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  1. I like some of Bebe's tracks... I do like at least half of this Better Mistakes album, but I do feel it's filled with a bunch of rejected tracks meant for Britney's older albums (at least the instrumentals not necessarily the lyrics). I love the song "Empty" and I do like the music video for 'Sabotage' though:
  2. Here's the originals by Journey and Mariah for those that never heard
  3. LOL it does sometimes sound like they're competing .... I do miss her having background singers though. Her residencies/shows now sound so artificial now with the lack of real voices. If they're going to block her live mic except for carefully timed portions when she's talking, at least have backup singers.
  4. I agree. Can you imagine any artist that is super talented and actually loves what they do, and then somehow gets their creative control stripped away? (This often happens to any designer/artist who works for corporations). But hers is even more extreme, because they went all the way to the level of her being completely censored, stripped of her live mics except for carefully timed spots where they can censor her. Given choreography that doesn't even fit your style or music. Making her do residencies in front of intoxicated Vegas goers instead of locations where her fans can actually feed them energy. I'm glad she's still at least having fun at home with her silly Instagram videos, but I hope she truly gets to have creative control one day in terms of her whole career. She's at a point in her life where she doesn't need a label, and she doesn't need some big team anymore. She needs to go completely independent and work with people she wants to work with. In today's digital age with streaming and social media, it's so easy for anyone to become an independent artist and make big money. She already has a good start with her legacy, money (though it's constantly being drained by Jamie and co), and image. But I'm sure that'll be another legal battle she'd have to fight in addition to the many others. So I doubt she'd even bother with that.
  5. Does Cassie seriously think we believe that Britney knows who the heck Bella Thorne is? I'm not one to make fun of Cassie as much as the rest of Exhale, but her job must be so easy posting these screencaps and weird captions. They really need a new social media manager who can come up with good content and give Britney ideas (or even better, listen to Britney's ideas) on what works well and what would portray her well and accurately. We know Brit is a silly goof and can be trashy at times.. but it's obvious they're taking the content Britney makes and twisting it into some weird story lol. The first time she died her hair a bright colour? She's been super bleach blonde before.... FFT era says hi This.. we know Britney swears in real life sometimes, but in her old captions when her profile was normal she would never do that. It's kinda cringe now since it doesn't sound natural the way it's written.
  6. Totally agree. I know most of Exhale says otherwise, but she did a lot of promo at the beginning of the Glory era (even more than a lot of other artists these days) and she was actually happy doing it. I still don't think it was anywhere near the level of creative control she used to have, but it was the closest she had in a long time... but then Jamie and co interfered and her label didn't provide the support they should be. Either something happened along the way, or they tricked her into thinking she'll get more creative control and then stripping it away from her later on. Who knows. Either way, we at least got one amazing music video (Slaymber Party), and some decent performances of the new tracks. But it could have been a lot more if she had more creative control and got to work with who she wanted to work with.
  7. A $47 million property that was once home to Britney Spears is saying “Hit me baby one more time” — this time, to the Kardashian family. Khloé Kardashian and Kris Jenner have purchased neighbouring lots for custom homes in Hidden Hills, the upscale LA enclave where they and their famous friends have settled in recent years. It wasn’t clear how much the mum and-daughter duo paid for the valuable real estate, where Spears’ home once stood before being demolished. But now, Realtor records show that they dropped a combined $47.1 (US$37M) for the 3.4-acre property near the edge of the Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve in late December. Khloé paid $21.7 million (US$17M) for a 1.86-acre lot on the same date her mum/manager purchased a $25.5 million (US$20M), 1.53-acre corner lot next door, The Post reports. They purchased it from an LLC registered to a small development company called Metro Development Homes, records show. Reportedly $36.1 million (US$28.3M) of that cash is going directly to construction and development costs, since the land is assessed at (and was listed for) less than $11.5 million (US$9M). What could the houses possibly include to cost that much? Jenner’s house is 1535 sq m, with eight bedrooms and nine bathrooms, and every conceivable amenity — an eight-car garage, covered patios, guesthouse, movie theatre, gym, lounge, office and a pool with inset spa. While we can’t see inside her home (yet), Metro Development Homes recently completed some equally expensive homes nearby that closely resemble the specifications of Kris’ house. A Jed Smith Road mansion completed in 2016 has seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms and 1,300 sq m with marble floors, a cinema, a sauna, a wine cellar, a pizza oven and a recording studio.
  8. Hearing her talk so passionately about what she does, and loving her creative freedom in terms of the tour and the songs on the album, and loving her job... it just makes me
  9. It's so strange, it sounds like a mix of Britney, Christina, and Faith Hill lol... like different notes sound like each of them.
  10. Omg I would have LOVED to hear Britney sing this. I feel like Britney would have liked to as well. The lyrics really do hit.
  11. She used to be so naturally gorgeous and confident. She clearly doesn't look happy as each year passes by, and when people resort to this (and even worse when they over-filter their photos ON TOP of the surgeries) it shows they are not happy with who they are and/or they've become addicted to constantly changing themselves farther away from who they are. Often times they do need help, but in our society now people defend them saying 'whatever makes them happy', but in reality they're actually covering up bigger issues and insecurities that are harming them more, which will lead to even more issues (physical and mental) down the road. I do hope she gets the help she needs or at least finds peace with herself. Courtney Cox talked about her own struggle with that, and despite the botched surgeries, she's come to accept her flaws and loves herself as she is now and she's radiating with happiness and confidence and looking more like herself again.
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