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Exhale Reacts: Britney Spears Cancels 'Domination'

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13 minutes ago, generation glory said:


I’m sorry to hear about Jamie but I mentioned it before. If you’ve been following Jamie Lynn on Instagram you’d know he had been very ill. Jamie Lynn’s been back and forth with her dad to the hospital & Dr’s appointments. He looks likes he’s really been through it. I wish Jamie the best. Feel better soon, Mr. Spears.

On another note. IMO Britney was no where near ready for Domination. Another residency is not what she needs at this time. She should focus on herself and like she said, her family. Best of wishes to Britney and the Spears family.❤️

ETA- Let’s not overlook the low ticket sales for the residency which were not where it should by now. Domination being canceled is a good business decision (for Park MGM too!) just as much as it is a good personal decision.

Will you folks shut up about ticket sales

It been said many of times that most of the tickets would sell close to Showtime. 

She made the best decision 

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2 minutes ago, jonloch1 said:

That's really disgusting to say!! I honestly doubt very much Britney would use her own dads illness to get out of work!! She may be Britney Spears but for gods sake have some compassion

I have to say though, maybe it is a good thing shes scrapped the residency. [im in no way saying its good her dads ill before anyone says that. I hope hes ok]. Maybe itll give her a forced break, then give her more time to work on new

Sorry but I don’t believe her anymore...

there’s more.... wait and see

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Omg no way literally just saw this on Facebook!!! I literally can’t believe it.

I really honest hate to say this because I’ve lost a parent and it’s a horrible thing that you would never lie about. BUT I do wonder if this is bigger than we think. It seems odd she’s been rehearsing as normal then suddenly an announcement. No prior news. Very odd. I think something more is going on than this. 


Has the full show been cancelled full stop? Or just postponed?

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13 minutes ago, Pinky98 said:

Or maybe this is a new low for you, assuming Britney is using her father as an excuse to cancel her show.


On behalf of exhale, log off

Dude if It were too personal she’d just cancel and don’t give a **** like she always does. Family comes first but the way this is written makes me see it as a team move not Britney move. Love her, hate her team.

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11 minutes ago, BRSM_jl said:

I hate to be negative because I respect the family decision... But she said he was hospitalized a few months ago... That's when she announced Domination and has been rehearsing? I personally think it's because of low ticket sales.

It’s prob a combo of both but cancelling the show is the best option for mental health. I’d rather her b 100% than 40% 

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