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  1. 20 euros for 75 pages (2 months)! **** YOU CROATIA! Though, if I got my hands on that one and the anti stress one, I'd shamelessly photocopy them because I'm not paying 20 euros every 2 months for a ******* journal. Have you ever used those? Are they of any use? If you know me, I had a big of a oopsie last year on exhale and I got scars from that night...Maybe 20 euros of investment isn't that bad. But its 20 ******* euros. No, I dont have a psychiatrist so I cant ask anyone else about this.
  2. Spill your creativity! i dont know if id get very famous but having a good career helping others in Estonia in some way or another is something i am preparing for but Estonia is so small so easier to get attention
  3. According to the web search results, people used a variety of methods to clean their teeth in the olden days. Some of the common techniques were: Chewing on bark or sticks with frayed ends, which acted as natural brushes1234. Using feathers, fish bones, or porcupine quills to scrape off plaque and food particles1234. Using toothpicks made from materials like silver, jade, or gold to remove debris between the teeth134. Using materials like charcoal, salt, chalk, or crushed eggshells to rub on the teeth as abrasives2. Using herbs, spices, or oils to freshen the breath and prevent infections2. These methods were not very effective or comfortable, and many people suffered from tooth decay and gum disease. It was not until the invention of the modern toothbrush in China around the 7th century A.D. that people had a more reliable way of cleaning their teeth2. The first toothbrushes had handles made of bamboo or bone and bristles made of boar’s hair2. Later, nylon bristles and plastic handles were introduced in the 20th century2. Today, we have electric toothbrushes that can clean our teeth more efficiently and gently2.
  4. This rich albino rat is popping up on my you tube and he is insane He lies to himself, he does NOT look 18. He looks 70 And the helmet he wears is sending me.... https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2021-06-16/braintree-founder-s-helmet-size-hospital-aims-to-mine-mind-data And also taking your sons blood will just fuel people like Alex Jones. He's not helping the conspiracies die down at all He spends $2 million a year to look young. Now, he's taken the blood of his teen son NATIONALPOST.COM Bryan Johnson Project Blueprint is an initiative aimed at 'maximally slowing your pace of aging and reversing the aging that occurs'
  5. For 10 years i been living with major depression. im 28 so since 18 a senior in h.s. *trigger warning* ive attempted suicide three times in my life. 18, 22 and 28 ( 4 months ago) Ive also been diagnosed with anxiety and borderline personality disorder. especially BPD for 3 years now has been very challenging i lost family/all my friends. im gonna be 30 next year. its just sucks i have no kids, no partner, no friends or family. Mental Health is serious and real i feel there is a negative stigma on suicide. if anyone can or does relate feel free to comment.
  6. So it looks like a lot played into him getting fired and it sounds like a breakdown played a huge role.
  7. Hi britards! In today's thread we will be discussing, mocking, pitying lads in real life...and discussing depression while doing it. Why? Because even though I have bought every serum and I have skin soft like a snail, hair like Ariel and I'm throwing cash at vintage ****- I am indeed depressed. Morons don't have a ******* clue. It saddens me, horrifies me and makes me laugh at the same time. I have been for a while. Being aware I live among idiots, I'm feeding the monster the quiet way- the harder it strikes, the funnier I try to be. And my everlasting collection of trash from serums, perfumes, face, hair masks grows every day. When I have the darkest day, I'm looking the best. Now, bear with me, I have a point! What I have noticed and what mortifies me tremendously is- people in real life are ******* idiots when it comes to mental health. You can be walking, talking depression and no one ever notices. Then, when shsit hits the fan, something terribly goes wrong people go 2 ways; 1. Butttttttttt whyyyyyyyyy, everything was going well!!! 2. I knew it, I KNEW IT!!! I knew it, I'm that smart. Yup, I knew it. Called it. It was a matter of time. 3. (a subcategory of the 2nd group)- no, depression does not exist. It's all in your head. Bro. BRO! Bruh. I get too annoyed by all 3 groups. I don't know how to deal with them. How do you even explain depression to an idiot? I see it as this- you cannot talk about the solar system if you don't talk about the sun even though you can see it.
  8. I have hypocondria and OCD and I'm about to start this therapy, have you ever tried it? Has it helped you? Wish me luck
  9. I doubt anyone will see this but I just feel compelled to say how grateful I am to this community for always being my happy place through the ups and downs as I battle an ongoing struggle with addiction. It’s not an easy struggle and I’ve lost so much but I always have this place to go to and read, engage and be part of something really great. The sass, the drama, the united front to help someone we all treasure (Britney)… community. I love it all. I’ve been on and off exhale with previous accounts throughout the years. So despite my account being relatively new compared to others I’ve been coming here and been here since at least 2007/2008. It’s been so long I don’t even remember how long it’s been that I’ve been coming here. As much as I treasure Britney, I treasure this site because it just brings me joy. Sometimes I have very low lows and I sink into depressive states with suicidal ideation and-the-like, and even in these times I come here and read and comment; I can for a moment forget I’m struggling. Which is relief. Thank you Exhale.
  10. Look at her latest short! She's on the verge of death ffs. Is there any, literally any way to stop her from streaming her decline and death to the millions? Anything? Her video:
  11. Do you guys know any of your family or friends that are narcassistic? I ask become i know for a fact my mom, big brother, maybe my sister and others i know have that. I know Kanye West/Farrah Abraham from teen mom are narcassists for sure. thoughts?
  12. By all accounts, I should be happy. I have a working car, I have two jobs with co-workers I enjoy (even if my main boss is a C U Next Tuesday), I recently bought my first home and I live with my grandmother whom I adore. I have a loving and large immediate family, I have friends who would ride or die for me, and I have the most wonderful boyfriend I could ask for. I should be over the moon each and every day. But I'm not. I'm depressed and tired all of the time. I'm overwhelmed. I feel alone. My boyfriend lives 40 minutes away and I get to see him like maybe once a month. We usually talk every day, but I haven't heard from him in 3 days. He hasn't said I love you in a while. He told me when we last talked not to doubt him, but I feel him slipping away. My family loves me but they don't support me. Even putting in an alarm system, a basic necessity for living alone, earned me scathing paragraphs of text from my mother about wasting unnecessary money after she was told by my grandmother, who didn't approve. The same thing happened again when I told my grandma of my intentions to adopt a dog. My best friends are always busy with their boyfriends or work, so we only get to see each other maybe once every six months. My house and car are probably the only things I feel safe and secure about at the moment, but that doesn't really help much when I'm barely making it paycheck to paycheck on a full-time job and a part-time to supplement it and could lose them both if I mess up in either job. My grandma can't help me financially, she's living on disability because she's old and if she were to get a part-time job, they'd take her disability from her. I feel so alone, but I can't tell anyone in my life. I've already told my boyfriend about how I feel about our relationship and he brushed off my concerns and told me not to doubt him. But he didn't say I love you, even after I practically begged him to. And we've been together almost two years, him saying it is nothing new. I can't tell my family, because my grandma just wouldn't understand and my mother would just call me weak. I can't even talk to my best friends because it'd just make them feel bad that they're always so busy and it's not like anybody can change anything, so why make any of them feel bad?
  13. Hey guys! I'm fairly new here and don't mean to be a Debbie Downer but I've been struggling a lot lately. I've lurked on breatheheavy on & off for a while (actually since 2020) and between that time a lot has happened that led to me being under probation just this year. I don't want to share the details but all I'm going to say it is going to be for a long time and being of a young age it is difficult to accept it. It's so difficult because I had to move out of the place I was living in and now live with my father who is rather distant and have limited interaction and restrictions due to being under probation. I also have an ankle monitor. I feel like a caged animal and so lonely! My health isn't the best either (mental health and liver and kidney problems) and I feel even more sad because of that. I work (actually have 2 jobs)but on and off which is embarrassing because I never tell them the exact reasons why I miss work, it's so humiliating! They don't know what's going on with me and I don't know what the outcome could be. I don't want to be fired. The person I'm close to the most is my mother but I can't even see her that much anymore. To be honest I don't know the point of this thread, I just wanted to express how lonely and hopeless I'm feeling. I'm sure some of you are also going through a similar thing and I just want to connect a little bit. My phone will also be taken away at any point (this year or beginning of next) so I'll only be here for a short time. The internet has kept me a little connected and appreciate it and pop forums/forums in general. I don't have social media and being anonymous is mostly my M.O. I appreciate your kindness even if anonymous and distant. Whatever helps right now.
  14. Hey Exhale Before I share this with you I hope everyone is having a wonderful day/night. Here in Las Vegas Nevada it's about 2 am and I'm not tired... can't sleep and have to get this off my chest. I thank Exhale for being my escape from a very difficult time in my life. The laughs, the tea spilled, the fellowship it makes being a Britney fan for 20 years well worth it. You all in a short period of time after returning to Exhale have a piece of my heart and I actually pray for you guys But with that being said... I made a YouTube video especially for you guys, My family and friends and Britney. I know this is a reach but after the day I've had to come home and see Britney's post finally speaking to us it was a moment for me, and I shot this video before I found out Britney's video... she is so strong and I am looking to her for strength because if she could have lived through 14 years of trauma then I definitely can overcome the last 10 years of my life... since my Mama died... I hope you all know how much I care for you all and don't give up.. we all are having hard times with the holidays here some of us have lost loved ones or are going thru life's bs but we are in it together. Blessings (please read Instagram caption and check out the message to Exhale) To Britney, Exhale and Etc. @Danielle1987 @Cinderella85 @Doja Kitten @Urbanney @CrazyButItFeelsAllright(ur mentioned in video) @MikeHunt @Rik @blackoutbixxh @rennen @MikeHunt @Nickey @SlayOut @Style. @Slayer @Midnight @Justin Woodpond @princessmimi @PokemonSpears @MadonnaBritneyLove @Adriannn @Henry M. Torres @Jordan Miller @justhanging @DJBringItBack @Rik @SPEED28 @Lil-Jay @reVolution @rosenotes Current song on repeat @MissSpearsSaysSo @TommyX @gapeach704 @nwonder @jordeezy Thoughts
  15. I just started taking a psycho-stimulant for ADHD. I am finding it helps me laser focus on things but it's now hard for me to multitask because I become glued to one thing. I also feel I am more intense and get way too invested in one thing or another. When I type or write texts, I am writing longer-winded messages and I feel at times I could write a book with how fast my little fingers go on this stuff. Anyone else have this experience? What is it like for you or can you relate? Have you had any negative side effects? For me, my intensity, which I am finding on Exhale my posts are becoming more intense for example, I consider a bad thing. I am on Vyvanse (stimulant) 20mg right now and Atomoxetine (Non stimulant) 60mg.
  16. I just realized this sub-forum existed, so... SOCIAL ANXIETY. I have social anxiety since I was little, nobody understood why I was so "shy". It is something that you can handle when you are with your parents and you are a teenager, young person, etc. And even though I never mention it to my parents, because even though I'm 32 I'm still mom and dad's boy, but since I left my country five years ago things are more difficult for me., a lot more difficult. In Latin America there is not much culture of mental health, although luckily here in Argentina there is more openness than in other countries. Despite that, it has cost me a lot to do things as simple as getting a job. I've ruined job interviews because of social anxiety, I literally freeze and notice from the interviewer that I'm ruining the interview. And by repeating that over and over again it becomes very exhausting, to the point where sometimes you just give up. I'm very creative and luckily I've always found ways to make money, not onlyfans you pervs... but lately my economy has gone to **** with debts and simply not being able to pay for my things and I have to push myself again to try to get some job interviews and hope I don't screw them up. I have the support of my psychologist, but I am still afraid. One of the things I hate the most is when they tell me that I'm not doing anything because I don't want to, which couldn't be further from the truth. I know my skills very well and I know I'm very smart, but it's a bit tricky and I don't always have it under control. Anyone else around here with soxial anxiety? for each person it is a different story, it would be great to hear your experiences and how you have dealt with it. Britney has mention a couple of times she has social anxiety and i'm curious about her experience with it, i hope she talks about it in her book.
  17. This post is for support. My grandmother said life beats us all up. Not sure this will help at all. Some of us life hurts way more than others. Yet we all have to “ Pick up your Bongos” . We can feel said, desperately need help, love, support , a hug a friend , anger , need to vent, shout , cry , whatever the emotion happens to be. Yet life does not give anyone a free pass. She has and still is living a nightmare. Its haidmaids tails awful. Yet this is a support thread. Shes got this. She will be ok. Its another test of her strength. Yet I wish only for her happiness. Hope this remains a positive post . Please if you can .. omit the negative. In with anger out with love. I dunno.
  18. Sometimes it's hard when people get so big and brave online and love to tear down everything you say, do or post. 🙄 People never realize that some people may come across stronger than ******* ever but sometimes we are sensitive too! Be cautious with your WORDS they can hurt like a dagger. I guess I'm "asking for a friend" on advice to not allow that negative energy dictate their day or their life. I wish this person didn't let people's words effect them but it does.. Thoughts? Jay
  19. Doctors of medical professionals both hospitals and mental health are saying the Johnny Depp and Amber heard trail is going to have a negative impact of Future abuse victims coming out cos of the meme culture and doctors are saying you are literally watching a woman be vilified and breaking down to her lowest point. Even lawyers said Johnny will lose the lawsuit, but this definitely impacted abuse. Any form of abuse is protected speech, but the defamation lswsuit is genius on his behalf cos it didn't go after her claims, it literally said you lied about what happened And he knew going into Virginia is his biggest chance of a comeback and as we see it literally worked. Comments in the gay geek basically said gay guys love the violence at bi women and lesbians (major amber heard supporters fron that side of the LGBT community).. Some feae for amber after all this is over, can she recover mentally, cos not only does the industry hate her, the whole world at this point does, i hope she finds happiness and not a headline of a suicide, cos that's how concerned some mental health professionals who aren't her doctor actually are.. The instant vilification happened as soon as Depp took the stand. I hope amber has a family thar loves her, cos she needs that more than ever. Amber herself in the piece that brought the defamation lawsuit foreshadowed this actually happening to her. update: Johnny Depp has won his defamation case against ex-wife Amber Heard, who he sued over claims of domestic abuse. The actor wins libel case over an article in which his ex-wife said she was a victim of abuse The jury awards Depp $10m (£8m) in compensatory damages and $5m in punitive damages The jury found Heard's statements about her marriage were "false" and she acted with "actual malice" Jurors also find Depp defamed Heard - through his attorney - and award her $2m In a statement, Heard says she is "heartbroken" and "the disappointment I feel today is beyond words" Depp says in his own statement: "The jury gave me my life back. I am truly humbled" Depp, 58, had sued his ex-wife for $50m for an article she wrote in which she claimed to be a victim of domestic abuse Heard, 36, counter-sued for $100m, saying he smeared her by calling her a liar https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/world-us-canada-61633236?at_custom4=61BD9E78-E1E0-11EC-8669-EBD2923C408C&at_campaign=64&at_custom2=twitter&at_custom1=[post+type]&at_medium=custom7&at_custom3=%40BBCBreaking
  20. Discuss it! i mean even Justin Bieber has a CD and movement called Purpose and it is interesting to know your Answers to this !Question..
  21. I’m so tired what do u do to get ur energy up I guess
  22. Let's speak up on our daily issues and struggles we face. Are you a introvert who bottles it or a extrovert who tells everyone but also is bottling up You aren't alone.... I'm fighting to build my life and figure out my path. It's not easy. We have to motivate ourselves to work and do what's best for us.. You are not alone.. How is everyone feeling?
  23. been very sad the last few days. my anti depressants have stopped working. just feel like crap. i hate being back to the dark place.
  24. Video games affecting mental health was a discussion that us Millenials heard all of our childhood, we even had to write essays about it while we were in school. Looking back, do you feel that video games affected your mental health? Give some examples?
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