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  1. The fact that Jamie could do the same thing to Britney, that he witnessed his father do to his mother and got severely traumatized by.... is absolutely sickening and he needs psychological help. How can someone like that even be granted as a Conservator?? In the rare cases that someone legitimately needs one, they should go through proper psych evals and criminal checks and interviews with family members or people close to the patient. Also these quotes also stuck out "They are mean and they will destroy you if they can’t control you. But I think Britney will survive. She’s a beautiful person with a beautiful soul.” And "He’s a stubborn son of a ***** and I’ll probably get a visit from him after this story.” And "He institutionalized her at Mandeville a few times and put her on lithium. When I heard that Britney was put on lithium for a while I almost couldn’t believe it but it made sense. Typical for this family and how they treat their women.” Both John Mark and Leigh Ann said they have some doubts about whether or not Emma Jean Spears’ death was really a suicide. The death got an unusual amount of attention, even running on the front page of the Kentwood local paper. It was also quite detailed for a suicide." This is why it's extremely important for Britney to have heavy duty security that have zero ties to Jamie once she's free. And unfortunately, she will will probably live in constant fear because of this (on top of the paps and everyone else). If he keeps repeating what his Dad did, then he'll probably try to kill her and make it look like a suicide. I really hope Britney does move to another country. But even then that's not enough I don't think.
  2. She looks so radiant and happy, and that shade of blue looks GOREGOUS on her! It seems like the paps are getting ready for a full comeback with her c-ship termination coming. She's been writing about them more often, which is really sad. Girl can't even go to church in peace :(
  3. This is really heartbreaking to read. She's experiencing a form of PTSD. She's been stalked, watched, criticized, creeped on, taken advantage of, silenced, abused for most of her life, even before the C-ship thanks to the paps. She's going to live in fear for a long time, and when she's fully free she won't be guarded from it all anymore. It's going to take her a long time to fully feel comfortable being in control again, if ever. I hope that she can do it and I hope that Sam and her faith helps bring that healing too. I think she needs to take a break before getting back into her career. The only thing she should be doing is maybe a documentary, but even that I feel she should take a break and process it all before doing it.
  4. This! Thought the same thing. That's why she's looking more natural in the last 2 years. Feels like she's exposing people in her team or the industry that think she should look a certain way.
  5. I don't get why Exhale loves Liar so much... In my opinion, the singles should have been: 1. Slumber Party as lead with added Coupure Électrique intro or outro in the MV to fit the dark vibe 2. Mood Ring 3. Better 4. Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés) (for countries where Spanish is popular) 4. Just Luv Me (for all other countries) Bonus 5th single: Clumsy / Do You Wanna Come Over combined video
  6. Bey wishes she can jump on Britney's track. I don't think they ever will, and I personally hope they don't. I'd rather her collab with Riri again or someone else who doesn't just jump on what's popular at the moment. I actually like that Britney mostly collabs with non-A-listers to give them a chance and share the spotlight. But I think it's time we get singles that are Britney only, we can have a couple of collabs on the album and as singles as well... but her next single should be solo to let her shine again.
  7. I actually think Britney is the dominant one lol.... but I wouldn't be surprised if they both are
  8. Yess... the floppy ears are sooo freakin' cute. And that's so sad the tail was clipped. That should be illegal everywhere. Porsha's gonna live it's best life with Britney and Sam I don't like the mention of PETA though... if people actually knew the horrible things they do to animals while virtue signaling and pretending like they're activists... they would be cancelled.
  9. I loveee that red dress... it's cute and **** and has a southern twang to it. With proper makeup and hair, that'd look stunning!
  10. She literally looks like a mature version of Primeney! That's totally her style of outfit. Was that brother and doctor mention in reference to him talking about her health?
  11. She absolutely should. Her past labels have screwed her over (unless it was her team's interference), but even then... those labels don't tend to do their part in marketing their older artists, they just want the coin from sales since they're popular names. She's at a point in her career where she doesn't need sales... it's not difficult to release music on your own now. Any of us can do it. Heck, even I have friends that release music on all the major streaming platforms, they just don't have the marketing capabilities that a lot of bigger artists do, but they still promote on social and wherever they can. She can easily work with producers of her liking, and upload music to streaming platforms with no problem. And for someone of her caliber that still gets tons of streams and views without promo, she'll easily get good stream numbers and with proper marketing she'll get even more. The only issue is, she needs her money back. But I'm sure she'll get it after she sues the hell out of everyone who screwed her over these past years. If she does decide to go back to a label, she needs to go to an established one that actually cares for ALL their artists and not just the young ones.
  12. I can smell his stank breathe and his few remaining rotted teeth from here.... And why the hell does he have "Ugly Stik" on Britney's pic?
  13. Of all tracks though lol.... would have preferred Stronger. Yay though... stream "Perfect" <3
  14. The song's ok.... but I over-hyped myself I think since Kelis usually only releases bops. This one is just meh. Sounds like her Pretty Girls lol.
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