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  1. Consider the source And consider his "sources"; people who directly benefit from Britney being under the c-ship. I watched the whole thing and it's trash. The sad thing is this is swaying public perception of her because people will take it as truth. He talks to everyone around her but her, and of course everyone around her is right about her life and she's not... Even if all this is true, who is ANYONE to decide what is best for someone else. Everyone should be able to make their own choices. If those choices are detrimental to her (which I highly doubt they would be because she loves her kids too much to let anything bad truly happen to herself) then so be it. As an adult in the United States, she has the right to be free and live as she chooses. The fact that there is a huge machine of people keeping her from that is disgusting.
  2. She literally asks "ARE YOU EXCITED TO SEE HER COME BACK TO VEGAS WHEN SHE'S READY?" The part about EVERYTHING SHE'S GOING THROUGH was a preface to the actual question. If the lady was trying to get a sensationalized quote from her, Xtina could probably see through her motives and didn't want to say anything. If the interviewer was trying to get her to say something she should have asked directly.
  3. She wasn't in the least bit asked about #freebritney. The interviewer asked if she was excited about Britney possibly being back in Vegas and she answered that question nicely. Was she supposed to side step the question and discuss "everything Britney's going through"? She wasn't asked her thoughts on it.
  4. How can you still argue the movement is doing more harm than good when because of the movement the entire conservatorship and everyone involved with it is under a third party investigation? Most people had no idea every aspect of her life is controlled by her father and that a group of people around her may be taking advantage and forcing her into work she doesn't want to do. She may be on the road to getting out of this thing and pretty much solely because of the movement and the awareness it generated.
  5. Really well-said. I had this thought the other day; you know how everyone around Britney is trash: Lou, Sam, Jamie, Jamie Lynn, Larry, the list goes on.. well what if Britney is trash too? We see her as this person in a really unfair situation and we’ve loved her for so long so we feel like we know her, but none of us really know her. I don’t know.. it was just a thought. Like you said, it appears she’s on their side in a way. Maybe she’s posting these things under duress or maybe she does have a sort of Stockholm syndrome.
  6. But the question is, is this meant to show she's normal in an effort to get back her freedom, or is her team trying to make it seem like everything is normal to make the c-ship look not as restricting?
  7. I don't know if it's been AP but LaChapelle's been replying to people on this instagram post One of the most telling responses is this one: sasugame @david_lachapelle if you don't mind, I'm super interested in knowing what made you take a stand... It's just so moving seeing someone with influence talk.. 3d1 likeReply Hide replies david_lachapelle @sasugame it was an ugly scene I felt like showering after listening to Rudolph -in behind closed door meetings -its gross callus / opportunist type situation I have nothing to lose or gain - I see her as someone who is being used and she has displayed everything from distraught unhappy- belligerent to scared and alone - I feel it’s because she’s been driven there by greedy people. These are my opinions And my heart goes out to her -dear Amy -MJ people who are adored yes—-but have suffered much ... Greedy people and lies
  8. Ok but the best part is it’s unclear if she’s having a phone conversation or asking Siri a question.
  9. None of us here are following her around with a camera or camping outside her house or tracking where she is to wait outside a yoga studio or tanning salon or yogurt shop to get a photo with her. None of us are hounding her personally for answers, so I think we all are respecting her privacy. Discussing public information on a public forum is not an invasion of privacy.
  10. Yeah I hate that scene where they’re discussing upcoming work and they’re like “oh it’s on her birthday does britney want to work on her birthday?” and that lady without even hesitating is like “yeah she’ll do it, she’ll work on her birthday” not even asking her or anything. Just like immediately jumped on it and said yes. So gross
  11. I don't remember what was said verbatim but I think they said they're taking a break from the podcast TO validate sources. Which sounds a lot like an indefinite hiatus lol. I mean who knows when they'll be back; they apparently got so many leads
  12. Yeah I’ve noticed that, jewelry is always a thing for her. This looks like an evil eye charm.. its big in Muslim and Jewish faith and is meant to ward off the evil eye of those who are jealous and wish bad things on you
  13. New Wendy. So ill informed, implying that Britney is keeping on with her career to appease her fans.. among other things
  14. Literally only wearing it in the photos shot by that Fiacuzzi guy. She doesn't have it on in any of her regular posts all last year. But she has been seen with it in all the footage we have of her since Sunday
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