... you didn't know?. No one seduced anyone, least of all with bad intentions. It was a bad breakup because she was hurt and she never expected this, I didn't expect Justin to hurt her, let alone publicly as little as Johnny Wright and Sonia Muckle was expected to campaign against her when they work for her just for the benefit of Justin's career, I guess this was very hard for her and guess it's hard to handle. Yes, but I mean her being a regular smoker, not a social smoker. Well, she's never defended herself, Wade made two statements at the time and he denied it, and Brandi has confirmed the story, but in a different way, I liked her talking about it, in fact, she's always wanted it because she was one of the big ones harmed but she's done it differently because of the documentary and she's been carried away by pain and resentment... her real point of view is very interesting and for me, it's the most complicated (the views of this Wade and Brandi story are complicated and for me, they didn't deserve it).
  10. And as you justify his comment "It isn't a weakness, it's a sign of absolute strength, people should be inspired by this, at least I Am" ?. These were his exact words. How can you justify that he commenting with multiple hearts on the "Me Time" post?. How can you justify that he repost that post?. How do you justify that he was in I think it was in Toronto doing paid promo for Britney's team, while she was in a mental facility?. How do you justify him putting a past story on Instagram for Valentine's Day, while she was in a mental facility or somewhere else ?: How can you justify that while she was in a mental facility he even put a post on Instagram about them (I think it was kiss day and another was a collage of a Fan)?. How do you justify the day Easter and their departure from the hotel and the day of the hairdresser that by chance a girl from his agency found a Britney and upload a photo of her in a hairdresser?. How can you justify that Sam acted as he acted in this way when she was in a mental facility against her will?. - Now I go with the superficial lies ... How do we justify the day of the phone where she wanted to do a live on Instagram and Sam took her phone away quickly and violently?. How do we justify the video training and him saying "smile"?. How do we justify that she does not have access to their social media and Sam always comments as if she had access to her social media?. How do we justify the thousands of articles by saying that he and her father have an excellent relationship?. How do we justify when he says that he is the Manchester City Fitness coach?. How can we justify him saying that he has played football when they even had to deny it?. How do we justify Sam promoting "Matches" when she doesn't want to, of course, he did it without her being there?.
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