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Maxi, Sam Asghari's friend and "Slumber Party" music video make-up artist, appeared on a podcast today talking about the conservatorship / #FreeBritney


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I really enjoyed this. Starting 27:40



Among other things, they're physically stopping her from having a baby :otears_oprah_crying_tissue_napkin_tears_sobbing_sad: 

* Britney has more control over her social media now

*Conservatorship is controlling her ability to have a baby, get married and have friends. He says without the con she would be married with a baby.

*They are physically stopping her from having a baby

*She secretly interacts with fans but Maxi wants fans to realise if someone's telling you they're Britney, then they are definitely not

*She makes her IG posts and a social media team approves them. 

*She dosent see her kids as much as she wants to 

*The #freebritney movement and the fans supporting her at the rallies makes her happy and feel empowered

*Britney will definitely release new music and perform new live shows and perhaps a new vegas residency

*Britney of course has love for her dad but is now starting to realise he's ruined and taken away a large part of her life 

*Maxi says Jamie Lynn and Lynne love Britney the most

*Britney cancelled the domination residency and was planning on continuing at a later date

*He first said he didn't know who Lou Taylor was but later said he did know but he didn't want to talk about her

Maxi has been a long time friend of Sam A. (much time before Slumber Party mv). Sam posted with him a couple weeks ago







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I have thought about Britney getting pregnant before. Since 2008 she has talked about having more kids, she would love to have a girl, so it was always clear to me that probably she couldnt get pregnant bc of the cship. I mean, she loves being a mom and barely sees the kids she already has and 12 years have passed and she never had another baby. 

My question is how they stop her from getting pregnant? I know its a sensitive subject but since Maxi already brought it up...

I mean, if she gets pregnant, can Britney be forced to get an ********? Or maybe they tell her If she gets pregnant, she will have to get one, so this way she has to be careful? 

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14 minutes ago, Tear the floor up up said:

I honestly couldn’t make my way through it, does he “spill” anything else apart from the alleged pregnancy thing?

I didnt watch the whole thing yet, but till now i didnt see anything we havent assumed by now.

He refused to talk about JL or Lou bc he said he doesnt know them and hed only talk about what he knows. He said Jamie is a pile of **** and he put Britney under a cship bc he feared hed lose the cash cow. He said Sam and Jamie dont get along and he has put Sam thru hell. That Britney is now fighting to change the cship, but not to end. He said shes like a person who was kidnapped for 12 years and was fed smt, so she might feel she needs it somehow. He said they always make her feel she needs it, but he thinks in the future after some changes, she will be free. He said its understandable bc she pretty much is isolated in her mansion all these years. He says shes pretty isolated and sees her kids when she can, but she wishes she could see them more. He said she doesnt have friends. That she records her things and sends to some people so they can post, but shes the one choosing now what she wants to be posted. She has a cellphone that she calls Sam. He insists she has interacted with fans using other accounts. She loves her fans. She'll put out new music in the future once Jamie is gone. He said she doesnt have any type of dementia. He said he had only spoke with Britney a couple of times and that her father wouldnt like him being her friend. He insists Britney have said Sam is the best bf she ever had and Sam pays for everything when they do something. 

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What does it mean "physicaly stop"? They couldn't sterilize her. I feel awkward to talk about this topic but it's pure cruelty. Not let a woman to have a child, how is it even possible legally? I don't care what kind of mental issues she has, but it's clearly not the type that wouldn't let her to take care of a child of her own, no matter what they are trying to convince everybody all this time. This is a torture and someone getting away with it! How this isn't getting controversy it deserves? She always said she wanted to have big family with many kids. It's Britney ******* Spears! She should have as many kids as she wants!

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Yeah there are tons of ways to prevent, like, both IUD, and the little thing in your  arm, could be they also try to prevent her from being alone with Sam.

I believe Maxi, as I have said, Sam IS Britneys choice of "pet"(Boyfriend). Jamie could easily tell him to get lost if he was paid, because there is no need for him anymore.

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