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  1. Thank you. To all Britney’s friends & conservatorship acquaintances….. SPEAK OUT!!! You’re all grown *** adults. If you know something about her situation then SAY SOMETHING!! HELP HER OUT OF THIS!! Free Britney + End Conservatorship Abuse!!
  2. Yea. JL777 was Jamie Lynn’s original IG acct name. Just check the hashtag #JL777 on IG. I think she changed it to her full name sometime before she got married. So, idk, maybe if this is her finsta or someone else’s handle now. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it’s JL’s backup/finsta. Oh the three 7s… isn’t it biblical?! ETA link — I forgot to add this link. It shows that JL’s old Instagram username was JL777. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.oakridger.com/article/20130303/NEWS/303039994%3ftemplate=ampart
  3. Hence my request for the receipts. Question everything and everyone. Question the source (Cade) and the source’s choice (?) of media outlet to which his (alleged) statement was released.
  4. Exactly. I’m gonna need to see the RECEIPTS!!! Does someone at TMZ follow Cade… whose Instagram is private? My left brow is starting to arch. 🤨 “Cade finishes his thoughts this way ... "I'll end with a few things, one person who was in her life (again legally can't name names) was also silenced by the people around her. You silencers know who you are. This person has her best interest at heart." “It's unclear who exactly Cade is referring to here, but our best guess ... it may well be her longtime manager, Larry Rudolph, who has since resigned from his post.” The Larry reference from TMZ/Harvey sounds sketch, no??? I don’t want to question Cade but this (long overdue) statement appearing on Team Con’s favorite gossip site and no receipts (as of this post) is making me uncomfortable with his about face.
  5. NDAs and FEAR enables abusers to continue abusing. This has to stop!! If there’s anyone else (we know there must be hundreds) who know something regarding Britney’s entrapment please speak out!! Say the names of the perpetrators. NDA be damned!! SPEAK UP!! May the tide continue to turn in Britney’s favor. #FreeBritney
  6. All true!! I’ve being saying this from the beginning. It’s easier to obtain a conservatorship over someone than it is for the conservatee to remove themselves from it. The majority of people living under a conservatorship are elderly, severely cognitively disabled or gravely disabled/near death. This is why most people never get out of it. For those who truly need it and aren’t being taken advantage of by their family and lawyers it’s a good thing. But, there’s a mountain of gross misconduct happening within the probate court system. The only ways people usually get out of a conservatorship is die or fight for years to be free of it… but if they’re ever allowed out of the cship they are left destitute. Penniless.Broke!! No money & no home.⬇️ Example: Nashville singer-songwriter Danny Tate. He was not as wealthy nor as famous like Britney. But he had some fan’s support. His lack of substantial wealth IMO is what helped him to get free; meaning the conservatorship $$ from his estate ran out. It takes money to keep a conservatorship going!! That’s a disadvantage for Britney because she’s super rich and still turns a profit whether she’s works, tours or not. But, Britney might have an advantage due to the international attention the Free Britney movement has managed to achieve AND because Britney finally was allowed to SPEAK FOR HERSELF in open court!!! She has a real chance of regaining her full legal freedom while she’s relatively still young & hopefully regains full control of her financial estate too!! Please read more about Danny Tate’s conservatorship case. He was locked in the con system with his vile brother in control of his life & estate for 3 years, but still was fighting years after his c’ship was terminated-on paper. Ironically, Danny’s conservatorship ended just as Britney’s began…13 years ago. ‘Free Danny Tate’ 2007-2010 https://bit.ly/3xWbuJH 2016 Danny Tate still fighting against conservatorship abuse — his MUSIC ROYALTIES 😬 https://bit.ly/3BAgxl5
  7. IMPORTANT Twitter thread ⬇️ The “Free Act” is insufficient. DEMAND MORE!!!⬇️ FREE BRITNEY!!!
  8. Bump bump. Wake up, guys!!! Don’t sleep on this!!!! Watch the Surprise Witness YT video, get properly educated on what this proposed bill really is and share the video, encouraging you all to tell your states representative to 🚫vote NO on the Free Act.🚫 ☺️ thank u! Video on quote. Not the right tag, but @breatheheavy Jordan pls main page this if you haven’t already!!
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