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Exhale Reacts: Britney Spears Cancels 'Domination'

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8 minutes ago, Goku said:

...and? You don't cancel and entire residency just for that. He started being sick MONTHS AGO.

Why announcing this only now? 


How the hell would you know?? I seriously think you need to think before you post mate. for all we know, they could have found out just last week or something that his prognosis was bad or his condition might have got worst over Xmas

Guys, some of you need  to remember she may be Britney Spears but shes still a woman whos father is not very well !!  

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4 hours ago, BartBritney said:

What a lame excuse to use her father!

it’s because the ticket sales... we all know Britney 

Jamie Lynn has been documenting his recovery for weeks, that mixed with how deeply Britney feels for her family (crying for days over a meaningful gift from her mom, for example)- it is quite obvious her family would be her top priority. 

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