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  1. been very sad the last few days. my anti depressants have stopped working. just feel like crap. i hate being back to the dark place.
  2. Soo I have been watching That Surprise Witness' youtube channel about Bam Margera's conservatorship and it seems his "innovator" behind his CON is a lady who is creating some sort of VR Videogame to somehow "cure" addiction or mental illness, ALL ALLEGED FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES. Video games affecting mental health was a discussion that us Millenials heard all of our childhood, we even had to write essays about it while we were in school. Looking back, do you feel that video games affected your mental health? Give some examples?
  3. i'm Asperger i'm Psycho i'm... i mean i try so hard to conjoin you and laugh at all your popular replies like y'all do :///////////////// but sometimes im just too A) Asperger B) psycho and i appreciate these illnesses of mine too much i will take now the first step and react to all the more popular posts.. and from now on my illnesses take TWO steps back Aight? you know i like them i want to be just like you ://////// Your best of the best are the greatest many times it is illness i tend to too much i KNOW it i know it you know it now lets kill my illness with kindness y'all and yes I SHALL NOT ACCEPT my illnesses but fight back ACTIVELY so i decided now to appreciate your festive humor just a bit morre. LOVE and FIGHT BACK TO YOUR ILLNESSES!</3</3</3 </3
  4. I believe im a person of importance, power and authority and i make strong influence to the lives of others
  5. I believe that reason and rationality will always win
  6. i do its completely useless compared to my gifts in life anyway here is a little video to worriers worriers- unite remember this Ğem? we all strive 4 peace we all strive 4 unity BUT MOST OF ALL, WE ALL STRIVE 4 HUMANITY****
  7. Discuss it! i mean even Justin Bieber has a CD and movement called Purpose and it is interesting to know your Answers to this !Question..
  8. I literally had a dream that I got my boyfriend pregnant And taking care of him was a magical experience, what a cringe I don't even wanna have kids in the future In real life, I'd tell him to abort it
  9. For me i really like times i have defended myself against enemies or bullies or just like being hospitalized and being able to continue my life after that Maybe you have even better examples?
  10. Will Wheaton shared a tweet and he dubbed whoever the streamer that basically made someone's son questioning his existence.. Cos her goal is to sleep with his dad to give him a son that he will actually truly love.. And devonvoid basically asked how can anyone recover from that. Most people agree whoever this girl is..she was way outta line, I even said that's not a blow back to his confidence.. He's probably questioning if his existence matters in this life.. Nobody can recover from a goal like that. She doesn't even love his dad, just want to do it to get revenge and out of spite for whatever happened between them. Can he recover Is therapy a way to start to building his confidence back and self worth. @Slayer @Jordan Miller You have to think obviously they know each other, they probably slept together.. He broke her heart, and instead of moving on, she's hell bent on getting revenge for breaking her heart.
  11. 2021 is almost over, besties How was it for you? Did you achieve your goals? I don't care that I'm going very personal with this post, who cares My 2021 was mostly good. I continued working in my dad's company and the year was very hard and exhausting when it comes to this but it was worth it For the first time in my life I bought a house and I've started to live here alone I basically became independent because of that and I'm so grateful for that But it wasn't all so easy. But few months later I moved on and I became close with someone else and I'm so grateful for him I also got another dog that I love. Also, I found Exhale this year and it's been an interesting experience, that's for sure And my obsession with Brit continues haha. This year overall taught me a lot. My 2022 goals: still be that *****, buy a new car, get out of my comfort zone even more What about you, my sisters? @Midnight @PokemonSpears @Urbanney You babes have the power to main page the thread I believe
  12. It has been proven in scientific studies that reflecting on things you're grateful for can help safeguard your mental health and can keep you happier. Amid such a weird, uncertain time, I thought it'd be a good idea for us to share something we're thankful for. I'll start: Today, I'm grateful that I can exercise, stay active, and enjoy the outdoors every day. What are you grateful for?
  13. I have been suffering from ptsd for 3 years now after a cancer surgery. Some days are a struggle to deal with and feels hopeless at times. Anyone else going through this?
  14. Do you like to talk about it with people around you that you trust? Family, friends if you are so lucky to be able to express your feelings openly Do you like eating cookie dough ice cream? Do you like to journal or write poetry, songs, or creatively? if you have access to a shower or bathtub, do you like to take baths to destress? sleeping in a little longer or taking naps to recharge? Do you enjoy reading; Going for walks? what are things that make you feel better!
  15. i still ask myself i am a smart person why did i let this bullying happen to me they talked nasty things about me behind their back and often insulted me in my face too i just let it happen and felt bad day after day at night i cried because on the morning i had to go to school and when i was there i was just sad and let me be insulted hour to hour i didn't do a thing to protect myself but always reacted strongly as a loser and just let myself be bullied like an ultimate coward..
  16. Hey Exhale Before I share this with you I hope everyone is having a wonderful day/night. Here in Las Vegas Nevada it's about 2 am and I'm not tired... can't sleep and have to get this off my chest. I thank Exhale for being my escape from a very difficult time in my life. The laughs, the tea spilled, the fellowship it makes being a Britney fan for 20 years well worth it. You all in a short period of time after returning to Exhale have a piece of my heart and I actually pray for you guys But with that being said... I made a YouTube video especially for you guys, My family and friends and Britney. I know this is a reach but after the day I've had to come home and see Britney's post finally speaking to us it was a moment for me, and I shot this video before I found out Britney's video... she is so strong and I am looking to her for strength because if she could have lived through 14 years of trauma then I definitely can overcome the last 10 years of my life... since my Mama died... I hope you all know how much I care for you all and don't give up.. we all are having hard times with the holidays here some of us have lost loved ones or are going thru life's bs but we are in it together. Blessings (please read Instagram caption and check out the message to Exhale) To Britney, Exhale and Etc. @Danielle1987 @Cinderella85 @Doja Kitten @Urbanney @CrazyButItFeelsAllright(ur mentioned in video) @MikeHunt @Rik @blackoutbixxh @rennen @MikeHunt @Nickey @SlayOut @Style. @Slayer @Midnight @Justin Woodpond @princessmimi @PokemonSpears @MadonnaBritneyLove @Adriannn @Henry M. Torres @Jordan Miller @justhanging @DJBringItBack @Rik @SPEED28 @Lil-Jay @reVolution @rosenotes Current song on repeat @MissSpearsSaysSo @TommyX @gapeach704 @nwonder @jordeezy Thoughts
  17. I rarely open up about this but i think i'm asperger (I'm on therapy to find out what's going on). And I feel like people on internet don't get what I post. Usually I can't filter what I say, I always try to be nice but when I see people being inconsecuent or incoherent I can't help but expose that and that's is usually seen as rude. I always get punished or banned, I'm always seen as troll but I'm only trying to interact and share about thing I like... idk i'm thinking on giving up in interacting on internet, it's tiring when you see people saying and posting worst **** than i say but got no consequence... I really hate when mods have their protected users... Disclaimer: This isn't about Exhale
  18. I know that I seem very confident and super happy and joyful, which I am. But I struggle. I have my demons. My past haunts me sometimes. And I struggle with Depression, Anxiety and Panic Attacks. my personal life is something I could not put into words which is why I'm releasing my docuseries. I prefer to be vocal. I am sharing this with you all. The following information I ask that you please do not judge me by my past and what I am choosing to share. I'm a transparent person. I believe speaking up about personal struggles and matters are important and we act as a community together. This is an official statement I've released on social media to my friends and family whom I've been isolating for the last week. ------------- Time to speak out. I've been very quiet since Thursday and that's because I got some bad news last Thursday. I woke up and went to work, arrived five minutes early to have my boss Dawn call me into her office to tell me that I am being let go because my background check came back with an old felony that happened over 8 years ago. In Nevada they only look 5-7 years they don't really care about anything else (if it's not super serious) beyond that! I was so baffled that they had the audacity to HIRE ME, let me work A WHOLE WEEK for NOTHING! Unbelievable!!! 🤦 Anyways so she told me to bring in my uniform and go to Corporate to pick up my check. I did that and right after I left the Apartments, I prayed to God and in my heart I am going to file a grievance because it is downright discrimination. I did my time for my felony that was the old me. I'm no longer that person and shouldn't be judged by my past. Anyways did I let this disarm me? No. I've been silent on social media because the moment I found out I lost the job I reached out to all of the other places wanting to hire me. Well folks I'm hired at McDonald's making $11 an hour (was only making $9.75 at Siegel) and there are cash bonuses and benefits that I could not believe. I am excited. Also things have changed at the shelter where they are releasing people at 6am again like it was before the pandemic. Luckily the staff is really cool and they have been pardoning me from that. I start McDonald's this weekend. Also I get paid weekly with McDonald's. Another benefit. I wanted to share this with my family and friends to let you know that what the Devil means to do for harm the Lord will turn evil into good and open new doors. I'm forever grateful. I did not let my circumstances control me. I took charge and kept pushing. I am so proud of myself. I've grown a lot. WE as PEOPLE should never let people's past define their future. We all make mistakes. Some worse than others but we should be able to live by our work ethics at the end of the day. I'm a great CSR and I know I do not have to work at McDonald's forever this is just the beginning. I wanted to share this because I'm not afraid to speak up for the underdogs and the "bad guys" that society looks down upon. Something that needs to be said. ------ I just want to encourage anyone who deals with the bullshxt life throws at them that you can always find a way out of the darkness. Don't let the evil win in your life. We are powerful humans. We control our destiny by our actions. Be proud of yourself. Take it from me. We can do this. Life can be beautiful.
  19. So I’ve struggled with anxiety and major depression for the majority of my life. And recently, I've been thinking maybe I have ADHD… but that’s for another thread, another time. My mental health has been really flimsy the past few years, but in general, it always takes a turn for the worse around Halloween and into the New Year. I have the tendency to isolate, not want to be around people, and just have negative thought patterns about myself and life. I think a lot of it has to do with that fact that I don’t necessarily have an established friend group that I can do holiday-related things with, whether it be Halloween parties, Friendsgiving, Christmas gift exchanges, etc.. Basically, I’m wondering if anyone else deals with worsened mental health during the holidays, and what you do to cope? I’m not necessarily talking about just eating better, drinking water, taking baths, or exercising (which are all important to do anyways [and which I do already]). I guess I’m wondering how or if you put yourself out there in a way that makes the holidays more enjoyable/tolerable.
  20. Have you ever been on any antidepressants? Did they help you? Here, it's still kinda a taboo to take them. People are so into- go work out and sleep right, you don't need antidepressants. I agree to a certain extent. I think you should work on yourself but how can you do that if you don't get the boost- if it's from the meds, fine. I just don't know
  21. I can't understand why some users here are so negative. I argue in real life, I can argue here but I try my best to do it in the most respectful way possible instead of telling someone to ''shut the **** up'' or diss them. I see the same users doing it over and over again in different threads, not only dissing other users but artists. It's not the serve you think it is. It really doesn't make you cool, believe me... There's a group of people that argue in a respectful way and the users that are really rude. Seriously, some of your posts are full of hate and negativity, it's hard to read. To be fair during my whole Exhale existence maybe only one person dissed me publicly (no idea why ) but I see here people that offend users that only share their opinions in a respectful way. I don't want to start any drama but it's really annoying... especially when you are like ''Look at me, I just dissed someone so hard, I'm so powerful'' Calm down, I really hate to ask it but what makes you feel so special? I wonder what's the reason behind it? You are depressed and you feel lonely in your sadness that you try to make innocent people sad? I have no idea how it works here, on Exhale but are there short bans for being mean? I know there are warning points but how does that work? I don't really get it tbh Anyways c'mon, guys. Life is fun, stop fighting
  22. Hi everyone, Might seem desperate to talk about it here. Struggling with addiction I just broke up my bf and relapse. I don't really how to deal. If someone can help... Thanks,
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