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  1. I think Britney herself is ready to go back to work and live her life structure how it was before but a lot has been shaken up and her handlers are just horrid and so instead she is keeping fit and relaxing.. it’s fine for now but I pray she will get a nice resolution out of all of this movement because her peeps are clearly corrupt. .. but even inside current Britney there is a yearning for performing and doing her craft again I can tell
  2. She probably colored her hair brown the way she wants and Sam and other people probably commented and swayed her decision back to being “business blonde” they know how to manipulate her don’t put it all on Britney pls.
  3. I’m so proud of Britney .. she seems like she is coming out on top no matter what.. good vibes man hope she soaked up that sun and made happy vibrant memories. That booty on fleek B
  4. Damn that dead straight eye contact at the lense tho... that’s a strong woman who deserves a miracle from the Universe. Hope she gets anything and everything she wants. 👌🏼
  5. I think it sounds like a bop and Latin music is creating new genres so would be nice to have
  6. Sometimes I just stop and pray to god, please let this guy actually love Britney. If he does and he wants to stand by her forever and actually finds her beautiful and loves her in his heart I’m happy for her but this world is sooo corrupt and evil so who knows his true intentions.. he seems highly rehearsed and guided in everything he does... a man his age to be so composed and proper is.. not typical (+yes he most likely is a great passionate man).. he always knows what to say, how to pose, when to smile and where the cameras all are.. he is trained ..with this image he’s trying to sell or become famous... +OR staying in the lines of his contract/nda with team JAMIE...anyways I truly pray to the lord and universe that Britney is not being totally manipulated by every person around.. after a while anybody would go INSANE.. I mean snap .. just having to live a few days in Britney life.
  7. Wait I thought this was from 2007... are you kidding me?!?!?!?
  8. Well the trainer had her body looking like 2001 she brought all her youth back to her body only thing is I think Britney went too thin and looks good now with a booty
  9. This itself the whole situation must be traumatizing for her sons.. their childhood and life is far from normal and to see what Britney has to go through and also live it themselves is HARD and will affect them.
  10. Somebody who kicks a door in and shakes a young boy no matter what reason shows mental instability themselves and should NOT be legally allowed to conservator over Britney!!!!! They take everything else so far and to the T. They are so strict with Britney so they need to do the same with removing her father from conservator. This is even better now ! Proof!!!!
  11. Cuz a woman in her 30’s who has dementia can definitely memorize all those dance routines and perform in front of huge crowds on the weekly? Yea right
  12. A great way to get new followers
  13. I mean vma sort of still works because we all still watch music videos whether it’s on MTV or YouTube the idea of an award show for popular artists and their videos is still valid.. but the VMA are getting stale.. they should turn it into some sort of competition for best performance there and including (like u said) YouTube categories, Instagram categories etc
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