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  1. I thought the blonde woman was the boy’s nanny or tutor. Idk. Do you all remember the IG post where the caption mentions Britney got an iPad for the first time ever? ⬇️Posted Thu. August 5th. Giving us a hint??? 🧐 “Alex Vlasov, a former Black Box Security employee who said he worked with the singer’s team for nearly nine years, said the company “mirrored” the pop singer’s phone on an iPad by logging in to her iCloud account. A listening device also was placed in her bedroom, Vlasov said. He told the filmmakers that he was asked to encrypt some of Spears’ text conversations so they could be sent to her father, Jamie Spears, and an employee of a business management firm he had hired. When Vlasov questioned the monitoring, he said he was told that Britney Spears’ communications were reviewed “for her own security and protection” and that the court overseeing the conservatorship was “aware of it,” as was her attorney at the time. — This is NOT okay!!!! This isn’t in Britney’s best interests to secretly record her private intimate moments without her knowledge or her consent. She had every right to know her house is basically bugged!!! No wonder Britney said she felt dehumanized. NOBODY has respect for Britney as a human being. They treat her any way they want to with no regard for her at all. She’s property and a atm machine for these vultures. https://www.smh.com.au/world/north-america/britney-spears-bedroom-phone-and-ipad-constantly-monitored-20210925-p58upx.html
  2. Judge Reva Goetz got some mentions in this docu but please remember Judge Aviva K. Bobb’s role in this con, too. Bobb -> Goetz -> Penny How sad and ironic is it that three highly educated women in law have participated in unjust, inhuman, human trafficking & financial assault against Britney Spears and countless other victims of conservatorship abuse. If I cared enough I’d file a missing persons report for ole Meaner, LOL!!! No. But rly tho. Haven’t heard from him in a minute. #SupportBritney but not #FreeBritney Interesting…where have we heard THAT b4?🤔
  3. Follow the money… Next docu has to tackle the issue involving how Britney’s finances were (mis)handled PRE- conservatorship!!!! Bryan’s interview even lightly alludes to it. “Sands claimed the theft is on a grand scale, involving racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering, and that the theft occurred prior to the conservatorship taking place and continues still. Sands claimed that there is an ongoing criminal investigation into the matter, but declined to say which agency was involved. As a result, he said, his office has been broken into and documents have been allegedly stolen and/or erased from his computer. "Lives have been threatened," Sands said. "People are being intimidated. It's terrorism. I don't want to make any accusations, but we're talking the financial r*** of Britney Spears." I wholeheartedly believe this is still happening, albeit legally - legal theft via the bogus conservatorship, limited financial transparency to the court, loopholes, etc. R.I.P. to Michael Sands. He and Eardley had their ethical flaws but they also have a conscience. Realized what was really going on and went rogue. (See the pattern now? With more people speaking out, catching on to the con, speaking out about what they know, saw & heard!!) At least Sands spoke up when he did, while he could.
  4. 💯% Seemingly they’ve eased up to an extent. Imo Britney does have some access but not full control of her socials. I don’t believe she sent the tweet saying she’ll return to IG soon. And, imo I think there’s a lot more to her abrupt leave of IG than we were told & imo it wasn’t related to Octavia Spencer’s comment but how smart of them to use her as a scapegoat of sorts... talk about deflection. Jamie is still there. Get rid of him and the rest will crumble. Jamie’s soooo ****ed, but he’s not been able to pull this off by himself. THOSE PEOPLE + THE SYSTEM is fearful of being exposed even further. These docus are excellent but barely scratch the surface. I know I sound crazy sometimes, or often, but I am very very concerned for Britney’s safety. FREE BRITNEY
  5. All I have is my gut instincts and a theory. When I say what I do about Sam Asghari PLEASE UNDERSTAND that I’m NOT a Sam “hater”. STOP DISMISSING people as haters because you disagree with them!!! Just take an eyes wide open look at ALL OF THIS ****!!! It blows my mind how anyone can still be so delusional after everything that’s been confirmed since June 2021!! ETA - (Not saying this to you, Daniel. Just some others.)
  6. Let me discuss the iphone situation. It’s been confirmed even pre-docuseries that Britney’s phone access is severely restricted. If you’d been paying attention as far back as 2009 you’d know this!! But I digress. Anyway. Team Con allows Britney to have a restricted cell phone (have u noticed they switch the phones out repeatedly??) and the iPhone is basically a PROP… a display piece she carries (why not put it in her purse… do they make her hold it so that it’s visible) so she’s photographed with a phone. Then TMZ & others can say,” See guys!! Britney has a phone. Those crazy conspiracy theory fans of hers are wrong!!” Same thing when it comes to Britney driving. Yeah they BRIEFLY let her outta the house to drive BUT Edan’s thugs follow her everywhere AND on top of that… her ****n car is bugged too!!! I don’t believe the court knew every evil deed Jamie, Edan, Lou & Robin were doing bit the Judge/Court knows conservatorship are an estate draining con game so Jdg. Penny and the ones before her look the other way! Brenda better FREE BRITNEY on 9/29 or she’ll have HELL TO PAY!!! Who’s going to the court house!!??
  7. Her eyes were glassy and vacant!! That was ANOTHER Team Con orchestrated paparazzi stroll. Trot Britney out in front of Team Con approved photographer ( another TMZ exclusive, wasn’t it??) to show that she’s fine when we can all see she’s drugged up AF!! Asghari went along with their plan!! If this latest documentary isn’t an eye opener for everything that has happened in plain sight to Britney then you don’t wanna see the truth!!!
  8. I keep TRYING to tell people here this. They’re so F***n blind!!! So F***n dumb!!! Maybe they’ll come to their senses eventually. Yes we all want Britney happy and doing what she wants with whom she wants!! I know people laughed off someone else who said this but i … smth abt their relationship is just.., off!! That’s all I’ll say!! I don’t think Asghari is a villain but he’s playing both sides to his own advantage. DUH!!!! In time he’ll be irrelevant so I’m not gonna stress over him.🙄
  9. Edan served in the Israeli Army. He used intimidation tactics, war like mental warfare tactics on Britney and also used his military training to run the security guards and he scared others into silence by intimidation, threats & fear. Edan has a lawyer denying his evil actions… I mean, WTF does that tell you!!! I hope that ******* enjoyed his brief moment of relief when Framing Britney Spears docu didn’t mention him or Black Box Security. Time’s up, ******* *******!!! Lou Taylor, Larry Rudolph, Harvey Levin …. YOU’RE NEXT!!!! FREE BRITNEY NOW!!!!
  10. Yep!!! Lawyers For Britney is another infiltrator but of Ingham’s. Remember the Bryan Spears interview when he asked how many people are part of the Free Britney movement?? He was trying to gage how widespread it is and report back to Jamie so they’ll confer with Team Con (Edan, Robin, Lou, Larry) about how to push back against it with TMZ as their mouthpiece controlling a favorable narrative for Team Con. I hope everyone who’s still in denial sees through this farce!!! Free Britney!!
  11. I’ll just say it again. Edan bugged Britney entire house and I bet he has tracking devices installed on all of her cars. They recorded Britney having s3x with her conservatorship boyfriends: Jason, David, Charlie and even Sam!!! That’s F***n disgusting!!! Idc if Edan is following Jamie’s orders, Edan is an evil MFer!! He took glee in what he did!! He’s made his entire fortune off of her misery! He took advantage of Britney just as much as Jamie, Lou, Robin and Larry. How Lynne didn’t do a damn thing to stop this **** I’ll never ******* understand bc surely LYNNE KNEW!!! She’s scared of Jamie but she could’ve lawyered up YEARS AGO or did a secret interview with someone to get the truth out!! They’re all COMPLICIT in the HUMAN TRAFFICKING OF BRITNEY SPEARS!! #FreeBritney
  12. Burn your meet and greet pictures!!!! Find Reva Goetz…. Hold her accountable!!! SO MUCH EVILNESS!!!! Alledgely Britney is not a fan of these documentaries but THIS CORRUPT CONSERVATORSHIP AND EVERYONE PART OF IT NEEDS TO BE EXPOSED!!!
  13. Robin and Edan are prison wardens!!! The conducted psychological warfare on Britney. They tried to break her down to replace her with literally a robot, a shell of herself. Thank God Britney has the fighting spirit she does because otherwise I don’t know how she has survived this nightmare.
  14. Espionage aka they are spying on Britney. Just as some of us suspected and now it’s CONFIRMED. Britney hasn’t had one moment of privacy since February 2008. Team Con are EVIL ******IC MORALLY BANKRUPT IMBECILES!!!! 👿 How sly Lou Taylor is to use her flunky Robin Greenhill to do her dirty work so she can maintain plausible deniability. All of this falls back onto Jamie because he’s the conservator. Britneys sons are used as pawns to make her comply is also CONFIRMED. Edan and everyone works for Jamie but Lou is pulling the strings behind the scenes as she and others steal Britney’s millions while they control her. How the **** can Jamie Lynn be so up Lou’s ***??!! Don’t tell me none of her family knew what was happening!!! **** em all!! FREE BRITNEY NOW
  15. Who’s surprised Edan Yemini is that evil? Not me. What makes anyone think the current security team isn’t still doing the same?? Unless I’m wrong, they’re Edan’s guys too. Similar background and training as he is. LOOK IT UP!! It’s been mentioned here SEVERAL TIMES before… 😑 I swear to God, I wish the media and fans would’ve been paying attention and taking all of this more seriously sooner!!!! I hope this doesn’t sound “crazy” or sound like me trying to tell Britney what to do, BUT… when she gets out from under the conservatorships homegirl needs to CLEAN HOUSE!!!! Fire that security team and SUE EDAN YEMINI + ALL OF HER SECURITY GUARDS PAST & PRESENT for being complicit in holding her captive, abuse, theft, unlawful invasion of privacy & severe emotional distress!!! Fire everyone who’s ever been involved in this situation!! Start over fresh! Edan Yemini formed Black Box Security no longer after the cship took over Britney’s life and finances & he has made MILLIONS off of Britney’s entrapment in this conservatorship!! He may not work for Team Con/Britney anymore but unless I’m wrong his guys are the ones tailing Britney whenever she goes out even when she’s with Sam- there’s always a security guard following her/them which isn’t just to ensure she’s safe but to watch and listen to what she’s saying and doing. I suspect these corrupt security guards have bugged her entire house and installed tracking devices on all of her cars at the request of their boss Edan who happily follows Jamie’s orders!!! End this abusive conservatorship!! FREE BRITNEY!!!!
  16. I feel weird saying this but I loved the engagement ring Britney bought herself when she low key flipped the script on KFed to make him propose to her.
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