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  1. So by that logic, if Britney wanted to sneakily go live and expose the **** out of her handlers why would she say "We're live now" out loud instead of using those 3 seconds she lasted to say something of meaning? Honestly you guys are questioning her intelligence at this point with your weird conspiracies She went live by accident, move on
  2. Dude, she was literally making fun of herself because it's a well known fact she lip syncs, lol. Also, she's used headset microphones for most of her career, rarely using a held microphone. She said word for word "It feels illegal doing this with this mic in my hand, I feel so weird". Not everything the woman says is a cry for help or a conspiracy.
  3. This. Or maybe she was just scrolling through the instagram filters and pressed the live button by accident. However, if anything this just proves that Britney either doesn't have a phone of her own or she doesn't have access to internet on her phone, because why else would she be using her boyfriend's phone instead of hers.
  4. I'm sorry but it has always bugged me how her bottom teeth are showing while smiling in this picture, it's so unnatural
  5. I honestly think it would have flopped, although it might have been a fan favourite. From what we've heard that "belonged" to Original Doll, nothing sounds like it would have been commercially successful.
  6. Honestly, I don't even know why people aren't talking more about this. When he said this, my jaw literally dropped... huge red flag. It just further proves that she's not competent enought, and that leads to the need of a conservatorship. I'm sorry, I want the best for her, but I truly believe she's not well.
  7. Exactly. Add that to the list of times she's acted erratic and the stories out there of her odd behaviour. There's nothing wrong with admitting she has a mental illness and needs to be taken care of. It's just a possibility, as valid as what "FreeBritney" claims as truth without much evidence to cling on. At the end of the day, we truly know nothing about what goes on behind scenes.
  8. Haven't logged in a while, and just had to because I'm so sad for Britney. Conspiracy theories aside, this doesn't look like a person who is well, don't come up with the "but she's not at an event!1!!" excuses. She doesn't even brush her hair, which is part of every person's basic hygiene routine. Guys, maybe it isn't so crazy to believe that she does need a conservatorship because she can't take care of herself. And before you attack me, I'm in no way attacking her or defending her corrupt conservatorship, I just want whatever's best for her. I hope everything gets better soon.
  9. omg if something like this happens I'd DIE. I can't wait to see Britney's uncomfortable face
  10. ...what's wrong with gaining weight. She doesn't look fat at all. Her face actually looks better with some extra weight.
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