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  1. Wait. Hold up.... Hasn’t it already been established that LFB are connected to Ingham? Hence their OTT pro-Ingham stance and their not-so-low-key stance on maintaining the CONservatorship...the ‘Britney is totally okay with being under the conservatorship’ narrative. If LFB’s boss, Samuel Ingham, loses the most profitable job of his entire career, then LFB’s assistance is no longer needed. LFB is Lawyers For Ingham. Ingham benefits from Britney staying under a conservatorship indefinitely whether Jamie Spears remains a part of it or not.
  2. Maybe Lynne’s birthday wish is for Jamie Lynn to help her sell this “business opportunity” to her fans. Get that commission and bonus $$, Lynne.🤪 Seriously tho. MLM Hunbots are sooo annoying.😑
  3. This!!! All f’ing day!!! Personally, I’m tired of the layers of DECEPTION. The “Britney Spears” Instagram is just another part of ‘The Britney Brand’. Despite the fact that I’ve never taken Billy B seriously, I will still NEVER TRUST “Britney’s” social media caption posts!!! It’s a brand post. How embarrassing it is for them to make it look like SHE is denying or clapping back when it’s actually her handlers. This is ALL BRITNEY SPEARS IS KNOWN FOR NOW. How ****n sad AF!! I’m legit embarrassed for Britney and heartbroken over what her handlers and her family have caused her to become, as she nears 40 years old. Her IG, various aspects of her life, her legal situation and image is bad/sad.💔💔💔💔 The Britney brand is panicking... AGAIN...Not Billy B. Think whatever you want of that. They (those who run, work for & profit from The Britney Brand) pull this stunt every time someone gets too close to the truth and when things get too hot for THEM. It’s disgusting. F** k all of them!! #FreeBRITNEY
  4. This reminds me of last month’s SNL parody when ‘Britney’ read a letter from a fan to see what the folks at home are curious about... Same question, “Dear Britney. Are you okay?” Rewatch SNL Britney’s response to the “Britney, are you ok??” question then watch IG Britney’s answer to the same exact question. Lastly. Everything happens for a reason.
  5. She looks beautiful and sounds great!!!! I’m glad she got vaccinated. I did too!!!♥️
  6. Well yeah. That’s why they even bother to update Britney’s Instagram even though her IG is cringey af!! It’s about keeping up appearances and setting a pro-cship narrative. I agree that they realize they messed up. THEY are the ones who have irretrievably broken Britney’s image & marketability for years to come. But they’re filled with greed and busy trying to cover up their wrongdoings. Them getting Britney back to work ASAP also supports the “all is well” narrative Team CON keep pushing. It’s a bull ****!!
  7. Is Steven Tyler still affiliated with Lou Taylor’s Tri Star??? What about Mary J Blige & JLo??? I wonder if they’ve seen the documentary. If they are still affiliated with Lou’s company they should cut ties ASAP and make sure they haven’t been robbed by Lou/Tri Star like Britney has.
  8. Team CON got the headline they wanted. THIS stupid headline **** is EVERYWHERE NOW and THIS is WHY “the Britney Spears Instagram account” is active. PR. Spin. Advantage to Britney’s handlers and advantage to her dysfunctional family. Don’t let them change the narrative, but don’t let them ***** you around anymore either. Enough is enough! Unfollow that bull*** * Instagram acct. End conservatorship abuse!!!! Peace, y’all. I’m out. https://www.tmz.com/2021/03/30/britney-spears-embarrassed-framing-documentary-cry-weeks-emotional-breaks-silence/
  9. UNFOLLOW the “Britney Spears” Instagram account. UNFOLLOW all of the “Britney Spears” social media accounts. Tell those who are managing The Britney Brand to **** off. It’s bullsh!!t. It’s not even her Instagram, it’s her deranged team of handler’s Instagram account. FFS! I hope more of you all see that now!! Lies. Lies. Nothing but lies. Smoke and mirrors. In your heart you know better. Let go. Move on. Expose Cship abuse and demand it be reformed!! I am saddened that this is happening to Britney. 💔
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