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  1. I would like to hear his testimony, this guy did seem his friend in addition to being pre-2007 in her life.
  2. Well deserved and I'm happy for you. You spoke about this in 2009 and there were consequences not as they wanted but there were. I like that they have called you to tell your story and experience. Another thing because you are so handsome?.
  3. Is the documentary pro-Britney? Is it going to be an informational bombshell? Shall we talk for a long time about the documentary? Thanks!.
  4. She is a nobody, that she knows Justin's mother does not mean anything simply that she was in that circle. This woman has/had many little birds in her head she thought she was going to be a star or something. The rumor is that she got pregnant by Larry or Jamie.
  5. This girl got pregnant ... no idea if it was from Britney's father or Larry's but that was the rumor. I also think there were rumors of an episode of violence and alcohol with Jamie in front of everyone who was working on the tour.
  6. Since she is famous we are going to excuse the fame to use domestic violence and vicarious violence (that's what Kevin, his lawyer and Britney's family and team would think).
  7. So you prefer that they use some children against their mother, that those children be a bargaining chip, that those children are to hurt their mother? That is what Kevin Federline and Britney's family have done ... the excuse of fame is great nonsense because there are children with famous mothers and fathers who live their life in privacy, healthy and safe. I remember you, Kevin called the photographers, Britney's family called the photographers.
  8. I understand that but if I do not have a university degree I cannot work for example as a teacher, a lawyer, a doctor, etc. I mean that ... of course intelligence or success does not depend on a degree but it is something fundamental to work.
  9. I am still in shock that a person without studies, without preparation, a psychopath, a stalker ... has reached so high and has so much power ... I am still impressed.
  10. I prefer a documentary .... she needs to explain many stages of her life, she has a lot to talk about.
  11. No one has said anything about the children, I have criticized their father.
  12. Yeah, it seems like it was Cade when they hacked (LFB) Britney'gram's account for the beef with LFB. The funny thing is that Cade's voice doesn't seem like I could be wrong, I also thought he was the person Britney knows because, In private messages on social media, Cade said that that person was the only one who started this behind the scenes.
  13. Wallet raised his salary 3 times weeks before all this.
  14. This is not very mature, as Kevin has used domestic violence (vicarious violence) with Britney and has allowed this and has been part of the plan.
  15. It is normal if you have a father like Kevin Federline that is the problem, his mother has been judged as an unfit mother and his father is a drug addict who allows his children to do the same as him because that is normalized. Teens experiment but with caution ... they are privileged children who should take advantage of that and be away from those environments and have other concerns.
  16. It is very hard and sad ... that's why my post but of course they have grown up with Kevin who is a drug addict. I feel very sorry for Britney because she under no circumstances wanted to see her children like this and for those children.
  17. Poor boys, the greed of some adults changed the course of his life ... it is very sad, even if they do not realize it now. Preston has his mother's smile and Jayden is very tall.
  18. Why don't you focus on Britney and leave the Michael Jackson theme somewhere else? We are talking about Britney and that he fits into the description ... probably everything has an explanation and I think very well people who have thought that it could be him for several reasons: -This person was important in her professional life, he has never talked about her (rarely and never in-depth). - This person has a ton of information. - Fits a lot of things Imagine for a moment that this person has helped and has been helping Britney. What happened?.
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