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  1. Thanks. What’s the difference between the arrow and the hand in response to a comment? Everything looks completely different since I last logged in.
  2. Hey all, I was here in April/May when all the crazy stuff about Britney’s conservatorship started emerging, but then I had my own life emergencies and haven’t been able to check back since. Can someone give me an update please? That’s probably a gargantuan task given I’ve essentially missed the entire summer, so thanks in advance for anyone willing to contribute. :)
  3. I loved when they just started flipping her image around for ads:
  4. I'm pretty sure this is new. I’ve never seen it before, anyway, but I’d definitely use this shot for everything pertaining to her brand for the next 36 months or so.
  5. Yep. The issue isn’t the technical ability, it’s the execution. Britney even said something similar herself back during the dance rehearsals on FTR. Something like, “you can be the best technical dancer, but I look for dancers with that certain quality that makes people just stop and watch.” Britney has that undefinable quality, but it’s been stifled due to numerous reasons, one of which is the post-breakdown onset of severe social anxiety and subsequent loss of confidence. Now whenever she’s in front of an audience, she’s in her head constantly, and you can’t be in your head while letting your body take over. It’s why she’s often disconnected from the music or even off-rhythm altogether, and noticeably counting steps at times. Also the reason the rehearsal videos are totally different from the live performances. She knows the steps and has the physical ability; that’s not the issue. And despite what people here argue, no, medications cannot eliminate one’s innate rhythmic ability (it can, however, cause psychomotor retardation like during the FF Tour, but that was hardly Britney’s problem during the last couple years; if anything, she was so anxious she wound up with far too much improperly utilized restless energy). WB actually has more complex choreography than some of Britney’s best and/or most iconic dance routines, but it just doesn’t look good. A simple hip bop or hair flip, when done correctly (I.e., with conviction, confidence and that star quality) can actually be far more powerful than four minutes of nonstop soulless 8 counts. Here’s an example of two silly choreographies Britney has done, but the result couldn’t have been more disparate simply due to her charisma: Snapping fingers with confidence (and within a comedic context, of all things): Tapping knees without confidence (intended to be an actual performance for a very **** lead single): (And believe me, I didn’t think the knee tap could ever look even remotely good, until I noticed the way some of her female dancers, particularly Sarah, did it—and she actually looked super **** despite how stupid that movement remains).
  6. Did Randee film IAMBJ? Serious question. She looked stunning during the unfortunate release of BJ and even more unfortunate debut of POM, but this documentary was shot with such unflattering, and just plain weird, lighting. This gif nearly looks like CGI. I mean, this is (presumably) a professionally shot film wherein the results are nevertheless indistinguishable from everyone on IG with an iPhone and Facetune who blurs themselves into oblivion and thinks no one will notice.
  7. Why is this so mesmerizing? I can't stop watching the damn glazing, it's like I'm under hypnosis.
  8. Yes. The music video. It should be one of Britney's most iconic and memorable ones ever; all the elements were there. But while Britney was dancing her *** off and looking insanely ****, Madonna was hogging screen time by rolling around in piles of leaves, trying really hard to look pensive but just appearing severely constipated, using a cane to further remind us of her advanced age whilst wearing a Hillary Clinton pantsuit of all things, and all the additional typical desperate **** she does for attention, like literally shoving her entire face directly into the camera and her crotch on top of business men’s heads: She just made it comical and cringe-worthy whenever she was on screen (which was far, far too often). Meanwhile, Britney (and the entire mood of the video) had a look that had all the makings of becoming iconic (tie, fedora, suspenders), and she f**king nailed every single dance move within that insanely rapid and complex choreography: Ugh. It would've been AMAZING with Janet, and there would’ve been an actual “dance-off.”
  9. Here’s my assessment based on nothing but speculation (and gifs): Britney hates the paparazzi and can’t stand media attention, even when things are going well in her life. However, on top of all of her personal, professional, legal and familial upheaval at the moment, she has now simultaneously been thrust back into a place that’s very scary for her (I.e., the spotlight). It’s nothing like 2007 was, but reminiscent nevertheless, and I honestly think she has chronic PTSD from that time period that remains unmanaged (hence the onset of severe social anxiety). So, now even as her life is kind of falling apart (unable to see her children, canceled residency), she also has the heightened anxiety and tension from the increasing media attention. It’s probably simply all too much to deal with and she just wants everything to stop again, and return to the relatively quiet and peaceful lifestyle she’s managed to acquire during her years in Vegas. I’d imagine this increased media speculation is also taking a severe toll on her children, and that’s probably actually what’s prompting the notable bitterness in her tone. Which is understandable; her kids are everything to her, they didn’t ask for this life, and it must be straining to even attempt having some semblance of a “normal” relationship with them considering both the conservatorship and media circus. So she’s constantly guarded and defensive with respect to them. Her fans should know she loves them. And I honestly think she does. But the fans also know that she obviously loves her children more, and if she’s starting to feel like this #FreeBritney attention is going to threaten her access to them, or in any way cause them harm emotionally or otherwise, then I think she’d be likely to speak out in this manner, irrespective of the truth behind the conservatorship (like how horrible it actually is). I think everything she says and does is for the boys; she lives and breathes for her children. Even to her own demise, professional or otherwise.
  10. Damn, Britney is PISSED. Wish I knew if it was directed at the fanbase or her team, though.
  11. Wow, this DailyFail article from 2008 makes it clear that they’ve been directly receiving orders from Team C for a very long time. The entire thing is about what heroes Jamie and Larry are, and THIS is the headline of the rather lengthy article: “Meet the man who transformed Britney from a shaven-headed monster to the star of the MTV awards.” A shaven-headed monster? f**king gross. But I encourage a read regardless; despite the title, it’s quite illuminating to reread Team C’s narrative right from the onset. (It basically states Britney would always have been completely lost without Larry, and that he’s the only reason for her ever having a career to begin with). It also mentions how her father, an apparently successful chef*, had to leave his “career” behind to selflessly move to CA to save his kid. He also said “just like all daughters, Britney is very cunning.” What the ****? Most people in general, much less daughters specifically, are not cunning. Either he doesn’t know what the word means, or he was justifying the insane restrictions placed upon her life by assuring the public she is a constant flight risk and spends all her time plotting how to go rogue. It’s just absurd: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1055392/Meet-man-transformed-Britney-shaven-headed-monster-star-MTV-awards.html *Putting Velveeta, which legally cannot even be called cheese but rather a “cheese-like product,” on top of some instant grits, hardly makes him a chef.
  12. Forgot about Shania, it’s hard to deny she’s had some bops. But maybe that’s because it’s (somehow) Canadian country.
  13. Oh! But for the record, I have unfortunately heard the entirety of her first two records about a million and one times because I used to be a waitress at a BBQ restaurant as means of paying my way through undergrad, and so all the restaurant ever played was country. I still have some (non-Taylor) song about chicken fried steak in my head, and it’s been years. I’m just not a fan of the genre in the slightest. And I’m currently stuck in Texas.
  14. Oh I’m aware she wrote her country albums, I was just specifically talking about the Martin pop smashes being indistinguishable from Martin’s pop smashes for Katy Perry, Pink, Britney, etc. It’s up to the artist to make it their own, but in my opinion, Taylor lacks the charisma, personality and ability to vocally emote and thus is unable to do that. But it’s no offense intended, music is entirely subjective and she is obviously extremely successful so it’s not like my opinion ultimately matters.
  15. It honestly both kills and seriously amuses me when someone talks about how Ariana Grande is a top-tier vocalist. I’m like...go listen to “Mercy On Me,” then come back and say that with a straight face. Or the praise for Taylor Swift’s “amazing songwriting skills,” when all of her hit pop songs were “co-written” and produced by Max Martin, and therefore amazingly sound exactly like all his other pop smashes...for all other pop artists...for whom Taylor doesn’t “write.” Quite the coincidence that her involvement doesn’t change the structure or lyrical content of a Max Martin pop smash in the slightest. And don’t even get me started on dancing. No current artist is even 1/10th the dancer Britney has been/could still be.
  16. Very much agree with all this. My comment wasn’t intended to be directed at you, by the way, so apologies if it came across as such! I was specifically referencing the (luckily small) number of fans whose primary concern remains chart performance and radio play. They really aren’t any better than Team C; these fans also fail to see Britney as a person but rather a product. Except instead of feeling entitled to her money like Team C, these fans feel entitled to her providing new music and tours. It’s f**ked up.
  17. I know you favor the “tough love” approach more than some others (like myself!), but I also know you’re a lifelong stan. I mean, you KNEW what the POMT was going to be like ahead of time, and still shelled out several hundred bucks for a ticket and travel. Only an actively enlisted member of the B Army would’ve done that.
  18. Yeah, I’ve seen so many people worried about Britney’s future professional prospects, and I think that should all be completely irrelevant right now. She’s a human being first and a mother above all. And let’s be real: she’s given us two decades of a nearly flawlesss discography and videography. Of course I’d love to see “the old Britney” on stage again, but I’d honestly rather watch her amazing old performances with the knowledge that she is currently happy, than watch her currently performing while knowing she’s not.
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